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  1. Sup Chad! Do the frames fit well with the ear protection to have a better seal? I think I might go with the Smith Aegis Echo II, but if these work just as well then I'll get em. Thanks for the awesome videos!

  2. Neither is noise-cancelling and the electronics shouldn’t make a difference as they are there just to let you listen despite the acoustic sound reduction. I too wear additional plugs indoors.

  3. I bought my Howard Leights from Amazon for $28 , and got some nice anti-fog glasses for another $13. So, if you need this stuff now, MAYBE go grab this, otherwise wait for good sales that happen all the time and buy the real deal with some anti-fog glasses to go with them for less $$ . A case can be had for under $10 as well, just keep an eye out…

  4. I looked over the Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL) listing of manufacturers who have their products qualify for Army standards for ballistic protection and it turns out that some reasonable priced eyewear such as the WileyX offers sufficient ballistic protection without breaking the bank. For example, the WileyX Saber Advanced meets all mil spec ballistic standards and is priced at $38. Reasonably priced protection for priceless eyeballs.

  5. Great vid! I really enjoy the content your channel puts out. BTW, I've been trying to suss out the impact rating on this eyewear but I can't find anything related to either the industrial (ANSI Z87+) or military (MIL-PRF). Not expecting it to have MIL-PRF rating but any idea what it's impact rating is? Most of the cheaper eye protection will have the Z87+ industrial rating, which is fine for protection from stuff like debris coming out of the action or flying brass cases — the most common stuff we’re likely to run into at the range. But worst case scenario, if we catch a piece of a ricochet, or we have a catastrophic malfunction with a gun we’re shooting, that MIL-PRF rating would be meaningful.

  6. Sounds confusing to me.  Shouldn't the noise be LESS due to "noise cancelling" by the electronics ?   Good to hear surrounding conversation and minimize the highs and especially the LOW frequencies of the gun firing.  Ear plugs slightly dampen all sounds usually.  So elaborate on the overall results please.    J K

  7. Sweet video, always a good thing to get a good deal especially for new shooters. Remember as long as you learn essentials your gear does not matter. Being skilled out ways gear.

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