3Rivers Archery Assembling the Mohegan Youth Bow

3Rivers Archery Assembling the Mohegan Youth Bow

for assembling the Mohegans please take down take your eyes er and first remove the limb bolts top and bottom just unscrew them the top limb has no writing on the belly and the belly is the portion that faces the archer when he's shooting the bottom limb has the bow weight and length on it take your top limb make sure the tip is pointing away and align its bushing with the bushing in the riser then simply snug down the limb bolt when you feel it hit bottom just a little snug not too tight then repeat for the other end

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  1. 3Rivers Archery is located in Ashley, Indiana, just north of Fort Wayne and south of the Michigan border. We're right off I-69 at the Ashley-Hudson exit (#340). Turn to the right (West) the first road you see on your left is our road, HL Thompson Jr Dr. Turn left (South) there and we're the third business on the left. 3Rivers Archery 607 HL Thompson Jr Dr Ashley IN 46705

  2. Is there a dealer in northeast Indiana that sells this bow? I would like to see one before I set out to buy one. Thank you

  3. @TechnologyReviewerz The Mohegan is a youth bow available in lengths of 48", 54", and 62" and draw weights of 20 pounds to 40 pounds. The string is tight and made for the bow. It's a good youth bow, or beginners bow. You can call our tech line for more information. We've put the phone number in the video description above.

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