5,000 Subscriber Thank You And Archery Update From DC

5,000 Subscriber Thank You And Archery Update From DC

hey everybody welcome to short shot archery anthem here of course and here with dr. Judy and I just want to do this update video first thanking everybody for their support we hit 5,000 subscribers I think that's pretty awesome we've reached millions of people now unless a lot of you are watching the same videos on time but anyway we've reached people from all across the globe helping them out with archery and this is just an update video and a big thank you to all of you for your supporting this and just helping archery grow across the world so I'm actually here in Washington DC maybe you can't see that behind me but anyway we'll have some cool pics and I'll be talking about different things that some of the national monuments and you know just big tourist attractions here in Washington DC [Applause] all right so as I walk up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial here I want to talk about something important besides thanking all you guys for subscribing is tournaments what torments will I be at next Nationals in Ohio coming up in August and in September I will be at the final use that event in Texas Texas shootout in College Station in September for both of those I will be doing my best to compete in Olympic Trials which is going to be super fun shootings going great for that I'm doing some of the best shooting and I have I've had shot or Deb that's that's terrible wording I've been shooting well okay they've been shooting very well it's hot out here if you haven't guessed it's like 100 degrees so shootings been going great so I'm really looking forward to my performance at both those shoots and of course I need to do well at Nationals so that I can continue on to stage two of USA Olympic Trials in Texas so we're gonna see how that goes and we're gonna keep walking up these steps all right so me and Judy just got done the Museum of Natural History pretty awesome but more importantly videos that I am going to put together in the near future well we got a lot of cool stuff more equipment related videos I've had a lot of opportunities to test out equipment so I am just doing my best to make as many of those videos as possible because well a lot of you are asking for them and I'm just having a you know I have the opportunity to do it so I'm trying to make it happen I'm working on test videos and then you know full reviews I'm in the process of actually making some of my own testing equipment so that we can get hardcore numbers on things such as both smoothness so when I say oh these these subtle limbs is really smooth in certain situations if I have the equipment at my house I will be able to test it with some of the equipment that I am building so that we can actually have numbers on how smooth a set of limbs is as you drew as you're drawing it back at a given draw length of course some of the stuff will not be easy to you know bring to like the HEA show or something like that they probably wouldn't be too happy about it either but anyway I'm trying to bring some more science into the product review videos so that hopefully benefits the whole archery community other than that I have a couple still-secret that I can't say but uh very interesting videos regarding arrows and things like that both product reviews and just interesting things that I'm doing with arrows in the future hopefully they'll come out before summer ends I'm so slow but since I can only do this part-time I'm trying my best here we're seeing what we can do and let's see what else just look forward to more tours and me trying to cover important topics in archery and let's continue on to the next topic whatever that is also there is some new products in the works here at sure-shot archery we're working on target pens and there is a second project that's in the works that's gonna regard target flags but right now it's still secret because it's in the you know the full-on testing phases I don't want to do a half way job Capitol building and then you know let you guys down so I want to make sure it's all set up everything's working well and then we'll release that second project or a product so right now just the target pins they're actually up on the website and they should also be at Lancaster archery supply which is super exciting so you can pick them you can pick them up there plus you can pick up some of our other products like the target Flags and wind socks and tip protectors and things like that so we get a nice turnaround of you know downtown DC and with that I think that uh pretty much wraps up this video so again thank you so much for subscribing I really appreciate it it's really nice to see the growing support and just all the people really enthusiastic about you my attempt to just try to promote archery to the best of my ability hopefully some point in the future I can actually make this a full-time thing which would be cool I don't know that I guess that's that's the dream if it happens that would be fantastic if not I'll keep doing my best to promote this sport and get new people involved in it hopefully you enjoyed the update on all the videos I'm looking to do in the future I know we were kind of vague on a lot of it but I don't want to promise too much and then not be able to follow through I think especially since every day more and more people send me video ideas and things that I would love to put together but there's just not the time to do it so I'm not trying to sign myself up for too many things and then leaving you guys hanging but uh with that thank you so much for watching and as always happy shooting

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  1. Nice video … you should never do another one without Judy providing live emojis in the background as you speak.

  2. Ok I have to come clean here. I created 10 accounts a day for 500 days to get you to 5000 subscribers. It’s been hard work. I even comment at least once from every account. Sometimes I argue with other accounts that I created. 😂🤣

    Congrats on 5k!! I hope you see 10k soon!

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