7lb CHEESY Horseshoe Clydesdale Challenge!!

7lb CHEESY Horseshoe Clydesdale Challenge!!

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  1. Hey everyone! #1 BIG thanks to every person who watched the video within the first 24 hours of it posting!! This was our very first video that surpassed 30k views in just 24 hours!! #2 There have been many comments about how it is 2016 now and everything in the video and description says 2015. In all the upcoming tour videos, the description will include the date that each video was filmed, and each video date will have a 2015 in it since my entire 2015 Eastern & USA Tour was filmed in 2015 and zero percent of it was filmed in 2016. Even in July 2016, we will still be uploading videos that say 2015 on them since they were all filmed from September 25th through December 11th in 2015. Just wanted to make that clear and hopefully lessen the number of comments thinking that we made a mistake. Thanks for watching our videos and all support!!

  2. I live by Peoria and you made this look easy. My friends and used to get this and talk nerd comic guy stuff and we felt accomplished between us 3 eating that ๐Ÿ˜‚ Love your channel!

  3. Do you purge after these challenges? I imagine that many calories can be very bad for someone and artery clogging.

  4. for those 281 dislike they are poor without food who eat the same amount of food for your challenge in a whole year …. ( MAYBE)

  5. **Makes the sign of the Christian cross**
    **Proceeds to engage in gluttony**

  6. Is it only me or does this guy has a huge self image? I think he thinks he is like a usain bolt of eating, but yeah i from south africa would beat him easily

  7. Iโ€™m a Peoria resident and this was cool to see. This place has since shut down but they had great food. Iโ€™ve also gotten quite shit faced there and even taken a couple ladies home from there. Reminds me. I need to text Cassey.

    Anyway. Good work!

  8. That looks like they just made some toast, got a bag of frozen fries and two big cans of cheese, and called it a challenge. I think the challenge part comes later when you are in the bathroom ๐Ÿšฝ

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