27 Replies to “5 Things I learned at the Gun range”

  1. A pile of ammo and enough guns to arm the neighborhood. I think that's one of the duties of American citizens! It's right there in the Constitution. I taught my sons right. They all took their 18th bday $ straight to the gun shop.

  2. AR 15 (big Betsy) rugger (buff) 9mm shield (little boo) 🤣🤣🤣 it's a white thing, u all brothers wouldn't understand 😉🤣🤣🤣 oh and my 45. (fuck you) 😁

  3. One of the most beautiful things about a gun range is, every one is equal there. Everyone has a gun and every one is generally polite. Act out of turn you will be met with either a "range referee" pulling you out or other people shooting back. lol

  4. @Josh Pray

    ALL 5 SO TRUE BROTHER!!!!! This is from a white guy, with about 1/32 Cherokee indian in him. But to answer your (rhetorical funny) question, "…Who are you going to war with?….you got enough bullets to protect my home, your home, homes of people that are unknown. who are you fighting?!"

    Well bro, that can all be summed up in one word. PREPARATION. Preparing to take our government back if we ever need to, preparing for another civil war if one were to ever ensue again, preparing for an invasion, and preparing to defend our family, friends, community (s), and our country. That 4th thing you mentioned is the reason why our country has never been invaded, the closest anyone ever got was Pearl Harbor; and that just wasn't really that close. There is one more reason, SALES! I buy in bulk every time there is a sale on bullets! Because there is no such thing as too many bullets, unless you are traveling; other than that, no such thing. LOL

  5. That's why we want blacks to kick it off. We're tired of black people shit. You got something coming. Step up

  6. I have to pack a lunch and dinner. Everytime I go with my homeboys. We won't leave until the range close

  7. Great Vid… but don't forget #6 >  We don't tilt our guns unless we are flat on our back and there is no other way. 😋

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