50+ Pound Rattan Recurve Bow (How To Make & Building Time Lapse)

50+ Pound Rattan Recurve Bow (How To Make & Building Time Lapse)

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  1. There's a giveaway every 1000 subscribers, here's the playlist: https://goo.gl/qfQfcK
    You can find my archery release aid designs here: https://goo.gl/7ejPCb Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi !
    That is a great bow !!! Me like it !!! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
    I have one question for you :
    What was the diameter of the ratan bow stave ???
    Thanks in advance !!!
    Sorin the bowman / ROUMANIA

  3. Rattan is best wood bow but no wood stronger as horn we can make 4 feet composit that stonger than 6 feet yew bow

  4. lack of close ups and details . what was the wood and thicknesses.etc and swaring on a video only makes it in the amituer catagory. be a pro at all times when making videos and improve then you gain more likes and subscribers. try it and see. incease your ratings.

  5. Nice…thanks for the idea. I was looking around for a good local material for my bow project. Didn't know that rattan is good for that. Usually use rattan for my farming billhook and sledgehammer handle since it's light but very tough. Going to design a 2 meter yumi type bow with a cordage-back.

    A friendly safety advice…NEVER fire a broken or damaged arrows. You could get badly injured or crippled if the shards severed your finger tendon…I've seen injuries on people who could no longer point their fingers straight. Worse It could shatter and pierce your eyes—both of them. With a bow that strong it could happen.

    Just stay safe. It's better to wait until you have enough tools before publishing the video rather than take dangerous risk.

  6. I was even about to say that he should've stopped using that arrow… Well, he learned the hard way

  7. saya mau jemparing yg bagus itu…tapi mau beli tdk cukup uang…saya hanya menunggu mukjizat satu saat ada sahabat yutube q..merelakan satu milik nya dan mengirin ke Jakarta Indonesia…thank you….

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