40 Minute Kettlebell Split Circuit Workout For Strength & Cardio

40 Minute Kettlebell Split Circuit Workout For Strength & Cardio

hi everybody I'm Amy from bunny foot by Amy and this is your kettlebell split circuit workout so in this workout we'll be using one kettlebell and we will be working in split circuits one side at a time so some things on the right then on the left all of it will strengthen and tone your entire body and also get your heart pumping for cardio all you need for this workout is one kettlebell and a mat are you ready let's do it okay so we're going to start with just a quick little warmup make sure that your kettlebell is out of the way roll through those shoulders just the way where you're not gonna step on it while we're warming up we'll keep the warm-up short we mostly just might get the blood flowing get everything moving big deep breath in as always get more of a warm up and cool down on your own if you can let's go ahead and roll through our backs we're gonna go full that back down round it up so I'm gonna be using a 10-pound kettlebell so my suggestion would be if you have a couple to keep both close by but also there may be something since we're doing one side at a time where you have to go a little lighter but if you have a heavier kettlebell I'm gonna give you options to use two hands as well don't worry let's take it here let's roll throw our backs just a bit so the idea unilaterally is that we're working one side we're forced to stabilize we can't use momentum we want one side to really work hard and then we go to the other side all of it we will start with one thing and then the other and then switch it to a compound move so you guys know I like to do a lot of that you always have the option to just stay with the upper or the lower and then we'll get some core in between it should also feel like cardio let's do hamstrings to the back so I know that I'm a little confusing but don't worry and we're gonna take it with our circuits where we do 40 it's of work followed by 20 seconds of rest and then we put them together same thing good and then let's take it little toy soldier kicks take them out straight legs I'm going to talk you through each circuit first well and during that time you can grab a break get water jog it out whatever you need to do we'll start up top and then we'll take it down to the mat let's just do some little twist open it up reach across so we didn't do this in the beginning breathe take it over so I'm the kettlebell I'm using it's just a 10 totally fine if you go heavier or lighter again I'm gonna give you options I am still getting strong after having my baby even though it's been many months I'm still working my way back up to using those heavier kettlebells I will get it there okay so go ahead and March it out so the first circuit we are going to do then your needs to get it we are going to start with a side lunge leaning into it so you're going to take that cuttlebone the opposite hand lean into it here flat back so we'll do both sides of that and then we're gonna take it into a staggered row and then when we put it together so you guys have done this move before we're just gonna for sure alternate throughout the whole time so here we go so opposite hand stepping to the opposite side lean into it right here take it here down and again we're going 40 seconds breathe that core is going in tight sometimes I like to have this handout that helps keep me flat think of taking that kettlebell towards that foot so you really get low breathe and up yeah down up ten seconds right here breathe last three two one March it out tap it out we're gonna do the same thing other side so let's go ahead and switch it to that other side remember flat back really lean into it here tap it out you got about ten more seconds on our 2011 till we really need that breather after that compound movement so here we go other side step into it here down and lean deep breathe cross it over bring it up three cross and up use this hand if you want sit deep into that outer thigh and then really push out of it that's why we love the side lunge bent leg straight leg you get a little stretch through that straight leg and then you get a lot of hips and glutes breathe ten seconds and breathe four three two and one taffeta okay guys so we are going to take it to a bent over row so I'm going to stagger my feet just a bit flap back down I'm gonna have it in that opposite hand and I'm just bringing it up right here so cores in tight one foot a little bit forward staggered flat back forty seconds here we go breathe bring it up and breathe squeeze in that shoulder blade let it drop all the way down so I know if this is when we can kind of catch our breath maybe our heart rate got a little bit up on those side lunges breathe flat back and don't worry we're gonna get to rest our back for those twenty seconds in between breathe for oh no sorry ten more seconds I was reading my clock line right now we have four three two one bring it all the way up you got 20 seconds just tap it out roll those shoulders relax that back and we feel it a little bit in that lower back that's okay as long as we're not rounded because all of those muscles are connected so honest is not pain if you're feeling the work there that's okay too let's take it other side stagger flat back here we go up and down so I like to either have this hand out to keep my back flat looks like this make sure that you're here and not here guys you'll feel it if you're feeling a lot of pressure in that lower back you need to bring your eyes up it almost feels like you're arching your back but you're not but if you feel that back working that's where we want to be up and down and squeeze there we go breathe we got about 10 seconds right about now squeeze in the shoulder blades we're gonna get a little bit of core work in between and breathe left three two one relax okay guys so hold it at