#77 Kubota B2601 "How to Pound a Fence Post With a Tractor and Odds & Ends"

#77 Kubota B2601 "How to Pound a Fence Post With a Tractor and Odds & Ends"

well welcome back everybody it's a que dad stuff I don't have any one particular thing I'm going to show you today I've just got a couple we got the lamb going on in the background there but I got a couple compilations I suppose of just smaller projects that I've done with the tractor that that you guys didn't get to see so not enough to make a big video so I'll try to squeeze them all together and put it together also this next week the Fair starts so we'll be taking the lambs and the lamb and the turkeys and chickens to the fair and I'm also taking the tractor to the fair to maintain their manure piles so there'll be some video of all that to sow but in the meantime stick around watch this I hope you enjoy [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay everybody I just tried something for the first time and it worked wonderful I'm putting up a new fence across here so we can put the Sheep in the barn mamas tired of that sheep being in the garage so I needed to pound some tea posts and all I had was one of those handheld post pounders and I wasn't gonna do that so I said I'm gonna try and drive these posts with the tractor so I tried it once it worked wonderful I wish they'd have caught it on video but we'll do this last one here on video and you guys can see how it works well as you can see that works pretty well I kind of discovered that by accident but I said you know I I'm too old to be pounding that post and since my grown boys are gone and I have Riley yet and he's he isn't tall enough strong enough to pick that thing over his head so I thought well we're gonna try and make do with what we got and that's why I got a tractor so uh to make the the hard work easy so I'm probably just going to attach this video to another one so that you can see what it be as I've done alright see you later I feel like I'm gonna hit all right so that was it folks I hope you enjoyed that if you did click the like button you click subscribe tell all your friends we'll see you next time

11 Replies to “#77 Kubota B2601 "How to Pound a Fence Post With a Tractor and Odds & Ends"”

  1. As Larry the Cable Guy would say "getter done". Worked well, when you gotta tractor and loader the possibilities are high.

  2. How's she goin'? Quick way to put a post in!!! I agree that's why we got the tractors, to make the hard work easy!!! Great ending driving with the baby. I assume that's your grandchild!!! Some nice!!! Good luck at the Fair!!!

  3. Hey AK! Always so many things the tractor comes in handy for. Driving the posts worked great. I'll keep that one in the back pocket for when I need it. Cheers and have a good one!

  4. Nice T-post pounding with the tractor. I see you got the grand baby starting on the tractor (smile). Can't wait to see your video of the Fair. Have a fine week, AK.

  5. Good day Sir, Your tractor is very handy for all sorts of work !!! and even for pounding fence post !!! Keep up th good work and do not forgot to make video about that agricultural fair !!! Cheers !!!

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