7 Common Taekwondo Tornado Kick MISTAKES | TaekwonWoo

7 Common Taekwondo Tornado Kick MISTAKES | TaekwonWoo

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  1. At the 4:42 mark is where this video fixed my kick, I was kicking too soon. Thank you Master Woo…I’m learning a lot from you before I go back to my Master instructor. As a Black Belt I want to be in queue when when I start back soon so you have been my Master via video for now😀 thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

  2. brain structure used to call Taekwondo the fun style it was always amazing how you're having so much fun learning how to kill somebody hahaha

  3. Good video, but the music is WAAAY too loud.
    It distracts, and makes it hard to hear what you're saying.

  4. Master Woo

    I Did Taekwondo and I am a 1st Dan Black Belt and I was really Flexabell but I have lost all that because Now I am out of Form I was able to do this Tornodo kick but I sort of do it differently and I cant do it anymore because like I said I am out of form

  5. One can melt the two spins together with a very flat initial jump to turn the foot of the kicking leg without friction in the air. It prevents from kicking to early too, because you can only jump from the rebound of your landing. One must only observe to land with the leg quite straight under the body. Started doing it in sparring, because it was much better for my knees and to speed up the turn. No constant twisting on different surfaces.

  6. There is no kick in Tae Kwon do called a Tornado kick, they are combining several movements to execute a turning kick. You can call it what you like, I will stay with the correct definitions of each movement as were prescribed by my friend the founder of Tae Kwon Do the late General Choi.

  7. I have been I. Tekwondo for 2 years and I sprained my ankle last night it was the first time I got hurt

  8. So this is a spinning back jumping instep turning kick. I had a much younger TKD friend show me the 540 technique but I thought we were doing crescent kicks and that was fun when I got it and I didn't realise how easy it was to get the 540 landing solid in opposite stance but this is an even greater revelation. This tornado kick is actually a turning kick and I need to angle the leg. As far as I can see it is like a jumping instep turning kick but you are spinning back instead and keep spinning right ? Going to practice this. Thanks again Master Woo. (why don't you show us you doing it yourself ?)

  9. can you do tutorial for sparring , the workout , the drill. By the way , this video fix my tornado a lot , thx.

  10. Thank you so much I watched this vid to make sure I've been teaching correctly, and I have been saying many of the same things you teach. Thank you again.

  11. I'm a white belt (about to grade to yellow stripe hopefully) would you say now is too early to learn this?

  12. Master Woo it's only now I've learned how to swing the lifting leg..it should be parallel like what you did. Thanks!

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