8 Fallout 76 Tips And Tricks To Conquer The Wasteland

8 Fallout 76 Tips And Tricks To Conquer The Wasteland

Hello and welcome to Rock Paper Shotgun. That’s the kind of polite welcome you won’t
get in Fallout 76 – where you’re forced out of a cosy underground bunker and expected
to fight a world of mutant horrors. If there’s one thing I know about the apocalypse
it’s that it wasn’t designed to be user friendly – so I’m sharing the tips and tricks
that got me through the early hours of Fallout 76 and made the whole thing more fun to explore. As a precursor tip, I do recommend following
the Overseers quest line at the start of the game – it serves as a good introduction to
the world and gives you plans to craft some essential items. Avoid it and you’ll miss some useful stuff. Otherwise, my tips are about improving quality
of life – how to stretch your limited inventory space further, how to start improving your
weapons, speed up exploration and prepare some fun toys for when you’re a higher level. Oh, and do stay until the end where we race
through shorter tips that made our life much easier. Now, time to leave the vault and get on with
it. The major thing you’ll butt heads with is
the inventory limitation. You’re in a world with near infinite amounts
of stuff to steal, and no pocket space to put any of it. It’s like that Twilight Zone episode where
the last man on earth breaks his glasses and can’t read his books. Only in this version we steal his glasses
and crush them into bullets. You have a personal inventory and a stash
– that’s the blue box you can build as part of your C.A.M.P. or find at Red Rocket buildings
or train stations. I must admit, my camp is just a stash box
and stove at the moment – though more on that later in the video. Anything you transfer to one stash box is
found in the others – and safe from other survivors. Problem is, both your pockets and the box
fill incredibly fast, so here’s advice to stay ahead of it… Keep your pockets lighter by breaking down
junk into raw materials, and when you can, move these parts to the stash. It’s vital that you crush junk down or it’ll
end up filling up the stash too. You can scrap junk at any workbench or crafting
station – doesn’t matter if it’s for guns, armour, chemicals or ammo – you press R to
use the bench and press T to scrap all junk. It’ll save you space AND give you parts
to start crafting and building. That said, do keep an eye on what you’re
filling the stash with – you get steel from most scrap and wood is very easy to find – you
just have to interact with logs on forest floor or piles of chopped wood. Maybe think about trading these more available
materials or bundling up steel into Bulk Steel at the Tinkers Workbench which can then be
sold to vendors. You should also scrap weapons and armour you
aren’t using – lower level stuff is easy to smash up, but you’ll also waste space
hoarding items you can’t use yet. Don’t be precious about that level 30 combat
rifle when you’re level five – unless it’s a one-of-a-kind legendary with an amazing
mod. You’ll find plenty more guns like it as
you level up, so only hold onto what you currently like to use. Oh, and this one’s easy to miss – make sure
you’re actually reading the plans and recipes you find – each one weighs a quarter of a
pound and you can’t actually craft the item without reading it. It’s very easy to miss this! You might also want to invest in Perk Cards
that decrease weight of common items – you’ll want to invest in the Strength stat in order
to use cards like Pack-Rat or Travelling Pharmacy. One item you might want to hoard early on
is power armour. These clunking suits are first come, first
served – once a player grabs one, it’s gone until a new one spawns. If you find armour in the early hours, it’s
understandable if you want to lock it down. Even the lowest level Armour parts requires
you to be level 15 to wear them – it won’t let a lower level character climb into the
frame without going into the transfer screen and stripping it of all those parts. You can still clomp around in the frame, but
the problem is, your pockets are now full of heavy power armour parts. There’s a trick however. Once inside a stripped frame, exit the suit
– hold the E key on PC – and use the transfer screen to reattach the higher level parts
you weren’t able to use. Leave the suit alone and it will warp to your
inventory with an automatic weight of ten, regardless of what’s attached to it. In effect you bundle up heavy armour parts
into a sleek package to be used at a later time. Think of it like that amazing car you can’t
drive until your 17th Birthday. Incidentally, if you’re looking for a reliable
level 15 suit – I recommend heading up here to The Crosshair. Not many people venture up to these cliffs
