[Applause] there's rare moments in sports where athletes show their human side and they sometimes sacrifice their prior to help others today we count the 50 beautiful moments of respect in sports this first moment comes from Cristiano Ronaldo arguably the best footballer in the world who let the ball boy take a selfie with him and also take a team picture with the whole Portugal team no of course pulls out his phone to get a selfie and Cristiano gives him one Cristiano sent him off with a hug so nice Ronaldo starts gathering up his teammates to take a team picture and the kid runs back to hug hyung cristianos and more of course Cristiano allows it doesn't show any sign of annoyance or motion for security at all the team takes a picture and the ball boy poses with the team like a G before Ronaldo sends them off with another this next video shows a runner in a long-distance race helping navaratna who is unable to finish the race herself the runner sacrificed her time to help out this other runner in this ice hockey clip Jordin Tootoo gives away his stick to a young fan the young fans reaction is completely priceless and probably uses the stick to this day Novak Djokovic is helped by a ball boy when it's rain in the ball boy holds an umbrella over Novak but Novak sits the boy down holds the umbrella himself for both of them and offers the boy a drink I've shown this last clip before but it's still one of the most respectful sporty moments ever filmed this Sandberg professional wins the fire but carries his opponent when he's unable to walk when this streaker runs onto the pitch security are quick to escort him off the ground and ban him from future games but Ronaldo in this football match feel sorry for the invader and takes a picture with him this next footballer helps save his teammates life literally when the goalkeeper attacks the footballer by accident he falls to the ground unable to breathe the teammate helps the player breathe at once again [Applause] this next young boy is sent away by security when he tries to take a picture with footballer Leonor messy but Messi stops the security calls the young boy back and takes a picture with him door safe we should enjoy DNA Nino say when your messy cccc a Italian L Messi lagrimas esta Joey lagrimas esto cuando las cuentas Segura Dada sin consult our amici so lo que tiene la gente de seguridad que rodea esta clase de colores in o la pregunta na me si si quieres a car telephoto sukira fumarole October 4 when this tennis player falls and hurts his foot too much the player on his opponent jumps over the net and helps him to his feet and off the tennis court seeming very worried about his opponent this next clip shows an NBA player given his jersey away to a young disabled child knowing that the child has a hard life and given him something to at least make his day a little bell this next footballer Carlos Rubio is slapped by another football out on the opposing team but instead of retaliating he actually stops his teammate from starting a fight with him this would have taken real which will power and respect this next kid actually receives a baseball from a ball girl anyone will be happy to receive a real baseball from a real match but this kid gives it to a younger child to make his day instead this next clip once again comes from Novak Djokovic in this video he plays in a wheelchair so he can play with a disabled tennis player fairly then he goes over and hugs the disabled tennis fan Bradley Lowrey was a young Sunderland fan with cancer the Sunderland footballers all came together to give Bradley the chance to take a real pen away in front of thousands of fans and make his days he has since enjoyed an amazing Christmas at home where he received more than 250,000 Christmas cards sadly Larry for Sunderland against Chelsea against as mere bigovich is so special a from the public I was at that game this next clip shows Leonore Messi taking time out of his day to meet a disabled Barcelona fan the young child adores Messi and it's beautiful to see his reaction to seeing him in person and playing with him [Applause] this handball team let's say young handball fan play for the team for a few minutes allowing him to score and holding a young child up in the air in celebration and the young boy loves every moment of it this next clip shows an MMA fan with Down syndrome given the opportunity to fight with a professional MMA fighter the professional obviously goes easy on the fan and lets him win this next clip is beautiful and shows Tottenham footballers practicing with a young handicapped boy this will be a dream come true for anyone and it's amazing that they gave this young child the opportunity this tennis match was getting a little bit intense until one player accidentally hits the old lady by the side of the net the player instead of just playing on like a lot of other tennis players would actually goes over to her and apologizes to her and kisses her this next clip shows an NBA player given his sneakers to two young female fans and you could see by their faces how shocked and happy this little gesture made them these two Chinese wrestlers battle it out until the wrestler and red pins the fighter in blue after the winner is announced the winner actually carries the tired fighter off to get medical attention Reynaldo in this video helps his injured opponent off the field when he's injured and unable to walk Reynaldo could have just left him to walk off by himself but decided to help out anyway tomorrow is Chikara differential memo [Applause] this next ice hockey player gives to adorable young fans the hockey puck that the team had just played with their reactions are priceless and will undoubtably make your day Milian Oh Salah was the footballer who disappeared and was pronounced dead after a plane crash the team he was playing for pays tribute to him before the next match after his disappearance and this is truly emotional triathlons can be brutal and this English runner was close to quitting before another runner of the same nation helps