3D Archery {Cheyenne Mountain State Park, CO}

3D Archery {Cheyenne Mountain State Park, CO}

hey welcome to catch and dinner I'm Allison and I'm Stefan and today we are at Cheyenne Mountain archery range prepping for upcoming bow hunting season this year we have five tags combined for bow we each have an elk we each have a mule deer and Stefan also has an archery pronghorn so it's very important that we sharpen up our skills and this is a great place to do it yeah it really is I mean anybody that lives close Colorado Springs really ought to take advantage of it it's a sweet setup you walk through the woods as you see in there the targets are great and then you know for us we're really practicing for shooting an animal in a life situation so we're not doing it for like three tournaments where you have the rings and make the points because really it changes everything if you're trying to shoot the animal quartering away the last thing you want to do is aim for that ring obviously that would not be good in the real life situation obviously so we're practicing for hunting and you'll see that and yeah yeah one other thing that we wanted to make clear is that hunting is never just about the day of the hunt there's so much preparation that goes into a hunt from fitness training making sure that you can traverse up and down steep mountains for hours at a time and of course when you do get that shot and you have an apple in front of you the last thing that you want to do is take a bad shot and have a chance of injuring the animal and not recovering it so we take it very seriously we practice our shooting a lot hours especially now it's the mid summer it's crunch time and we really need to sharpen up our skills so we come here to practice as often as awesome and today we're gonna take you with us and show you how awesome the Cheyenne bow an archery range is yeah and you'll see it's awesome but as Alison was saying this is a physical component it could be a great shot but you know real-life situation sometimes you might have to hold the boat for a long time when you're stressed you know doing it in the controlled environment is very different so you really have to have to bring your game on and be an excellent hard screen shot to start with before you put yourself in those good situation the grounding on even then this goes on so you got to be good before we even attempt anything so here we go now we're gonna get started we're gonna take you with us show you what some of the targets look like and see if we're ready their upcoming season go shoot alright first target first shot I'm shooting I just got new arrows and I have a new tip I'm at 23 yards we like to kind of go in between like a real life situation or not always at 20 or 30 or 40 and because my draw weight is a little less than some guys my range for being able to shoot an animal is a little bit less I can't shoot too far away or I wouldn't get the right penetration so you know I try to stay within a real-life situation range and so let's see how I shoot today so Stefan's first shot same target the bear same range 23 yards when we start we like to start closer up and then we move back and a chat so I wanted it I made the opposite leg so the animal is quartering a little bit so I like to aim for the opposite leg in the front where I can visualize it that way gives you a good good good placement for the arrow through the both Long's we got Alison on another bear bring your elbow back a little bit there you go take your time Standing Bear 26 yards great shot Stefan staking his first shot good shot let's go see be a little higher yeah this is just such a great range real life situations in the woods 3d targets of all different kind of animals it's really a great place to practice coming up on the animal that we just shot at see how we did low and then slightly laughs but and asked where you want to hit it right here so we're still within so we got the Wolverine at 19 good form and you'll see in a second house and nailed it the other fun thing with shooting with somebody else is that it increases the pressure a little now a little bit you know Allison did a great shot some that puts a little bit more pressure on me and then a hunting situation there's plenty of pressure and sometimes we'll even do wagers you know just up the antes a little bit I don't forget there today but my just have to do that yeah Suns pretty competitive yeah and I've had to give him many a massage because he out shot me here we go the ring boy good shy to be hitting Herrera but yeah they're both pretty close all right let's go check out this Wolverine great shots but leave it down almost touching arrows awesome yeah hey I'm doing good so far so good we're happy with the shooting yep keep it up you always do better but uh what next Alison all right how bad Stefan is on a black panther started raining again pretty good so we didn't set up the camera that's gonna show the arrow hitting he's doing this one at 35 yards and we got a thumbs up he says it was a great shot it's raining pretty good yeah oh oh yeah can't really tell from here but we'll walk up to it right in the goodie box and they say this one was over 30 yards at the slide the arrow through yeah touching the Tanner hang on this one on the vegan towel but coming down pretty good so the rain is slowing us down Alison's hiding in over there there's a little cover over the target so ya might have to back out and go for lunch you come back after so the sun's out we came back from lunch with take a break mean it was raining too much so now beautiful that's it a few more targets and there this guy's a little buck there and little whitetail at 27 yards the house in scalar form down 27 see what we got mouse to you right on right on hey Talia back not a good shot no see the reason I say that Oh elbow yep so the lung field yeah Allison is in the lung field clearly but you can see the crease and that's where our shoulder blades coming back in there the elbow there so not my