your chest we're gonna do standing crunch so we're here pull that core in tight knees to the chest as we're coming here so pull the knees in ready join me right here here we go bring it in everything right here so our next two circuits after we get through this are we are going to put that side lunge and row together that should get our heart rate up a little bit more for cardio so our first set where we isolate one side unilaterally and then the other those split circuits and then our last circuit is going to really get that heart pumping then we get a little breather and we take it to our next circuit right breathe three two one okay so take it in that first hand restarted and here's what its gonna look like guys we're not starting yet but lean into it cross it over to that leg row it up finish your row push out of it so nice and strong really sit deep into that hip flat back in the row you're hanging out in that lunge to finish the row ready here we go forty seconds down row push it out you know this one down row watch my back here flat back really lean do as much as you can get into that hip that kettlebell is almost touching the floor right here you can even touch the floor if you want and bring it up breathe there we go and up you got ten seconds can we get a few more I think we can last one right here good oh yeah how'd you go a couple seconds longer that's okay tap it out catch your breath relax that back you do all that on the other side and then this circuit is done right okay so core is in tight remember you're gonna cross it over here and lean deep flat back row it up join me here here we go down up up it's my back here's what we're not doing guys we're not rounding here flap use this hand if you want to breathe yep got about 10 seconds here we go as we're gonna try we're gonna try not to get sloppy with it keep it going three last two yes one more I know I made you go a little longer on this one to catch your breath awesome guys job guys put that kettlebell to the side and here are your options so just like that standing crunch we did let's make it a little more cardio here or here grab a sip of water first and then take it to that while I talk to you through our next circuit simple water if you want to take a real break real rest that's fine otherwise keep it here you can even jump it if you want a little more okay next we're going to our regular lunge right so one here one here we're gonna take it it's gonna be on that opposite side lunge it down bring it up so super basic then we're gonna stay on that side we're gonna take it to a curl so a little offset curl I'm gonna give you an option if you need both hands then we'll flip it around the same thing here and here our core in between is we're gonna do a windmill into a side knee so we'll do both sides it's a little bit longer this time okay alright so go ahead and set it up I'm gonna have my right foot forward left hand with the kettlebell it's up to you just pull that core in tight roll those shoulders back get as low as you can here we go jump it down bring it so if you can if it's comfortable drop that knees to the floor chest is lifted forty seconds if you want to have a little more arms a little more car you can hold that Cut Above right at your chest it's up to you whatever feels good to you I'm gonna angle so you can see me let's strike here so you can see that or down by your side it's up to you whatever feels best here we go ten seconds right here cores and tight so arms and core working here but you're probably feeling that leg a little more if it's down here last one right here relax okay so we're gonna keep that forward keep it in that same left hand that cores in tight watch me here we're staying staggered curl up to here so if you have like me like a Fitbit or something just be careful of the Hat here we go so it's up to you curl so in that rack position that we talked about that's where you're getting that thumb to that collarbone this is what we want so a couple of options you can keep it here if that feels good if you have that strength if you need a little extra use that hand to give you a little help just right at the top totally fine to do that or two hands that's okay too I know this is a split circuit workout I want you to use one side but if you have a heavier kettle I know a lot of you guys work with 20s 25 30s because you're super strong and I love it totally fine to use both because I know a lot of my videos I just do a curl between two hands last one and relax okay so shake that out stretch it out to the side just little taps and we're gonna turn to that other side we're gonna get both of those from that other side so again you're starting with that lunge we're here nice and tall and we're gonna drop it down ready here we go down and trying to get that knee to the floor think 90 degrees both legs push into that front heel and breathe and area if you want you can hold it the chest it's up to you or down-low three and up and pull it we've got ten seconds finish strong wherever you are if it's at your chest or if it's down low to the ground nice and strong heart should be pumping we're gonna get a break from the heart rate with that curl last one right here address okay so you've got it in this hand stay staggered if you can cores and tight so actually shake out those legs you got a minute you got ten seconds designed this so you're gonna have a little breather in between here we go stagger it curl it up drop it down so coming up to that rack position down by your side so I want you to come all the way down by your sights you really lengthen so you're getting strengthen and stretch so those long lean muscles if you need that opposite hand give you a little bit of help at the top that's totally fine or if you need it between two hands that works too breathe right up and in cores and tight everything is super steady we're gonna get some windmills after this to get