carry him across the line sacrificing his time while he's doing it [Applause] this next clip is very emotional showing a young boy who wishes to wrestle despite his disabilities fighting another young wrestler who lets the disabled child actually pin him and win Steph Curry is a beloved basketball in this clip he lets the handicapped Boyett pass to him before sinking the ball they then share a hug and the boy seems so happy because of this when this tennis player lands awkwardly on his foot and falls to the ground his opponent comes over picks up his fallen racquet and helps his opponent up from the ground these birds were disturbing this football match in this clip but instead of shooing them off the goalkeeper actually picks one of them up and helps the bird to the side of the pitch now this is something very rare but I think this shows a lot of respect Williams an MBA professional accidentally froze the basketball in the crowd hittin a spectator on the head he doesn't hesitate to go over and apologize to the spectator though something that a lot of people would just ignore here's to be okay police H is a footballer who plays with Dortmund in Germany and while in an interview a young fan asked for a picture but is dragged away by security police it stops the interview and security and takes the picture with the child [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the Ironman challenge is a grueling test of endurance and when this runner can no longer run and never run a support certain carries her to the finish line which would have taken a lot of strength to do because the Ironman is brutal for everybody this young tennis fan loves tennis so he was a stag when he got to meet his tennis idol Roger Federer who gave him his cap and signed a large tennis ball for him not to mention that they played together as well this next toddler goes from watching MBA on the TV to meet in her idols in real life this adorable clip shows the NBA player holding her up and they share an adorable high-five together the snakes ice hockey fan throws his stick over the glass to the young boy on the other side making the young boy cry tears of joy trying what small good deeds can do for people this NFL player takes time out of his rest to cyanus disabled fans shirt the fan is a static and can't believe how kindness NFL player is being to him you could tell that this is a very important moment for him this judo olympic match ended in a british athlete being unable to walk as he loses the match but his opponent kindly picks him up and carries him over to the medics onsite a true show of sportsmanship Cavani is a footballer we've already talked about but this is something kind that he does for someone else he gives away his shirt to a disabled teenager after the game finishes and the teenager's reaction is priceless this next clip shows Ronaldo looking very happy to meet two young mega fans Ronaldo then all signs all of their stuff and the boys reactions are so heartwarming this next moment is respectful and also interesting after this football team receives a penalty it was very debatable whether they deserved it or not so dependently kick taker taps the ball to the side purposely wasting the penalty this next video is very cute and shows Ronaldo hugging the young fans just before the game begins something that he's not obliged to do but does anyway for the love of his supporters Leonard fournette proves he's a real sportsman after he signs his cleats after this NFL game and gives them to a disabled teenager whose reaction will brighten up your day undoubtably [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this of an NFL player can Newton wants to give the match ball to this kid but it's nearly stopped by the referee who refuses but can is set on giving the ball away and runs over and gives it away anyway despite the trouble it might cause him this next clip actually shows a whole football club who allowed this young man with Down syndrome to take a penalty the goalkeeper even dives but late to make it look realistic instead of just standing in place this next tennis player is so distraught that he is losing that he literally drops to the floor his opponent comes over and comforts him though in this low time for the playoff this next clip actually comes from my favorite team who I support West Ham club legend Paulo de caneo stops play by catching the ball because the goalkeeper gets injured dereck Redmond is a runner in this video who injures his hamstring his father who has seen this rushes on to the track to help his son this video is so emotional showing a sacred connection from the son and father [Applause] [Applause] this next tennis player comforts a bull girl who's very emotional instead of becoming angry like a lot of tennis players would the player escorts her off the court and comforts her was the front row doll being held next to a young boy crying before one of the players spots the game and goes anyway that is all 50 clips let me know what your favorite one was subscribe if you're new around here and goodbye


  1. As lots of people can see, these videos are from like 2005. And the sportsman ship these days are nothing like this we need to keep it up. No fights, just happiness.

  2. Gotta admit I’ve always, sadly, presumed Christiano Ronaldo is just a pretty boy that thinks he’s better than everyone else. So this has changed my opinion of him! I liked this video. Thank you!!

  3. 9:38 Portugal down by 1, 20 minutes to play, Ronaldo changing direction to get of the pitch quicker… what a gesture…

  4. I love these videos because it serves to prove not all athletes are arrogant and think they are anything without their fans and supporters

  5. There are alot of similar scenarios when a person let's a disabled person win. (Anyone notice it is alot of wrestling)
    Some clips seem to be almost rude at how obvs fake and awkward it is. But the little boy who pulls the kid on him was probably one of 5ge best 'acting' jobs

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