today we're in Thailand it's like four degrees down in Bali House legs and a sort of you know the loyal subscribers will know that of the four end basically Bali house has two lakes and in the summer they drop loads but because it's winter there's some flooding like what I call like a dirt road trap track and effectively what we're hoping to do the goal is to jump from one Lake to the other name so the winch just got fixed by I did like a scary scary day it was like so we talked we tied up between the big hit but we chose the small kicking which made what the idea with it is you'll get less Auckland do you wanna just get speed I can say it's a 45 mile gap like oh no the weeds for me honey guys 20 miles now this this is John and he's making this whole day possible because without him we have no way to fix it okay so effectively our largest obstacle other than the 40 foot gap is the rope we're basically it's gonna be a short run up to I think it's just scary that's all this black thing we're just gonna see how far back which is a scary part okay so we're all set to go have to say this is some really proud I'm like not just as eventualities in the snow would stuff I have the world's grow up in like five or six weeks and I just sorted the train for that next week so it would not be a good beginning with that thank you this is red I'm actually thinking sensibly on this you I'm actually thinking sensibly on this you I'm actually thinking on this you definitely I just didn't pop by absorbing about Oh like you're not that far off ur – no I was fine are you learning you're down in there I do just therefore if you stay on the tail at least yeah guys just want to show you one thing how to look yet but my board is absolutely fine that is the build quality of every way I mean I fell in the water don't worry just go over again okay I want to shoot this way bit cuz they're not rock I'm scared do you think just try and stay a bit flatter flatter means now resistance of the winch which showed me more speed I also just absorb the take off okay we're going again so bodies match it's just Paul boy and hope it's cold okay hopefully we just figured with you so deep fixed come all the way here twice to do this hopefully hopefully this is like the first we just said like all the stuff we've done here and by the asking all the crazy stuff I jumped off the talk shows which all get like 80,000 views of stuff this is by far the most legit dodgy thing like everything else has just been thank you John okay guys so I will say it was a lot bigger than I anticipated but we had the sickest team ever you thank you to buy the house for even letting me do this actually was but it was a lot of satisfaction so yeah I'm here because we have my garbage so super windy alright guys so we're coming towards the end of the video I hope you enjoyed it I literally put my ass on the line for this one my back is a bit sore in there but it's not an injury it's just a bitter like a bit of a sore muscle we've got a car coming right now so basically right now they cease the daily vlog but I hope you enjoyed it I want to say thank you for watching and I'll see you tomorrow


  1. Not enough speed, you still technically landed short on the last jump too but you were able to ride it out. #Speediskey

  2. Hey Dave! Sorry for the late comment. But I was hoping to get an impact vest and yet not trying to break the budget. Any ideas? Preferably under 80 dollars/ around 100 euros?

  3. That was absolutely mental!!! Iโ€™ve sent you some messages on Insta man, could you please have a look at them it would mean the world, @bayleyjmoore

  4. David your edits are getting sooo good man!! Very impressed with the progression. The wakeboarding is pretty cool too. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Nice One Crazy Dave , What Next ? Something on the Airchair I hope hahahah…. that's just the kind if idiotic crazy stunt we like to see. Good to see you survived and good luck with the world's.

  6. Love the Wakeboard Challenge vidoes! Probably not the best timing with worlds so soon really glad you didn't get hurt, you just needed more speed!

  7. Ok I'll be honest here, with those first two attempts I really didn't think you'd make it. I should have known better than to doubt you Dave. You are the man!

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