41st William Jones Cup: Mighty Sports – Go for Gold Philippines vs Chinese Taipei A highlights

41st William Jones Cup: Mighty Sports – Go for Gold Philippines vs Chinese Taipei A highlights

it is Game seven for mighty sports go for Bowl Philippines here in the 2019 William Jones Cup but this game is a lot more important not only will they go against the hometown heroes Chinese Taipei a but a win tonight will clinch them the title so they'll have to do it against a rough hometown crowd energy guys if we played the way we played against Korea in the third quarter we will get killed if we play the way we played against Japan you guys were on you got them down that game against Japan one of the best defense I've seen in a while we were killed in I'm gonna coach you guys sorry I'm gonna push your asses today because I really want to win and I really think we can win I mean this is what we live for right you've got these big moments we don't get these chances too often I know we're a good team but doesn't mean anything is a given for us nothing is sure we still have to earn it they will make us earn it playing together in this game we may face adversity it may happen but I need you to stick together right don't start blaming each other don't start pointing fingers we will win together or we will lose together I don't care as long as we're together we play our game all right and trust very first time I came back to practice I told you to trust me because I trusted you so I need you to trust each other also that we know what we're doing and we have believe in ourselves and we will let you do your thing but trust me trust our decisions also right so those guys you will do this together okay let's play hard and that's win this championship all right the CIN Shuang stadium filled to the brim with eager fans anticipating an upset in favor of Chinese Taipei but my eSports goes to work early and builds a ten-point lead after the first period [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the Philippine Representatives dominates the game and one-sided but heated affair [Applause] [Applause] they will on a free-throw come back and play smaller than up in the wool and I thought it'll give me day already whole tournament have their points from free-throws we found some cheap fouls they made some bad calls we found a three-point shooter maybe 10 12 points off their free-throws all right we were in the same position against career up later yeah now it's a bit bigger 18 we can't let this thing we can start the same way we got a step on that gas don't give them a chance don't give them even any hope their crowd is quiet they have nothing to cheer about our deep end is excellent you cannot score [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] team captain Renaldo Balkman leaves a game due to an injury in the second half what Mackenzie more is sent to the locker room early due to fouls [Applause] 23 getting up to 30 if we can blow them out of this gym all right come on put on a show with your bag I don't want him to have anything about this finish this game right right keep pounding on the right but nothing stops my tea from steamrolling the hosts and claim it comfortable 97 to 74 victory to clinch the 2019 William Jones Cup [Applause] [Applause] Buchman leads mighty with 21 markers while Eugene Phelps who's above Adams and more scores in double figures Jason Brickman also stands out with 10 assists and 7 rebounds body sports go for goal Philippines have now clinched the 2019 William Jones Cup but the job is not done yet they still have one more game against Chinese Taipei P now the goal of the team is to completely sweep the tournament from Taiwan bitter sabe

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  1. Kahit si budoy mag coach dyan panalo pa rin biruin mo 5 ang import d na ginawang 10 nahiya pa ang pinas

  2. hindi q kyu hina hype pero future head coach to ng gilas sa Fiba World Cup 2027 mark my words.. πŸ’™

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