42 Replies to “70 m Shot – Traditional Archery – by Kris16Gray Archery”

  1. You need to work on your follow through. Your string arm/hand should be moving straight back at the shot as if you were pulling on a cable that was suddenly cut. Your bow arm should move forward and to the left as your chest expands.

    The problem with many instinctive archers is that they think there is a special form for it that is different than olympic and other target shooters that use sights. This is not the case for the most part. Once I stopped canting the bow and started trying to have the form of a strict target archer then I was easily hitting a pie plate every time at 30 m and my arrows were sticking straight in the target (indicating good flight).

  2. 50 pounds bow and bearly need to raise the arrow upwards at 70 meters ?
    I never would have thought that.

    I was using my 45 pounds bow on 30 meters away targets using compleatly flat trajectories and I could allready see some 10 cm drop or somethign, but never tried anything further away.

  3. Cool video. Thanks for sharing. Recommend Souforce to everyone who interested in archery, there are some good practice arrows for beginners :https://www.souforce-hunting.com/c/hunting-arrow-0398

  4. Bonjour les cibles sont en qu'elle matière je voudrais avoir les même merci de bien vouloir me répondre christian

  5. questo ragazzo non conosce i fondamenti del tiro : ad esempio il rilascio .

    This guy does not know the basics of shooting: for example, the release

  6. I have friend who alwyas talk about form,finger, anchor point, expensive bow, he have nice form too, but sucks at what he shot wkwkwk

  7. You tube, reklamlarda bu gün okulun ilk günü diye çıkan muşmula suratlı orosbuyu görmekten bıktık. Yeter da

  8. I wish I had a distance like this to shoot. In my back yard I can only shoot 10-15 yards away. 20 yards if I want to risk the arrow going into my neighbors yard. I have a field next to my house but I’m not sure if it’s legal to shoot there and I don’t wanna risk it.

  9. Surely you are in love with archery….of your kind, I would say, and its beautiful. you took 70 steps , so thats around 60 meters or so. Anchor is loose anchor, I don't say you make it like that or this but..whatever anchor you make..make it fixed and hard. Most of your arrows were in up-down placement, so you do not have much left-right error..that's very good indeed. get that anchor fixed and the up-down also improves……I love you man.

  10. That looks like a pretty good start but as this was made 5 years ago you could probably split arrows now like Robin used to. So the criticisms are irrelevant. But just be yourself. Shoot in a way that feels comfortable for you. It's interesting to see arrows flying towards you instead of away. And that's a nice spot you've got with the birds singing and all.

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