best shot prove yourself a nice Buffalo behind the brush 45 yards so big vitals but still we gotta make it count so I take your time make it count yep finally off and again I was low but still well in the kill zone might not seem it but all right that Marlin he kills down so if you would have dropped a little bit I would entail them and they're still behind the shoulder blade so we're good all right nice elk at 37 yards bedded elk he's not looking so we have time to draw back Wow that's a good shot on an elk right behind the other shoulder but you can see the crease good shoot and we've got a little higher but I'm happy so I there we go tell your time 37 whoa good shootin yeah just a little tighter to the show blade but I still think you cleared it because you right behind the crease button let's check it out so yes oh yeah two good shots on me oh so yeah had a kill shot oh yeah good shot nice really happy with that I mean right where the sweet spot is some people call it I think I'm ready for betting on the massage now maybe I'm just getting in Oh cocky here but I think I might just have to wait on the massage on the next one oh there yes I practice shooting again that's the spirit but yeah I think I'm ready for the next one that thing we're gonna wager something 41 yards over yep yeah just that's what it's about but not an easy shot you know I can show you shooting through some brush oh yeah in the long field yay right at the edge of it but okay no no I feel good again all right we're at our last target we're gonna do a little wager here the person who shoots the best gets a massage tonight and the person that shoots the worst gives the massage I'm probably gonna be giving the massage but hey I should have more confidence in myself we have a bear we're gonna shoot the bear way up at the end there at 50 yards and we're gonna see how we do and we're gonna see which one of us gets a nice massage tonight I hope you guys are rooting for me I love a little bit more of a margin of error I'm just being honest here I shoot a little flatter Hey it is alright here we go first shot we only get one each that's it one shot and the best one wins here we go this one yeah you better concentrate oh boy and chat oh I can't see an inch guy from the lieutenant so I oh boy feeling loose already alright hey it's all for fun but it's nice to add a little pressure and I'm happy of my shot and hopefully she can do better cuz I'm slightly high so as she could potentially beat me on that one she was just an inch low I would definitely give her the shot even though it would both be in the kill zone make your sweat low so just have to be yeah just just below me outfit if you just put it below me I'll give you a massage yes and this is tight I mean you have a foot of clearance there but you know should be okay just gotta make sure that you're you get clearance but a take your time and I took my time on that one oh no kidding me yeah you did that's gonna be a first she deserves it first massage it usually I win Missy did I have it on camera here oh yeah it's on I I get the proof are you kidding me well this you know you know what she deserves it I'll give her a nice revenue rub-a-dub so you know I mean I introduced her at the archery while back I've been doing it for longer and now she's a quite an archer really she's got any milk the past two years with the bow you know in the public land so no way we're both in the same ring but most people would agree that that spot there right behind the shoulder blade is the sweet spot so I'll give it to her wager we're talking about a quarter inch closer but but for this bet concede on that one I didn't think you're gonna beat me look at that right in the pocket as much as possible least weekly here you know we need to be on it's all fun and games here with pretend 3d targets but when we're aiming at an animal we do take it seriously yeah you know we're gonna practice even more as the season gets nearer yes and even while the season is on look at her smile I think she's pretty happy is good yes no it isn't as good as a note down after nine days of hunting hard but I'm really happy I mean the first year she got a first year trying for archery over-the-counter units she got a bull down on the bow she called it herself after that mean last year she woke me up at 4:15 saying we gotta go we're gonna miss the elk Opening Day last year for for their Elks I think I created a monster but you know what it's all exciting and I'm super happy that I get a sit into it and she's taking to it because I understand it's not for everyone but hey boo yeah all right well I'm gonna practice my massage skill reminder I made it back to the truck I figured that'd show you this beautiful area here that's another part of this complex there's targets paper targets from 10 to 80 yards then this section is free can you believe it free shooting so it's obviously it's a state park you need your state parks pass otherwise it's $10 to park by shorter that I mean just amazing three dollars to do the archery range we did can't beat it some of those targets or a thousand dollars so I was telling some people around here about this place they even know about it and even though they live here for a while so it goes to show there might be something close to you guys so you might want to look into it because it's great practice as you saw it's great time so thanks for joining us until next time you guys take care and if you want to see more of our videos a lot more coming as Alison was mentioning we've got a lot of our tree hunts coming up and there are other types of hunts too and they're fishing too so hey you guys take Karen

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  1. Awesome 3D Archery Range guys and it looks like a lot of fun plus great practice for real hunting situations. Great shooting footage too. Love watching your videos. I which they had a triple thumbs up because I would smash that button.

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