a little bit of core and cardio and last one right here and then we will put them together okay guys so shake it out stretch that thumb to the back alright so let's take it to that opposite side that started aside we started with somewhere in that window we're kind of gonna stagger our feet one is that a little bit more cores and tight we're gonna have low start low I'm gonna give you the option so watch me here you're gonna go down bring it up so you start with this if that feels okay it's totally fine to do that one milk with that top hand bring it up we reach it's a little bit more on the back so you pick where you want to be and take it slow you're gonna feel the core feel the cardio no matter where you are I'm gonna say low I'm just gonna reach up this is where I almost all my videos I give you this option of doing a low windmill or high windmill can be a little tricky with that kind of a laptop even when you have great form if you're tired last one cambree so here well it's not gonna break in between why not let's just keep it here hold that kettlebell steady we're just gonna get a little extra hurry you need a break take it you got ten more seconds breathe let's go ahead switch it to that other side ready here we go I know I tricked you there right bring it well see what I mean even when you have good form if you're tired you're gonna really concentrate so you can be here or take it with that high take it up pull it in here we go breathe Oh so it's up to you wherever you want to be three five seconds and then we're going to keep that side knee here we go and then guess what guys we're switching it back we're gonna go right in to that lunge with our curl I know it's gonna be a big hurry push but you're strong you can do it breathe here we go switch into that opposite hand lunge it down curl it at the top here we go so you have all these options lunge and curl one side and cross looks like this or use that opposite hand if you need to or two hands dad and up you're still gonna feel it we're still isolating one side of the leg more right down up it's up to you whatever works best one kettlebell all the way up through that core curl use that off as at hand you got ten seconds finish it strong heart should be pumping you can do it last one relax tap it up turn to that other side all right guys same thing other side then we get a breather one more circuit attack and then down on it so cores and tights remember you have all those options lunge it and curl it use the hand or two hands ready here we go down and pull it down breathe you use that opposite hand if you need to or two hands that works too or always just one or the other you know you always have that option lunch anchor 10 seconds how's that heart rate I'm feeling mine I hope you are to breathe three two one relax okay drop that kind of well out reach those hands back little taps breathe let's go side knees so just what we did this is your little cardio interval if you want it certainly grab a sip of water first and then we'll come right back to that you got one minute team breathe here so you stay there watch me here our first one is going to be our swings so guys what we're gonna do is we're gonna start out with your regular kettlebell swing if you've never done a swing please check out my video I will link it here that breaks it down for you otherwise we'll start with a two arm swing second time through we're gonna take it with just one arm that is optional you can just keep a regular swing if you want then guys we're going to do press and tries I'm gonna give you the option of two so up behind the head up and down you can also just go up behind the head up and down we're not gonna put them together we're gonna do them separately two times through alright so starting with that swing together roll those shoulders back here we go make it like a football three two power it up at the top this is where these where we really love having that heavy kettle alright maybe I'll switch it out I say lock it on the top breathe remember you're locking out two hands right here I'm just showing you squeeze just like chest level we don't need to go over the head no need for that American or crossfit style kettlebell swing you got ten seconds cores in tight lock it out lock it up four three two one let it relax let your body stretch all the way through here you can even pedal those feet in between and roll it up guys alright so watch me you got a couple seconds press tries looks like this from the side press try behind the head if you have a heavier kettlebell take it here with me for two up behind your head cambree up behind your head so you can do together or if you've got a letter when you get the strength behind your head watch me here I'm using this opposite hand up behind Andry up down yes triceps 10 seconds if you got a heavy kettlebell you're not comfortable going behind your head at that keep it with the two last one three ah I could tell I was getting tired that elbow was going out right let's do that on the other side all right guys here we go core is in tight if you need to take it with both use those best for you because I know sometimes going behind that head if you have a heavier one feels like a lot so it's up to you up behind the head this is what I do sometimes with my watch my Fitbit you can always turn it around if that makes it a little easier so again guys if you want to keep it nice and steady up behind Andrey yeah yes I know we got 10 seconds breathe core is in tight steady it with that opposite hand up breathe yes ha relax that out good guys whoo stretch it back stretch it up over your head all right we're not gonna get core in between we're gonna go right into those swings it's up to you if you want to do one arm or two you can start with one and then soar start with two and then switch or vice versa here we go so one side bring it up we're gonna get a set of our arms in between so