11 Replies to “40 y/o Recurve Bow!? (Part 2 – Assembly!)”

  1. Jullie zouden een serie moeten maken waar kijkers video's met vragen over boogschieten kunnen stellen en dat jullie die dan beantwoorden… Zou leuk zijn!

  2. Please take it to the Medellin World Cup in April and start the year off in style! It would be hilarious to see you in the televised medal matches with it! 😄

  3. That's a Hoyt TD3 … Darrell Pace is the first archer to break 1300 using alum arrows and 48# fiberglass limbs .. I think these bows are still at par with the new bows of today .. right now im using the old hoyt gm4 with yamaha ys5 sight, shibuya dx plunger, old shibuya flipper rest .. but changed to lighter limbs from hoyt carbon plus 42# now i switched to 32# samick carbon impress limbs .. still waiting for my hoyt carbon 840 at 36# .. a senior archer now and cannot draw heavier poundage .. still looking good .. maybe do more practice after a long 30 yr lay off from the sport .. thanks for this video .. im an avid follower ..

  4. Darrell pace shot a 1307 score in 1976 for a grand fita round, using the same bow and set up as you have there, plus 2114 aluminium arrows..
    I'm looking forward to seeing you shoot and compare it with your modern hoyt.. 👍👍

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