5 Archery Tips for Better Accuracy

5 Archery Tips for Better Accuracy

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  1. Hi. Just subscribed to your channel. Great tips. I'm a dedicated bow hunter in South Africa and it's difficult sometimes to get to a pro shop. My Bowtech Guardian (2007 model) is still my go to bow for hunting, be it stalking or tree stands or blinds. It's just so quiet and relatively maintenance free. How often do you recommend replacing strings and cables?

  2. Thank you for not being ashamed about your love of Christ… And truly amazing tips… Isn't the blessings of the outdoors awesome!!!!

  3. One more question, Did you make or buy The tool that checks your draw length and poundage? If you made it we need a video!! 😊

  4. Do you have any suggestions for shooting adjustments needed for winter clothing and gloves? Thanks!!!

  5. I've had my PSE Stinger about two weeks now. I've spent about 10 hours at the range in those two weeks. My sight, rest and anchor point feel correct. The peep sight was enlarged and adjusted. I can consistently hit inside the blue at 20 yards with more than 50% in the red and yellow. My problem is my shots are still not consistent (scattered) or hitting center. I might hit the center once every four shots. I am now focusing on my form and releases. I notice I hit best when I concentrate on keeping both eyes open and the keeping sight on the target through the release. Seems I am circling the bullseye and releasing off center?

  6. I have heard of not dry firing a bow but that's the first time I heard don't draw without an arrow. I was showing a bow I had recently bought to this chick and drew back without an arrow and I am assuming the sting broke, it was like a gun shot going off. I couldn't believe the force released and it was literally equivalent to a large rifle being fired exccept the force was relesased in all directions. In hindsight probably should have left the bow in its case that night. LOLThere was a little wear on the string but I could see it was getting worse with minimal use and wasn't going to fire it agian until I researched if it should be waxed. I think the previous owner had dry fired it and the string had been damaged. I was covered in shredded string after and I felt lucky that I had not been injured. I'm right handed and left eye dominant. What way should I shoot. A properly tuned bow is as easy to shoot as a gun.I think your correct in that they the tune of the bow is usually the first problem not the shooter.There is no common sense. There's other instructional videos where the guy fires the arrow accidentally while drawing then missed the target on the next shot. I think accuracy, tuning and technique has been replaced with power. You can be off a foot and the arrow can be almost sideways but the bows are so powerful now they would still kill a deer. They are easily as powerfull as a medium size rifle under a hundred yards. The lowest end compound bow they sell as a toy could easily kill anything smaller than a deer when shot properly. Giving that to a kid to shoot out in the yard to play unsupervsed is crazy. If pit lamping is illegal. Shooting from a boat is illegal. Hunting at night is illegal. Where is it legal to shoot fish at night with spot lights . Looks like great fun but I have a feeling it would end with a swat team showing up agian. LOL.

  7. Just started into archery. Bought a bear Cruzer X. Just wandering if you have shot it and have any advice to help me…thank you and God bless you.

  8. Sean, I just bought a nice wooden recurve bow and it is painted a weird blackish grey color (it was at a flea market so I have no clue what they painted it with), and was wondering how to strip the paint off without ruining the bow.

  9. Hello Sean.
    With bow season arriving at the end of the month here in Texas, I was wondering if you ever seen and tried this range finding device:


    If so, was it accurate?

    I'm a little skeptical, but I'm interested in it as I'm always looking for ways to walk through the woods light.

  10. I keep returning to these videos. Solid content and good communication of it. Thanks Sean, Jesus bless you

  11. Hey Sean! Thanks for all of the amazing videos! I'm new here to archery will be buying a bow very soon. Hoyt Powermax. I have seen a video of you describing the Hoyt among others. Would you be able to make a full review on the 2018 Hoyt Powermax for the mid range price. I am def getting it just want to hear your thoughts. You seem very experienced and I trust your reviews a lot. Happy archery!

  12. Dear Sean. Hope you are well. I've been recurving a while… and not getting back to compound preparing a 3D shoot. Regarding basics: Are the bow arm shoulder (or upper part of the arm) be kept rigid while shooting compound? I do keep the lower part relaxed but a bit confused on the upper part… Thanks in advance.

  13. I watched some of your videos. They are good. I was wondering since Turkey season is right around the corner. Like to see a video on tips and hints about public land turkey hunting.

  14. So you mean, I should relax gripping hand and my holding hand release, what when I release the trigger, should I punch it ir squeezed?

  15. I have a question for you. Where I got my bow and took lessons the guy was having me hike my left shoulder up instead of keeping it relaxed. Is that true or false. But when I saw your video you were all nice and relaxed.

  16. I recently went to archery training, and the bow instructor told me not to raise my shoulder when pulling back for an aim. But you have your arm raised above your shoulder. Can you talk a little about that?

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