we give our backs a little break you want to be two hands if you feel more comfortable with that that's okay to breathe shoulders back lock it out at the top pull that core intact one hand if you can so on that one hand thumb goes to the back pinkies up squeeze 10 seconds breathe last 4 3 2 1 sit down stretch your back pedal those feet if you can't here we go bring it up one kettlebell between two hands here we go guys one set of those arms once that other side with our swing then we're down on the mat here we go up over if you want a little extra push those hands into your kettlebell or do a couple on the right couple on the left breeze up we're pretty isolated on those first two sets there's something smaller set of muscles so we'll go together in this one I know circuit workout sometimes we break the rules right 10 seconds strong shoulders strong tries we got a few things on the mat after this last swing up and relax okay so other side with your swing so again if you're swinging thumb is going to reach the back pinky up top you can do it together if that feels better for you if you can let's keep it here all right ready here we go take it to power it up squeeze locking out of the top still going about chest level or below back loaded so tighten in those hamstrings tighten in those glutes breathe if you want to take it to two you can we got 20 seconds great here we go ten to go cores in take four three two one and we'll drop it down pedal those feet little stretch roll it up grab a quick sip of water guys boom catch your breath tap it out and then we're going to take it down to the minute okay so we are down on the mat we're going to take about a minute I'm gonna talk you through our next circuit okay so the first thing we're going to do is we're going to a one-arm chest press you've got your kettlebell like this I'll go ahead and go down that's a little bit hard to grab but if you could just take it like this and we're doing a one-arm chest press if you want to engage the core a little bit more you can do it from that tabletop position but it's tough to do we're gonna do that on each side and then we're going to hold the kettlebell on one leg have one leg either up or crossed over and just do a one-sided bridge then when we put them together we'll get a little core in between we're going to do opposite side opposite leg right it's gonna be a little bit of balance work which is gonna work our core we'll get some core in between and some cardio okay so go ahead and grab that kettlebell go ahead and get in position again you can have those feet down or if you want bring up to that tabletop position we got 40 seconds here we go you're gonna feel why that is challenging for the core and if that feels like too much of course you can take it two hands just go strain it it changes it to a little bit of a Close Grip that's okay even though those triceps and shoulders are tired up and so it's gonna feel a little shaky that's why this unilateral work really works and breathe especially with the kettlebell so you got about 10 if those feet are up for that core just make sure your something nice and steady yes three two one go ahead and switch it over carefully to that other side go ahead and get in position and we're gonna do the same thing you can let that arm stretch out maybe the same thing from here again you can just take it straight up from here or have those feet up if you want to engage the core just in that very basic tabletop ready here we go up and in down and out cores and tight breathe and you eat up if you on a little extra core you'll see why that works and sometimes when I do this I put that opposite hand here so you can feel a little more steady feet down that's totally fine too ten seconds to go here we go breathe three two one and relax okay so grab a kettlebell between two hands we're gonna rest it on one leg so you decide which one you want started so we're here opposite leg is up or it can be crossed over so it's gonna be a small bridge you're not gonna have a lot of range of motion and that's okay bring that foot in take it up and drop it down if you start to cramp or that feels like too much you can do it without the kettlebell or between two legs up to you lots of hamstrings and glutes and we just did those swings so I know you feel it up and down or leg up and breathe feels looks like you're not doing as much because you can't get a tight right but you really feel it in that glute bonus if you're crossing that leg over as you get a little bit of a hip stretch as well which is kind of nice especially we'll need that on the other one up and down three two and one could it switch it over go ahead and get a little stretch there right lift that one up oh right in that hip and then we're gonna take it here so we're here guys cross it over opposite leg lift and lower and again join me here if you want you can do it without the kettlebell or two feet if that feels better even though I just did that can pedalo here again I know some of you guys are working with heavier kettlebells with me so I totally understand if that feels like too much you're gonna feel it without or you'll feel it between two feet we've worked hard so far let's finish it strong right for either and up just about 10 seconds this leg can be here up and down squeeze right four three two relax it down all right so we are going to do a little opposing forces crunch so if you want your basic level is here push those hands into your legs push those knees into your hands breathe exhale inhale release exhale if you want a little more take it over everything in or take those legs out everything in if you're postpartum like me or if you've had AB separation diastasis recti or you're gonna feel it even just with a opposing force everything in pushing knees into hands hands into knees but if you want a little more take it out push and push inhale exhale inhale exhale five seconds and