49 Replies to “4K Quadcopter Train Video of Horseshoe Curve in Altoona, PA”

  1. I am going to see it 1 day .I drive trucks and have been down route 22 past it . Butt I want a closer look at it

  2. I would like to go back some day. I think I was maybe 10 or so and got very excited with the diesels pulling all of the cars. The views re much better like this. Thank you for posting.

  3. Great video, I love the Curve but having traveled and worked with people across America and a few from other countries. Sad to say it is not really World Famous. They have never heard of our famous land mark

  4. Amen to the compliments! I did not realize the curve was built on such a high fill, until this video. The fill, a major accomplishment, is not easy to see on still photos. Love it when the crews acknowledge the visitors.

  5. Many thanks- this curve has fascinated me for a long time. Now that i have seen it all i need to do is drive over to Altoona and grab an Amtrack to Pittsburgh

  6. Thank you for such a great video. I have walked both sides of the tracks at Horseshoe Curve and hiked around the reservoirs. Its a beautiful place. Another one of those things that I did not truly appreciate when i lived in Altoona.

  7. A great example of how o use a copter: A camera in the sky and not a toy that simple minded people are using without obeying FAA rules.

  8. Stumbled upon your video while looking for videos of another "Horseshoe Curve" located in San Luis Obispo, California that goes right behind the California Men's Colony – Here's my drone video of a Military Train headed through the West Coast Horseshoe Curve – https://youtu.be/PT1lYx1sZys

  9. As of 12/25/2017 8 MORONS gave this superb video "thumbs down". Some people are just really nasty, or worse.

  10. espectaculares imagenes los lagos son formados con agua de lluvia ?? se utilizan para riego?? saludos

  11. a very outstanding video. watched it on wide screen it was something else. never seen the horse bend like this before. thanks

  12. Outstanding work with the camera drone. Really gives you a sense of the scale of Horseshoe Curve and the beauty of the surrounding countryside

  13. There is no place in the world with trains more beautiful than this, thank you for taking us to Altoona !!!

  14. Breath-taking footage that makes me want to visit and ride the curve even more. Visited the States many times on business but never got to see much of what was obviously a beautiful country (and great people). Now retired I keep promising to do it properly – by rail !

  15. Wonderful aerial video. Thanks for posting on YouTube! Hope I have the opportunity to make a similar flight one day. Very brave ground shots chasing the train. Congratulations on making it through alive.

  16. Great Video! I have started a Facebook group a few months ago. It is "Railfan Drone Videography and Photography". We have about 175 people in it now. I would love to get you involved in it. There are only a few of us with drones and that is all we allow to post are drone shots. Let me know if you are interested in it. It is a closed group so I will have to get you in but just push join if you are interested. Thanks Admin for the group.

  17. Fantastic views! Thank you. Far better than those from the ground.
    Hope you can capture lightning and tornadoes and responding emergencyehicles.
    How do you eliminate the drone motor/propeller noise?

  18. Stunning video with great cinematic work. This is hard to do as I have a DJI Inspire One Pro Drone. Have lots of video (none as good as yours) of railfanning in Cajon Junction CA. I am scared as all get out to post on YouTube due to legal issues. FYI there is a forum on the DJI Phantom web site which discusses the very complicated legal quagmire of drone photography of railroads. One person had local and BNSF police show up at his house. California has the most laws governing where drones are able to fly. It is illegal to fly over private property in this horrible state and several towns have absolute bans on any drone flying. Just a mess. Thanks for letting me rant. Great work on your video!

  19. Does anyone know what that building is in the center of the horseshoe? I got to believe that someone there is a Pac-man fan. Just wondering

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