and I’ve been able to find a Raider Power Armour every time I visit. Of course, if loads of people watch this video
– and I hope they do – this armour will always be gone. Sorry about that. With Caps being hard to come by, you don’t
want to waste currency on buying weapon mods from vendors. You can learn them for free by scrapping weapons
– which you can do at any Workbench or crafting station. What mod you get isn’t tied to the weapon
you scrap – you can unlock tasty stuff by trashing generic, low level weapons. So it’s important to pick up duplicates
and scrap away. You’ll often find at least one crafting
bench in bigger locations,. so once the firefight is over do a lap of it, picking up every last
weapon. Don’t worry about becoming overencumbered
– you’ll be scrapping all this stuff in seconds. As you scrap duplicate weapons keep an eye
out for durability – this is one area where all weapons do vary. If you’ve got five cloned shotguns, pick
the one in the best condition or with a longer durability bar. And as mentioned before, don’t sit on high
level guns waiting for the day you’ll be skilled enough to use them – you’ll be drowning
in the things in no time, so get more mods and earn back inventory space. The same logic applies to armour, although
you pick up less of this than guns, so it takes longer to collect good armor mods. One way around this – although it isn’t
resource efficient – is to craft low level armour pieces and then scrap THEM. Even though you’re building basic parts,
you still have a chance of earning mods from them. The downside is you lose materials in the
process, though they are common ingredients. It’s arguably quicker than waiting for armour
drops. The same technique works for guns, but when
most enemies are dropping weapons, it’s dumb to waste parts on this process. On the subject of armour mods, the one you
really want to look out for early on is the pocketed trait – this increases your personal
inventory and every little helps. I’d almost be tempted to buy a pocketed
mod if you see it being sold by a vendor – the prices are rough but it’s really good to
invest in quality of life improvements. This next bit of advice will upset people
who enjoy building. I don’t count myself amongst them – the
mouse/keyboard controls make it fiddlier than constructing a real life house. Instead I use the campsite as a glorified
fast travel point. You see, it’s free to travel to your camp
and it’s also free to fast travel to the door of Vault 76. By placing the CAMP far away from Vault 76
you can create a handy shortcut between the gentle west side of the map and the harsher
east side. It took me hours to creep my way over to the
Cranberry Bogs, but now I can zip back to lovely old Grafton without paying a penny. And when even the radstags in cranberry bogs
are kicking your teeth in, it is nice to return to place and execute some level one Scorched. There’s a second benefit to it. Fast travelling costs caps – the further the
distance, the higher the price. From Charleston to Clarksberg it costs 39
caps. But instead of just paying to jump from where
you are to where you want to go, check first to see if Vault 76 or your CAMP is closer
– make use of that free journey first and then pay the reduced price for the second
journey. From the Camp to Clarksberg it’s only 6
caps. That’s a saving of 33 caps – now you can
treat yourself to something nice. Like some dog food! Of course, as you push into new areas, it
might be worth moving your CAMP with you – you can summon the CAMP to your location from
inside the Pip-Boy – it’s Z key on PC – but the cost grows every time you do it, so make
sure the move is beneficial. Fallout 76’s map is vast, but it’s impressively
dense – you walk in any direction and you’ll see hints of new locations appearing on the
compass bar. Even so, when you’re given a quest location
that’s miles away it can hurt the momentum of the story. My personal technique for long journeys is
a bit of a odd one but it works for me – I run in the direction of the quest marker,
but I always head for the nearest undiscovered locations. Discovered locations act as spawn points when
you die, so I basically base my whole journey on creating a path of spawn points to where
I want to go. I also pack away my junk in the stash before
I leave. You drop junk when you die and this way, if
I bite the bullet to a surprise monster encounter, it doesn’t cost me anything. As death now comes at no real cost, I also
don’t waste health items on the trip – if I die, I just respawn a few seconds away and
try the area again. This way you’re not eating through stimpacks
and radaway on the A to B and can save them for the quest at the other end – after all,
