93 – Krylon Spray Stain Review

93 – Krylon Spray Stain Review

The Wood Whisperer is sponsored by Powermatic The Gold Standard since 1921 (jazzy music) So today we have a very special outdoor edition of the Wood Whisperer. Welcome to my backyard. What I’ve got here is
some Krylon wood stain. It’s a rustic brown exterior spray stain. They sent me a couple samples
and I thought it would be something cool to show you guys. Just to give you my opinion
and see what we think of it. I have some sample boards here. I’ve got some white oak and maple. The white oak is probably
going to fare better in general outdoors than the maple will. But I want to see how the
stain looks on both surfaces. Now a spray stain like
this is really compelling. Number one because it’s sold
and rated for outdoor use. It’s got some UV protection
in there which is going to to help that color from fading over time. And also let’s say you have
some unfinished furniture pieces Something like this with all these slats. That’s just a pain in
the butt to stain that or to get any finish on it. So something that comes in a spray form if you don’t already have an HVLP is going to be really, really helpful. Now I’ve got my concerns about it because it is an oil-based stain. And I’ve never been a fan
of spraying oil-based stains because they take too long to dry. The colors tend to run a little bit. I like things that dry fast like lacquer, water based, and alcohol based colors. So we’ll see how this goes. I’m going to coat all these. I’m actually going to take
the third one of each species And I’m just going to
wipe it down afterwards to see how different the
effect is on the color and the consistency of color that we get. Now before using any new product I like to read the
manufacturer’s instructions and follow them to a tee just because you never
know and you don’t want to be able to blame
yourself for the error. Of course the surface
preparation, that’s already done. Remove mildew and dirt, okay. And it says to shake
for one to two minutes. Alright. (jazzy music) So it says hold can eight
inches from the surface Spray in sweeping motions side-to-side but do not over apply,
whatever that means. And notice we start spraying off the piece and we don’t stop spraying
until we’re off the other end. (spraying) Not too bad. Kind of reminds me of spray
paint and the way that you occasionally get
that little gap in there. A little hard to control. It’s a very fine mist. (spraying) Just going back and hitting the areas that look a little light. Okay now, every third board I’m
going to wipe off the excess. Alright, so we’ll let that
dry for a little while. Remember we’re in the Arizona desert. It’s going to be over 100 degrees today and this should have no
problem drying out here. But I’ll be curious to see It looks a little uneven
because of, you know a slight overlap in the spray pattern. But I’m really curious to
see what the final result is once it dries. So I’ll give it a couple hours. Alright, so the boards are pretty much dry for the most part. I can definitely say that the
white boards look the best. They are the most even and consistent. There’s the white oak. That looks really good. And the maple you would expect
it to not look that great. I sanded them pretty hastily So the sanding job is really the culprit of anything that doesn’t look right here. But it’s maple and it tends
to splotch a little bit. So I don’t expect that to look great. No matter what stain I use. The other boards on the other
hand, not really happy with. To me this looks like spray paint. There’s a lot of color in that can And it kind of makes sense. There has to be a lot of
color because you need to cover a lot of real
estate and do it quickly. Otherwise a customer is
going to buy that can and it’s going to be
frustrating if they have to buy a dozen of these just
to finish a small project. So you need to transfer a
lot of color in a hurry. The problem is the more
color that’s in that spray the harder it is to manage
and get a nice even color across wide surfaces. You’re doing some rungs or
slats or something like this That’s not going to be
very difficult at all. But if you’re doing a table top, you know Wide boards like this It’s going to be a little bit harder as soon as you make two or three passes and you have that
opportunity for the spray to overlap the pass before. You’re going to get a buildup of color and you’re going to wind up with a sort of splotchy, uneven look. So something like this I really would be Although it’s meant to be used with just spray and leave it alone Unless it’s really small parts
that you can do in one pass I would definitely lean
toward the wipe off method. My problem with that
is you spent more money to get it in a spray can just to wind up wiping it off with a cloth. You know, if that’s the case
I probably would just go with a more economical choice and get some traditional stain in the can. But overall, it does put a
good amount of color in a can that’s going to allow you
to spray products like this. The question is now, how this
is going to hold up over time. I probably would not leave
this as the only finish. I would never leave a color
layer as my final finish. Especially outdoors. And no matter how much it has
in terms of UV protection. So I probably would hit this with an oil-based marine varnish
or spar varnish on top to give it some protection
from the sun and the elements. So I’m actually going to leave these out. Maybe I’ll do an update
a couple months from now Just to see how this color holds up with different finishes on it. But that’s for another video. So overall a pretty interesting product. It might be something that
you’d be interested in trying. The UV protection and
the water repellant there is pretty compelling. And it could be a viable
outdoor finish for some. Like I said, I would
definitely be on the side of wiping the stain off after spraying for the sake of consistent color. But check it out. It’s Krylon wood stain. (guitar music)

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  1. 😆 good one the shaking… Wearing protection for the eyes while spraying for the nose…

    Good video you guys 🙂

  2. @jvcrules how do you figure? It was done as per the manufacturer's instructions, with a bit of consideration for it being outside on a moderately windy day.

  3. If you have a cordless reciprocating saw they make can shakers that are really covenant for spray foam and that stain your using in the video. Even setting up an electric saw if you have a lot of spray foam to do.

  4. I think the spray can is only the medium to apply the stain. Also believe no matter how it's applied it has to be wiped off. In the end It might be a way for the manufacturer to charge more for a smaller amount of stain.

  5. Hi Wood whisperer, I'm new to wood stuff and I want to build a mini closet, but my wife is pregnant, I was wondering if I can sand, stain, varnish, etc. outside and wait for the fumes to disperse and then put everything together inside, this is because I don't have a shop or empty room where I can do this kind of work.

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