5 Ways To Beat An Electric Fence

5 Ways To Beat An Electric Fence

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  1. Wow your Turkeys are still alive? Our next years batch we are only going to keep till 13-14 weeks. even at 16 weeks our Tom's were 23-25 lbs each and that was just to big. To big for our turkey shrink bags. But they are tasty.

  2. Wednesday's Bravery award goes to Jake!
    Stepping over that first time was just a little too close for comfort.
    And, you upped the difficulty factor by wearing flip flops!

  3. Hey, new name for the channel "Goofball from the White House On The Hill" !!!

    I couldn't help notice that you have your feed in a plastic garbage can, do you ever have preditors there that go after the feed? My town requires specifically that the feed be contained in metal containers and indoors. Indoors can be a shed but if neighbors complain for any reason the ordinance police will write a violation for not complying with the little things if you give them an attitude and they can find something to bust chops over. So, just wondering if it has been tipped over or gnawed at by animals.

    Also, did you have to convince Becky that you wanted to try this lifestyle and income stream as a way of life or was it a easy decision for both of you?

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