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  1. Thank you! I haven't used my bow in a couple of years and I couldn't remember how to use the dag nabbit stringer…I am taking a friend shooting [arching?] tomorrow- boy, would I have been embarassed! You are a lifesaver

  2. Why thank you kindly. I was worried if I'd end up messing up my bow on my first time, but it worked like a charm.

  3. This is a good video! The instructions that came with the bow stringer I have; different company but same concept are downright obtuse, almost intentionally misleading.
    Thank you!

  4. This dude sounds like a Tranquil from Dragon Age. Good stuff though, super helpful for a beginner like me.

  5. Ok, thanks. I guess it's just me. I see a black screen with audio. I'm using an iPhone 6 Plus newest update (os 9.2.1), on google chrome most of the time.

  6. Its traditional to have video not just sound to call it a video. If anyone is ate going their bow at night in a well, this is how to do it, I guess.

  7. I have a problem with my recurve bow, after stinging it, the string "falls off".
    It is a Bear, Grizzly and it's marked 56" #48, which I have no idea what is it.
    Please an advise, I'm new to it, thanks.

  8. This video was a real blessing.  I was able finally to get my stringer to work.  May Jesus Christ bless ya.

  9. Thanks for posting this video. I received one of these pressure pad bow stringers with my Fred Bear Super Magnum 48 and had no idea how to use it. I'm use to the two pocket stringers. Always nice to learn something new.

  10. Also, why can't I make my Samick Sage takedown's string stay on (and look nice) when it's unstrung like the bow's string in this video? It's extremely annoying when I go to store it because I have to take the string clear off. Is it something I'm doing or is it physically unable to do this (I ordered this bow from 3rivers almost a month ago)?

  11. I have a 30lb Sage Samick 62" takedown and I have a stringer with the pressure pad…..but I CANNOT for the life of me string it by myself. I'm right handed and I pull with all my might and I can't do it with one hand.
    I'm about 2 inches taller than the bow. Was it a mistake to get a 62" bow? Because I'm finding it hard to reach over with my left hand to put the loop in the notch AND keep pulling up with my right hand.
    I'm currently trying to lift weights with my right arm to strengthen it.

  12. 3Rivers didn't take over the company. You might consider going to a custom bowyer in your area or checking with your local archery shop.

  13. the brand is called "Checkmate'', the bows is called ''firebird'', it is a 56in takedown recurve, 55lb at 28'', it also says c.m.1077 made in canada.

  14. yes i was also given a takedown recurve bow that happens to have a severely warped lower limb (from someone stringing it without a stringer), the bows brand no longer exists, do you have any suggestions? i live in the prairies of canada, and i don't really want to ship the old bow across the world or country. i actually heard 3rivers took over that company or something like that.

  15. Thank you so much for having this video available. The instructions that came with my bow were maddeningly unclear but your direction helped immensely!

  16. I'm about to place an order for The Limbsaver Longbow Stringer in a moment. I see by the description that it even comes with instructions for us laymen; Bear Archery didn't offer any instructions with the stringer I bought from them. So, thank you for that and thank you for responding to my comment. I actually shot my very first bow for the first time yesterday and my shoulder is so sore, LOL it's a good pain though. I have the 50# Bear Montana Longbow.

  17. The Limbsaver Longbow or Recurve Stringer might work better for you. We sell them on our web site at 3RiversArchery-dot-com. Items #5037 and #5096.

  18. I think I just wasted my money on the Bear Archery Longbow Stringer. The leather pockets cover up the string notch so the string can't be put in place. This is my first bow, and I'm frustrated because I'm worried about damaging my bow or myself trying to use this stringer. I should have bought a stringer with the pressure pad like in this video instead of the two pouches.

  19. dam this is what i need i have to be a red neck and tie a rope to both limbs wrap the rope aroud a pole and attach it to my truck and pull forward just to get it in stringing place lol

  20. @BoyznGirlz09 You can do a search here on Youtube for "straighten recurve" and should find some useful videos. You can also try contacting Prairie Traditions Bow Hospital. Youtube doesn't allow links in comments, so do a google search for them.


    THANK YOU!!!

  22. @DakotaAngelRain We wouldn't recommend it. We suggest searching youtube for videos on how to specifically string your style of recurve bow.

  23. thanks 3rivers, i had always strung my bow the old fashioned way, when i got my new bow in the mail it came with this fancy bow stringer and i was stuck scratching my head, thanx much for the vid

  24. Other than possibly hunting in Africa, what would anyone want with a 95# longbow. Those things are great ways to hurt your shoulders.

  25. @3RiversArchery
    Thanks for the response. I hadn't noticed the weight restriction on the stringer. However, I don't think the weight of the bow was the culprit — the stringer didn't break. Instead, because the bow is a straight longbow, the closer to strung it got, the less purchase the bow tips offered to the leather cups of the stringer. A reflexed bow wouldn't have the same problem.

  26. @Llyranon We're sorry to hear about this. However, in our catalog and on our web site we do tell customers not to use these stringers on bows over 70 (80) lbs.

  27. I just used my 3rivers bow stringer to string my 95 lb longbow — or tried to. An inch or so from getting the bowstring in place, my handy-dandy stringer slipped off the bow tip, and I was struck in the face hard enough to blacken an eye and nearly break my jaw.

    Am I happy with my stringer? Not so much. I'm going back to the hip thrust method I've used for years without a single mishap prior to buying this device that was supposed to make stringing my bow safer.

  28. Thank you so much! I would never figure that out. I don¨t understand why don't you they provide user's manual to the bow stringer

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