48 Replies to “65 Trampoline accidents in 4 min.”

  1. It was uploaded in 2010, what kind of upload speed do you expect in 2010? I'm sure the person who uploaded the video didn't want to upload it forever, so he lowered the resolution.

  2. Dammit!  How am I going to break it to my little one that she can't have that trampoline mom and dad promised her??

  3. finally there is some creativity and comedy here your going in my school project 🙂 for health class 😀

  4. you showed the same stuff after a while and what's up with the music and at 0:37 it was not an accident

  5. I'd like to be able to jump that high in real life and cut flips and shit. Just without all the pain and accidents and stuff 🙂

  6. Notice how all of the accidents happened cuz there was no net? Get a net prevent injuries,serious injuries, death

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