50 Pull-Up Challenge PLUS 4 Rounds Of Intense Circuit Training! Shred Fat & Build Muscle!

50 Pull-Up Challenge PLUS 4 Rounds Of Intense Circuit Training! Shred Fat & Build Muscle!

50 Replies to “50 Pull-Up Challenge PLUS 4 Rounds Of Intense Circuit Training! Shred Fat & Build Muscle!”

  1. Pull ups are so tiring for me, like not that I get winded or anything but my lback and arms just get fried.. I’ll do 10 reps easy my first set then the second set of 10 after about 90 secs suddenly feels a lot harder, then the third i probably will only get to like 8 then stop lol

  2. You rock Scott.  Do you ever have any days where you feel like you just can't exercise?  You are always so positive and motivational.    Just wondering if you had any down and out days too?

  3. wait hold on a second, is it normal to perform arround 15 in a row? lol and iwas worried because i only manage to do like 9

  4. I really need to build size andstrength in my legs but they seem to build slower than the rest of my body. Should I try training legs more often? Any advice would be appreciated!

  5. always a good motivation, Scott! I started exercise, after watching your video 1 year ago. I'd never done work-outs before and I couldn't do even 1 pull-up, but now I can do 10. Thank you!

  6. Every gym in the world has a random chick sitting on a yoga mat pretending she's working out or doing 100% pointless exercises. Good to see it caught on film. 

  7. No disrespect to other YouTubers, but the single best reason why I like your videos Scott is because you are all about working and training hard with no bullcrap. Keep it up. It's gives me motivation. How long have you been working out? Thanks.

  8. Like always nice workout routine, definitely this is a killer I will definitely going to try this Scott.

  9. This is why I like your videos, you are always pushing your limit with your training, inspiring others to do the same. I like that squat overhead press move, I'm definitely going to try it out.

  10. I want that body (no homo) but I need to look like that I'm really going to have to start working on legs and abs more

  11. Is that Scott's home gym that he set up in his garage? If it is I'm unbelievably jealous, it's better than half of the commercial gyms that charge membership fees!

  12. Scott, have you noticed that everyone comments on these videos like they are fitness experts. Lol. Who really lifts though?

  13. you can do over 9000 crossfit fishflaps and still achieve nothing compared to what Scot did there

  14. I've never been able to do more than about 15 pull ups. I think you need pretty long arms or a lot of focus on pulls/chins in order to become very proficient with them.

    edit: or i just suck after watching the end, haha

  15. When you took off your weighted vest and dropped it on the ground , did a crater implode into the earth ?

  16. Holy crap, I didn't make it through as I was totally gassed and my arms could barely move.  Did 50 pull-ups in about 10 min. and only made it through 3 sets of the rest.  Couldn't do 1 arm pushups so did 30 pushups and had no way to hook weights for leg raises.  Total time for 3 sets was 35 minutes or so.  Next time I'll see if I can get through all 4 sets.  I likely could push a 4th out but it would likely take 20 minutes to complete and my intensity would drop way down.  Thanks for the post Herman.

  17. Hey Scott, I was wondering how many times a week you do those kind of circuits, and how you incorporate them into your weekly workout routine.
    And keep up with the great videos, I love them and you've got an inspiring physique!

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