21 Replies to “50 Pound Takedown Recurve Bow for Less than $10 Part One”

  1. Can you please show how build a pvc takedown bow that looks like one i would buy from the store.. with a wooden riser

  2. A tip for more durability :- You can also add some skewers or some really thin wood broom sticks inside the pipes before flatting the pipes for more durability.

  3. Fuck that shit just tried and making one. It it was a ducking failure think I'll just buy a proper takedown bow

  4. this is confusing…which piece is the lower..how far to push in….isnt one limb going to be longer?

  5. Could I do this with 3/4" PVC? I found two pieces that are about 30" long. It'll just effect the draw weight, right?

  6. nick i got a little problem i use a hidraulic pvc instead of a schedule and i got a bow that is too strong what can i do to make it a bit softer?

  7. tried to make this, stove top wasn't hot enough. im gonna need to either use the oven or put an aluminum tent around the burner to focus the heat

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