5 Best Ways To Improve Your Soccer IQ

5 Best Ways To Improve Your Soccer IQ

one of the things that makes players like Neymar Messi hazard Ronaldo Bale so great is they have what is called a high soccer IQ find out what a high soccer IQ is and how to obtain one yourself by watching the rest of this video all right so today I'm going to be giving you 5 ways to improve your soccer IQ briefly soccer IQ is basically your ability to make decisions basically your ability to make quick snap decisions know where you need to be on the pitch know where the ball is going to go know where you're going to make your pass before you have the ball basically an all-around knowledge of what's going on in the game players that have been famous for having high soccer IQs include players like javi Pirlo players of that caliber who just seemed to know everything that's going on on the pitch the Dons another good one they they can basically have their head down facing the ground and they still know somehow their player is on the touchline and they'll hit a ball to them from 50 yards perfectly onto their foot having this soccer IQ gives you this bigger awareness of what's going on in the game and it also allows you to know what you should do in each situation so let's get onto the first one on how to improve your soccer IQ and the first one should be considered one of the most important and it's the one you can't avoid it's the one you have to have to improve it and it's match experience the fact the matter is the more matches you play the more experience you have in matches the more you should use to playing in that environment you'll be the more used to having players rush at you you'll be the more used to having people make runs you'll be so make sure that you are playing games year-round for travel teams for club teams so for local teams whatever because the more you're playing in your position in matches the higher your soccer IQ will become second and it's one that I always tell players to do is watch high level professional matches so that means international games by the best teams Champions League games games by the best teams in the best league so the Premier League La Liga Italian Serie odd bundesliga and all the other great leagues where you can learn from watching the players that are at the top of their game playing these leaks because they train for this every single day most of the top players have high IQs so you can learn and watch and observe what they do analyze what they do and apply it to your own game in order to increase your own soccer IQ all right number three is kind of piggybacking on that last idea and that is watching individual highlights of the best players so what's this mean if you go onto YouTube I don't know if they have it on other video sharing sites but you can type in sit a famous player let's use Neymar for example and put Neymar versus and don't come up a list of name ours recent games even if it's a good or a bad game watching individual highlights I like to do more than watching season highlights because in a season highlight compliation usually the highlights are only good things that player has done and fancy things so if you watch like a five minute Neymar compliation of his a year so you like last season it's going to show Neymar beating a lot of players one on one it's going to show all his goals and stuff like that but in individual highlights you get to see things that you won't normally see in those compliation you'll see the runs that he makes in games you'll see when he takes players on when he decides to pass which is a part of soccer IQ you can see his decision-making and that's important because people look at players like Messi Neymar in Ronaldo and they think that every single time they get the ball they make magic happen or they take on three players at a time this just isn't the case because all three of these players have extremely high soccer IQs they know that they can't get away with beating three or four players every single time they time it they wait for their opportunity and they can recognize when they have an opportunity so start watching individual highlights of players from games so all you have to do is put in the players name and then type reverses and it should give you a list of teams they played against or just type in the player versus a team they played against recently and you can usually find some youtuber who's made a compliation of that game fourth idea is learn generally what is going on in the world of soccer learn like what are the transfers and news now this isn't going to directly help you on the field but increasing your soccer knowledge is going to eventually increase your soccer IQ kind of immersing yourself within the world of soccer so that you know who's leading in the French LARP not illegally huh and you and you know who's leading in the German Bundesliga you know who the best players are you know who the best teams are this will help you one find the highlights you need in order to improve find the games that you need but it also just give you a better familiarity with soccer in general and the fifth one is a more outlandish idea but it's visualization for those of you who haven't been with the channel long I create a video on how visualization can help you before matches the reason this can improve your soccer IQ because you can visualize things happening beforehand and then when it comes game time and the situation like that happens you'll already have pictured yourself doing it which means you'll be able to react quicker you'll be able to just react to that situation like you did when you visualize to get a better idea of how this works because I don't want to get into it too much in this video because it will go on too long just click on the video that comes across on the top as it will take you to a video that explains a visualization technique that you can do before matches which has helped a many players play amazingly in the match that he visualized before alright guys so thank you for watching the video let me know in the comments what is the one thing you've done or you can Nate you can list more than one that you think has improved your soccer IQ or your soccer knowledge put it down there to share with everybody else in the channel so that they can get an idea of what helps players the most and if you're new to simply soccer I make sure you hit that subscribe button release three to four videos every single week in order to help you improve as a player and I would love to see you join our community here alright guys make sure you're expanding that soccer IQ of yours leave a big old light on this video and I'll see you on the next one you

31 Replies to “5 Best Ways To Improve Your Soccer IQ”

  1. Messi, Andres Iniesta, Mesut Özil, Toni Kroos, Philipp Lahm and myself of course. The most intelligent players of all time regarding Soccer IQ

  2. What happens when you are doing what you are supposed to do in a game, but your teammates are not up to par, or as advanced

  3. Great content pal. Really liking this channel.
    Players, I think who have high Football IQs but don't get enough credit for it: Mats Hummels, Roberto Firmino, Marco Verratti, Thiago Silva, Toni Kroos, Cesc Fabregas, Nemanja Matic, Thomas Muller, David Silva, Adam Lallana, Ederson, Sergio Busquets.
    Notice how none of them are necessarily known for being physical specimens, or particularly fast but they read the game, and anticipate their opponents moves so well that their speed of thought makes up for their physical shortcomings.
    Have I missed out anybody?

  4. This may sound like a silly idea, but I think playing Fifa a lot has improved my Football IQ a lot.
    Keep in mind when I say "play Fifa" I don't mean abusing the pace button, or skill moves. Rather focus on setting up the team, formation, tactics, etc. Focus on improving your passing, movement on and off the ball, try and create openings vs teams that park the bus, and so on.
    Also, playing online helps quite a bit because when you play against a tough opponent you get "experience" which helps you anticipate, and read the game better.
    So once you do all of this it's about taking that experience to the pitch and applying everything you've learned.
    What do you guys think?

  5. playing fifa or pes in individual mode like 'become a legend' mode in pes on realistic camera mode on player will surely helps in soccer iq rather then just scoring screamers on normal mode . . . trust me i have done this and it have helped me a lot…

  6. The thing that improved my soccer IQ is playing 3-4 times a week with different people! TBH I've been trynna figure out my best way to play since 2012, it also take years to be good

  7. A problem for me is that I don't get barely play time because of where I live. There's no teams at all except for school team that starts in January and we only have 6 games a whole season.

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