26 Replies to “[4K 360° VR] Decoding Fan Zhendong's Reverse Pendulum Serves — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS”

  1. Hello everyone. Happy New Year!
    This is our first try of the 360 filming technique. I noticed some difficulties viewing it. Try using the YouTube App instead of the website version on a mobile phone as it may not work that way. Also, try using Google Chrome instead of other browsers on a computer if it's not showing up properly. Sorry for any inconvenience.
    Have fun and let me know your feelings! THX

  2. I had some beer watching this, & i thought i was more drunk than what i was🤔🤔🤔 Trippy camera's man

  3. Experiment is what I like the most! And, you too!! Nice video and hats of to the way you filmed it…!!!👍

  4. Hi,
    How do you return serves like those at 4:25–4:30? I always have a hard time returning those serves. thanks in advance

  5. the serve i do gets very fast and it has mediate spin on it.How do i do a short spinny serve I use joola 450

  6. This is truly revolutionary. I enjoyed the video. This video will work perfect for devices with gyroscope. Use a google cardboard for the virtual experience. So please don't leave negative feed back if your phone does not have a gyroscope.

  7. Hi, I have a question on FZD's reverse pendulum serve. If he serves mostly top and side spin, how come Ma Long always pushes his serve? I feel like this serve is pretty easy to flip since you don't have to lift any bottom spin. How can I prevent people from attacking this serve so easily? Thanks!

  8. Awesome, the 360° view is killer. Thank you for the informative video's. I have a request, as most of the videos available are on the same topspin backspin forehand backhand so on and so forth. Can you please make videos on the exercises that is particularity for table tennis and helps us improve

  9. I'm the guy who played against you in May at myttc high school competitions. I was from the school Earl Haig. It was fun playing against you. Good videos.

  10. Great 360 effect. How is that done ? I am not sure it adds to effectiveness of a regular video tutorial, but nicely one.

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