3D Archery – Fuse Focus Recurve Bow Review

3D Archery – Fuse Focus Recurve Bow Review

you the fuse focus bow is an entry-level bow made by fuse which is part of height which is one of if not the biggest name in archery the focus is advertised as a great starter bow for backyard family fun or an aspiring Jo ad shooter Jo ad is the Junior Olympic development program ran in many local schools and clubs the focus line comes in four different sizes the focus jr. is a 48 inch bow and you can choose from 12 16 20 and 24 pound draw weights the focus itself comes in three sizes 54 62 and 66 inches with draw weights of 12 16 20 24 and 28 if you want a heavier draw then fuse offers the Intrepid it's a 60 inch bow with draw weights of 30 35 40 45 50 and 60 pounds I did some checking and the cost for one on Amazon was 90 dollars and 25 cents now I tell you I bought mine at a local archery shop and I paid 125 dollars so if you're looking you probably save some money by going to Amazon but if you want it fast and you want to play with one I'd go the archery shop in this review we'll be using a fused focus 62 inch model with a 20-pound draw the focus is a takedown bow what that means is the limbs can be removed for travel or replaced when damaged or when you want to upgrade the draw weight you can put new ones on there and that last one is the reason why we bought this bow we bought the bowl for my wife with the ideal that she could increase the draw weight later on well we've come to fall and out that fuse doesn't sell the limbs separately and I'm not sure if other people make limbs they'll fit on this bow so if you're gonna buy this bow I would check into that if that's one of the things you're looking for if not you don't want to move up then don't worry about it you know my first impression of the focus is a positive one this bow is solid and I have to say it seems to me to be on the heavy side but then you have to remember I usually normally use a one-piece bow and those are always lighter than a takedown bow the limbs they're glass with black tip reinforcements and the risers made up of a dark and a light wood with a nice little pattern in it I really like the grip it's a nice deep one which I enjoy and there's numerous mount points for sight stabilizers and all that other stuff for target archery I like to test all my bowls for poundage because I bought a bow once it's been 40 pounds and I pulled it and it felt way too heavy and measured it it was 45 and as you can see this one comes spot-on I also like to test him for arrows speed and with this bow it averaged 125 feet per second which isn't fast it's it's okay my short little indoor test told me one thing this bowl works great at 10 yards I'm out here at a final sports in Carmel we're gonna try the fuse focus bowl this is a 20 pound draw I got targets at different differences but right now the first one I'm gonna shoot a 10 and a backup do that one at 15 and 20 and finally 30 yard shots normally I shoot instinctive but we bought this I'm gonna give a site to try before I go on there's one thing I want you to know about if you buy defuse focus bulb especially the lightweight ones like this 20 is this look at this baby this thing turns and if you leave it strong it's gonna get Warped you know it's a nice bone man at 20 pounds that's one week limb come out of the wrench a couple notes this thing makes some of the worst noise I've ever heard it does it all the time I've twisted the string and then a few other things but it's just these these cheap flimsy little limbs that's all they are flopping around you know it's not a bad boat it's really heavy this wood the riser made out of some hard wood pretty heavy the other thing I learned I don't like sights I'm an instinctive shooter nice and his other people nice shot nice hold on yep you the fuse focus bow to me is a good entry level boat just what they advertised it as you know this bow is awesome at 10 yards – doesn't matter how far you pull it back for any kid or anybody that uses it 10 yards is what this bows made for the 20 yard mark it's you can do it if you pull all the way back 28 inches and get the full 20 pound draw but if you don't get that your aerials are gonna drop off even at the full draw anything past 20 my arrows were dropping off heavy so this is perfect for 10 it's acceptable for 20 and anything past it you're pushing your luck one thing I like to tell you is if you've seen in the video I talked about the twang and the twisting limbs I recommended this bow to a person I know and they bought it but they bought it with a 25 pound limbs and I was able to look at theirs and play with it and it totally cured the problem with the twisty limbs and the twanging noise so if you do buy it try to get the 25 pound at least we're very happy with the fuse focus bow it's been a great bow decent price I have to give it a two thumbs up thanks for watching and have a beautiful day

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  1. i just picked up this bow 54 in , 26# on sale at fin feather and fur.$49.00 ….hope the little women likes it …

  2. Are there any limbs that are over 25 pounds I would like to get some 50 pound limbs do you know if anyone makes them that will fit this bow

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