20 Replies to “7 Types of People At The Range | NOIR Season 6”

  1. You missed the most dangerous type I see all the time… The ass clown posse. A group of young PUNKS that are joking around, laughing, disrespectful to the range/rules and shooting out of ONE stall..
    Also you have the loner perfectionist (my type).. The guy that comes in with a molded case assortment of pistols and works on getting his grouping down to size of a golfball at 20 yards while everyone is shooting wild at 5 yards.

  2. I'm the "Just finished this 80% lower build and please please please don't let me fuck up, blow up, or screw up."
    Thankfully after 5 builds, all Frankensteins, not one blow up or screw up. Think I might have figured it out.
    Yeah my, "Got the parts on sale" firearms actually do shoot as straight as the 1500 dollar store bought.
    Why buy pretty if you're just gonna paint it.

  3. I don't see these guys much where I shoot. Seems like the ranges where go always have bucket listers and infrequent shooters. That's okay. They are generally trying to be safe and are almost never annoying. The only thing I notice is they guy that can identify every gun on line but can't group inside a dinner plate at 12 yards.

  4. When I go to the range I don't talk to anybody unless they approach me I stick to myself and just do what I came there to do

  5. I hate "the proud owner", the guy who brings in his gun and feels the need to show it to you and never shut the fuck up about it. If i wanted to know, I would ask you.

  6. Then there is the 8th personality. The guy who believes he knows it all and complains about 7 other types of people at the range that he feels that he is much better than.

  7. I am a shooter from India! This video is very relatable…. 🇮🇳😍Specially the safety violator and poser 😂

  8. 7 type of people at the gun range? Should have the different types of NRA fudds who support red flag laws and bump stock ban.

  9. Old combat vet of the jeans and black t shirt variety who shoot 30 to 100 year old milsurp guns…

  10. Bro Great vid! You forgot the guy that brings waaaaay to much shit to the range-guy… like hey I know you already posted your target and are waiting for me, but I’m gonna spend this whole 15 minute shooting session putting all my gear away guy…

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