18 Replies to “3D Archery”

  1. My son loves it!>>>ur2.pl/936 Product works as advertised and conforms with school regulations/policy for scholastic archery tournaments! So wonderful that your kids has his/her own bow and not have to use the school's used/abused bows for a tournament. Can adjust to your child's strength and provide that extra kick that's custom to their use. So glad we got it! My son now has a better appreciation for the sport!

  2. I never understood the point of archery with compound bow range finders zeroing sights triggers stabilizers and all that gear. why not just use a gun.

  3. Known yardage shoots will better help build archery popularity than unknown shoots in your area. Most of the club shoots we shoot in are now known yardage shoots and we are seeing the popularity grow. Let’s face it, the first thing most people do after getting into their stand is range yardage’s on trees etc. My wife and I will guess the yardage, then use the range finder to check our distances. If you want to grow archery, make em’ known yardage’s, if not, all you will have is a bunch of cheating going on out there.

  4. Someone needs to tell the kid at 4:30 that he doesn't have enough hair on his nuts to have his bow set that high

  5. That's right willy just in case you thought America wasn't dangerous enough without dumb Americans not knowing how to use firearms safely…. We go give the fuckers bows too 🙂 yeehaa. Dang I sound like kermit

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