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  1. Could u drill a hole in the handle so that there isn't a vacuum instead of petroleum jelly? Or would that mess up the aim

  2. nice bow Nick, how do you paint your bows ? you prep them with sandpaper before painting ? do you also put a primer on before painting ? do you need to paint them from time to time again ?

  3. I really like your videos a lot. You try hard to take the time to explain things to where we can follow in your footsteps. I'll have to go to another vdeo though to understand how your flatener jig works. Thanks!

  4. Way to go man! l love your video on that 50 lbs takedown bow and how easy it is to take it on a camping trip. Are you selling them by any chance? I would love to buy one and take it on my next tour overseas. Keep up the good work man. I wish you would make one and paint it army green. Hooah!

  5. Nice, Try a wood grain kit on the bow. Will look great. They use a base coat in a light brownish color. When dry they have a stain you put over it with a sponge or something similar to produce the grain affect.Then hit it with a matt clear spray. Should look awesome. is there any way to stop the creaking sound when bow is drawn back.If used for hunting, the noise would alert the game your shooting at.I think if you coat the inside of pipe with some rubber contact cement before you flatten it that might stop thre creaking noise. Thanks for the vids

  6. Nick,
    I love your work. I've been binge watching your bow making videos all week.
    I made my first bow 3 days ago, haven't even gotten to fire it yet, and I'm already thinking about the next one I want to build.

    Do you know whether repeated dis-assembly of a take-down bow like this will cause the joint to loosen up and weaken the bow over time?

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge so generously on this channel.

  7. hey man, I must have watched at least 2 hours of your bow videos in the last 24 hours, and i have a couple questions.
    In the comments of your double bow video, you said that every inch less in a starting piece is generally 2-3lbs more of a draw weight. Ive also read/head somewhere from your channel/blog that a 1'' pipe needs to be a longbow, or it losed almost half of its potential energy.
    -Whats the shorrtest you would go with a 1'' bow before switching to a 3/4'' pipe?
    -How short would you make it before you wouldnt trust it to hold up, whether it was schedule 40 white?
    -or schedule 80 grey? (assuming each bow was of this style: 2 piece, same recurve style, and drawn to 28''?)
    Sorry for so many questions, love your channel!

  8. today i make my first bow for crossbow .. it s ot easy .. in think pvs in algeria is not like yours

  9. Hello ! Your job is awesome !
    i would like to do the same bow ( for my Lara Croft cosplay ) but i need a 30# bow :/ Do you know what measures i need to do this ? Thank you very much !!!

  10. I should have read all of the posts.  I would have gotten the answer to my question about noise.  Thank you for all of your videos they are very good.

  11. When you were shooting the bow it creaked a lot. Is there any way to make it more silent?I like your designs for PVC bows.

  12. If anyone is wondering, that creaking sound is the PVC on PVC. As the bow flexes, those limbs are rubbing on each other where they overlap.
    Use some lube like silicone or wax like he said to get rid of that noise.

  13. Excuse me. How long this bow are going to last? I´m about to make one bow of this kind cause is one of my favorite.

  14. Can you get rid of the loud creaking noise when you draw it? That would be a big problem while hunting.

  15. I made this however in order for it to be put together i need a lot of petrolium jelly for it to slide in and out easily. Any suggestions to loosen the part where the limbs are conjoined?

  16. Nice video!  I was wondering if you can skip the part where you cut it in half, is that part necessary for the bow to function or is it just optional?  Also, is this capable of taking down a whitetail deer (with the proper shot placement and a good broadhead)?  Also, how far is the accurate/deadly range of this bow?   Thanks!

  17. I solved the creaking noise by rubbing wax on it where the two parts connect. Not sure how long it will last before I need to reapply it but it made it quiet enough to use for hunting applications.

  18. Anyone else heard the cracking noise when the bow was being pulled back??? It was like that every single time

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