relax hug those knees in okay guys so watch me here grab that kettlebell so you're gonna have it in that chest press and then whatever side the kettlebell is on that leg is going up or crossing over so opposite leg one hand is doing the press one hand is doing the bridge ready here we go and again we can have that leg up and down so it's gonna play with your balance to really steady in that core if it feels better cross it here you can always just do one or the other if it feels like too much breathe up and down halfway there finish it strong here I know we're tired up down ten seconds last one oh and relax cross that over get a little stretch right it's hard cuz we just did this one last right we switch it up switch it over that other side cross it over leg can be up or cross over you might want to stay crossed over so you can get that stretch here we go last time if you want to have that opposite hand out that's gonna help give you a little bit of extra balance focus on that core this headed with a little bit harder for me there might be one that I can be here up to you halfway there twenty seconds to go finish it strong breathe one arm press one leg bridge that's tough that's a lot for your brain as well as your body three two one relax it down holding stretch awesome guys go ahead and turn it over let's come into a mountain-climber position put that kettlebell in the center take it in that high plank if you can knees are tapping in you don't have to actually tap that kettlebell and then if you want take it to that mountain core it depends on how much you want you want more cardio take it up if you want to just keep it core you'll still get that heart pumping if you are postpartum like me or you've had AB just take it here just bring those knees forward in from the knee position that is totally fine too but if you can't hear three here – it's up to you we are almost done – you might now I'm adding in a few little extras at the end we'll do a few extra unilateral moves three two one and stretch okay move that kettlebell to the front side plank very classic one-sided move we love side planks they're great for pregnancy and pulse time as well we're here let's lift it up and hold 40 seconds of a long time I'm going to give you some variances so take it here here we go you can be here you can be on the knees or cross it over or on the toes cross it over hand can be up hand can be done we're just holding for the first half it's up to you I know those arms and shoulders are tired so if you need a little extra support just drop the knee that's totally fine so we're here breathe and then let's take it over bring it up second half we're here you can do the same thing turn your body every up 10 seconds Oh same thing other side and then we are done we did it breathe last one big stretch over yep you can just swing those legs around to that other side here we go team we did a lot of work one side at a time let's finish it out right here up into that side plank you can be up on your toes knee down both knees here feet stacked doesn't matter holding it here make sure everything's in tight again arms are tired I know it but think about that core pulling in nice and tight lift that hip off the ground and then here we go twist it and and think about elbow coming towards them breathe you need support drop that knee finish it out last ten seconds breathe three two one relax big stretch or yes you did it lean into that lean into this nice work team ha right seated position take those thumbs to the back reach back grab him here your head dropped to the side and I take that opposite hand whatever if you're leaning to the right take your left hand push those fingertips down so we stretch through the neck chest bicep retard right to get here down let's take one leg out breathe that fold it over into that over other side to get here and then just cuz we got a lot of glutes and hamstrings seated position cross one leg over start your legs out in front and then just slowly bring that leg in press the top knee down even just pulling your toe up here we got a nice good hip stretch as always get more stretching on your own guys especially throughout your day as well we want to hold these stretches longer really longer than we are right switchin other side so here start here inch it in press the knee down chin to the chest arms to the front and bring an optically over to the side one big deep breath in and out you did it that was your kettlebell split circuit workout if you like these be sure that you check out all of my other kettlebell videos and all the other video videos I have on the channel got lots of options for you and don't forget to subscribe great job everybody

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  1. Thanks Amy. Enjoy having a new kettlebell workout. I have been doing kettlebell workouts for quite sometime time, and soon to have my 65th birthday, so strength training is so important for me. Keep up the great work.

  2. I really appreciate how you model healthy postpartum recovery. It can be so frustrating when you just want to feel strong again. It is helpful to see someone like you being patient and reassuring.

  3. That was fantastic, thank you Amy! I love the longer style and I love the way you separate the moves and then put them together. My core never really recovered from pregnancy 5 years ago, but I didn’t know that the moves I was doing were making it worse until I started watching your post partum videos. I now use your ab exercises to strengthen my core instead and everything feels tighter, even my pelvic floor – which I am so grateful for. Thank you xxx

  4. I love your longer workouts like this one! Im 16 wks pregnant so I have to make some alternations, but great workout 😉

  5. I've been following your express workouts for 2 months (Monday – Friday), and my results are beautiful!

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