it’s much more important to stay alive when fighting a boss creature or the like. It’s a bit of a cynical way of playing,
basically sending out my survivor to die – it can be two steps forward, one step back – but
it does mean you make fast progress without eating all those useful items. Of course, if you’re loaded with caps – unlikely
in the early hours of the game – you could just shell out to warp to an Event that is
closer to your objective. That’s another way to quickly get a foothold
in a distant corner of the map, but I prefer to do it on the cheap. We could argue for days about the best park
cards – it really does depend on the character build you’re going for. At the start of the game the temptation is
to favour strength and melee builds, as guns are in short supply, but it only takes an
hour or so to push past that initial hurdle and then you might feel like you’ve wasted
perk cards on Gladiator. I’d put in a little shoutout for Scrounger
and Pharma Farmer, which let you search ammo and chemical boxes for bonus supplies – both
great for hoarding health and bullets. Just remember to manually activate it before
you loot a box – on PC it’s the space bar. Also worth noting – when you pick a SPECIAL
stat to level up, you don’t have to pick a new perk card from that stat – you can filter
the other park cards – it’s C and Z on PC – to pick a card from a different category. It’s easy to miss. My big piece of advice about Perk Cards is
to swap them in and out as you need them – some cards only need to be active for very specific
actions, so should only be in play for those actions. Take perception – I have three points which
I use for three star Concentrated Fire card. But when I find a locked safe, I quickly swap
Concentrated Fire for Picklock so I can trigger the minigame. And once the safe is opened, I swap the VATS
booster back in. Better than spending another stat point on
Perception. For another example, over in Charisma I currently
have two points for Lone Wanderer – lowering damage when I’m alone – but I can easily
drop in Hard Bargain when I’m dealing with vendors to improve prices. Of course, how granular you want to go depends
on how efficiently you want to play. Do you want to swap in First Aid perk every
time you want to use a stimpack to gain a health bonus on it? Probably not. But there are other powers – weapons damage
buffs, general defensive buffs – that should arguably be in play for minute to minute action. Finally, a couple of bits that don’t live
anywhere else in this video. Getting annoyed at how dark those levels are? Hold the pip-boy key – it’s tab on PC – and
you’ll turn on the flashlight. Much better. I know there are a lot of notes dotted around
and it can be boring to read them, but do read notes as they can sometimes point to
hidden stashes of items – like in this quest where a note describes where a key to an armoury
is. It won’t be added as a formal quest, but
is well worth doing. If you’ve just died and you have a respawn
point next to your point of death, it can be good to wait a few seconds before respawning
– give the enemies who killed you a chance to disperse. If that glowing sod was there five seconds
ago, he’ll still be there now. You can get the well rested bonus by sleeping
on beds, but you run a risk of diseases if you sleep on the ground – on things like sleeping
bag or mattresses. If you gain enough radiation you earn a random
mutation – some of them are actually pretty beneficial. You can lose a mutation by taking radaway
to cure it, but if you find yourself with a useful one, you might want to consider unlocking
the Starched Genes perk – it’s a level one luck perk and let’s you keep a mutation
when you cure your radiation. Handy! The game doesn’t pause as you’re on your
Pip-Boy. You can usually hear attackers, but it’s
worth activating the transparent view option to keep an eye on your surroundings if you’re
in hostile territory. I won’t spoil its contents, but I stumbled
on to what became my favourite quest I’ve done so far – a tale of vigilante crime fighters
– by picking up a holotape off this body found here by Whitesprings. Get on it – it’s the highlight of the game
so far. And that’s quite enough from me – I hope
at least some of these have been useful. Fallout 76 is a complicated game and doesn’t
always explain its ideas brilliantly. Hopefully this advice will help you survive
that little bit longer. Of course, please do add your own tips to
the comments and if you want me to explain or clarify anything in this video, just ask
below. If you enjoyed out Fallout 76 tips video why
not subscribe to rock paper shotgun – we’ll be doing lots more with Fallout as we dig
deeper into it. We cover non-Fallout 76 games, too, and try
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