46 Replies to “4-Minute NO-Equipment Belly Fat Destroyer Circuit”

  1. Well, that may have saved me 1800$.  I'll give it a try for a month.  Adding it onto the rest of my regime.  If I don't get back to you in a month call 911….I forgot, I am 911.

  2. Hi Craig. How many times a day do we have to do this to make a difference….56 year-old male, former athlete having done nothing for 15years…just starting to notice a veneer of abdominal fat ☹️

  3. Did this after a 20 minute workout. Sucks hard. The music riff sounds like it's from Black Stone Cherry's Lonely Train.

  4. Heather Watson yep

    It’s what I call my triceps workout
    Place your hands right about or below chest level palms out

    Now slowly push your hands forward. Don’t forget to breathe

    Do that like 3-5 times a day

    Now it’s most effective when done right after a meal ….like when you’re at the table.

    This way you can push the plate away

  5. Fantastic Craig I usually jump rope intense for 15 minutes a night but my knee flares up now I can’t do it , but now I’m doing this and it’s brilliant it’s took the pounding off my knee and I’m still getting the cardio thanks for this video

  6. Wicked mate thanks! I have to be careful on push ups broke my coller bone n had a gradelll distruption of the Ac joint so shoulder not quiet strong enough cor a full push up ! Will adapt though 🤟😎

  7. Your video inspired me to not only add it to a playlist, but to make a new playlist called "Training……now do it you fat fuck!" …. im not fat (….yet?!?!), but meh

  8. He looks like he has no top teeth. Anyone that spoke around me the way he speaks would be beaten with a weight. Douche.

  9. Dude looks like Stannis Baratheon – the one true King of Westeros.

    Better gonna do what he says…


  11. this actually works ive lost 12 pounds doing this everyday for 2 weeks straight from monday thru friday then rest saturday and start again sunday . it really works trust me , but you have 2 do it every monday thru friday with no excuses and it really works i promise

  12. Why does it not surprise me to see that someone dishonest enough to claim their workout targets belly fat also has shitty form on every exercise he shows?

  13. If i do this I'll probably faint I'm quite overweight. So should I do this as much as I can or do my normal exercise? ( ofc I won't faint at start I'll be down near the push up area as I can't even do a single pushup).

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