6 BackFlips In The Air Landed On Trampoline [WORLD RECORD] (ITT 225)

6 BackFlips In The Air Landed On Trampoline [WORLD RECORD] (ITT 225)

boys seven Oh the oh yeah oh yeah I can't change Dustin's of the world I can't erase the marks in my wallet the heavyweight is pushing me into the ground but I can this to make you say Giroux the key I wanna catch it and I know good to make juice to make no no I can't I can't escape this far isn't my big the word you so much to make you let's take into the kianak to make you smile I wanna catch it today I woke up in California it's been so long since we met when I saw my tummy always in my head body um I don't have to breathe it sexy senorita calling me right now you wanna have fun there we can through his desk there's some I mean what you think what you wanna know this body feels like it's just a trench got a lot of ladies coming to my grave wanna have fun got some time to sleep we gonna touch that side we be shining into here we're gonna cancel justice there's some Mota [Applause] oh my god we gonna catch I could guide of which ethical or Bauer is got increment up you see the place I live you know you can form across a time I'm good night Chris it difficult or by 1's got equipment hope you should see the place you know you can find the function hi I'm Gavin little my boss and ran into little white lies gonna catch me soon for some more shoes and bad tattoos making our name for the days we do

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  1. I absolutely love these videos. It’s so cool to see myself in them as well. Thank you so much. 🔥❤️❤️

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