we've got had a late night last night didn't get it back to camp till about ten o'clock and cook some tenderloin which is unbelievably awesome feeling a little sore little tired but got to keep going the guys are supposed to be in last night they didn't arrive so we're not sure what's going on we don't know if they didn't fly in yesterday or they had a hard time finding their gear I don't know we don't know what happened we're gonna do a little new thing today we're gonna switch bugles Steve it's gonna shoot one bugle and I'm gonna shoot the next people see what happens Jason bugles is what we do but I think the worst part is is that Cody's out there probably drinking margaritas and eating bacon cheeseburgers that's what really really just kind of almost gets under your side we're out here busting our A's and Cody's just living the high life soaking it up you go into Buell Canyon I love you Laura and try to locate a bull that we can go after and not go where did that one come from that's a good bull we got a good sounds like a good bowl that way that's like better than yesterday it was oh and guess what closer to camp let's do it again well that makes me feel bad that it's not the Terminator what we're doing today time finally changing the game we need something and I think face paint might just be they do the ticket mm-hmm any special designs or anything tire what are you gonna go with I don't I'm just going with it just running with it doesn't have a very oh this does not happen often or I can't see brown and brown it up now brown alone how about me black it's just like freakin Brokeback Mountain we need to stop this stuff yeah bad I still haven't done two dudes one tan so I've done two dudes one sleeping bag okay and it was with that guy that just touched your face he's been in some awkward situations does it make you morning baby what that's a negative we were gonna kill one I have a question so we say museum bull shooter you gone bull shooter now there's a there's a real gray spot in their areas so if this bow bugles bugles bugles and then shuts up and we walk over one Ridge and then he starts bugle and again I think it's an opportunity like we move in on nothing happened we got close that okay that's for making sure it was boldly just just do you think it's a day we're all tired and a whoop dogs covering a lot of country not getting any sleep kind of lethargic we're just kind of putzing along today not a lot of vim and vigor our last bugle back there that we thought was gonna be a a game he just people in left field and left me looking left it's probably in Oklahoma right now so we're just cuts along trying to rest trying to recuperate that's all I got I didn't know we're doing we're here people so that's positive yeah – good no hunters at least we have someone to talk to there's communication yeah he said nice no the second shot I was no Steven Steve said he didn't think so no I was just getting my I was getting another one often actually I had it knocked like that my frickin release just went off that was I liked fifth Laird back fourth rib back closing the life is about time that far behind the shoulder yeah but I mean I had an arrow nocked and I was getting right drop the act my release just went on I think and I didn't have my finger on the trigger down here he was gonna do five yeah just I think it went through I mean he was it was quarter to but I mean Ankita yeah mine will have an upsell I'm upset I could have got in a second heroine no reason why he had to cut it old dog yeah I was coming back for freaking thing just went off like scared the crap and I shoot certain smooth I had mine like this Punk I did a tube just before I came in did you see that yeah I saw that yeah I didn't have my finger on the trigger you might be just standing down there yeah there's guts you can see yeah I can smell it on just didn't thinking I mean anything is that quartered but you shot back that for I can't believe I release went on dude it scared the crap out of me I was almost freaking bunch myself right in the face for Eric Schadt I had him I don't know I'm thinking us about that far back beyond the shoulder but he was caught her too maybe a little more than I thought he was when I shot so I think we're gonna give him some time quite a bit of time probably I think we could give a couple hours I just I smoked God's oh I smell guts on this head on the face it's not looking good and an arrow that should have been through at least one huh but there's not a lot of blood and he's got a high and a low excellent and I don't have a lot of faith right now have you how do you how do you how do you blow a 4-yard chef I said in my mind when I didn't want hit him in the shoulder releases go wrong yeah I heard he I'm pretty confident that my release I did not have my finger on the trigger let's go look at that tree I didn't sound saw couple spots of blood myself right there at the first wow I don't know what doesn't look good it was only a couple spots of blood and really hard to track there's like three bulls in here four Bulls I having a hard time telling which direction even ran and we can't track blood because there isn't him that arrow went clean to him I'm thinking night I was about six seven inches behind the shoulder but he was quartered to me a lot more than I had in my head I guess not looking so we're gonna leave him for probably seven eight hours and come back this evening look for we've given them bull about six hours to left five come back when I pull her arrows go back to where we jumped him and start tracking even we've pray for the best all we can do tracking till dark if we don't find him or come back in the morning so that's all we got tell me he can roll on it for now I still smell out though I'm time to give my far hope get my arrow and ground doesn't have that overwhelming get smell doesn't smell this you only have a 5 arrow quiver you might want to try to kill your arrows back cuz it's a whole force to the truck this is what happens when you're freaking release malfunctions hopefully comes outbreak Steve so I'll just stand back behind him if they see him hopefully if he's still alive they can get an arrow in him oh please dead but I'm just gonna hold back for now because I don't want I don't want to be that third guy with that third wind and everything it just doesn't it's not gonna work out I think it's a loss I think there's no way to track in without blood there's been just a tunnel in here so it's hard to tell what's fresh and which way you went in it's almost dark it's getting we got 45 minutes yeah probably till dark just we're just kind of wandering around – you're blind nothing to follow nothing to track four inches left the middle difference in the world I think



  2. Brave and important video. Thanks for posting. I'd like to recommend hunting arrows form Souforce: https://www.souforce-hunting.com/c/hunting-arrow-0398

  3. First lesson of bow hunting: humble yourself because there's usually a lot of disappointment. I fumbled a 16 yard shot once that nearly made me quit archery. There's something different about bow hunting, being that close to your potential kill before the arrow leaves the string, that makes it hurt so much when you fail. If it was easy every idiot out there would be trying it. Good video, thanks.

  4. Non-lethal shots happen even close up… it sucks, after all the work & toil. But nothing ever goes to waste, something will have dinner… like that Sasquatch that's been tailing you.

  5. here in europe we use a special dog on a long leash on the blood trail for that reason,are you allowed to do that in the states

  6. I watched 3 of your videos now! Missed an elk, wounded an elk, and killed one with a horrible shot!! Maybe need to spend some more time on the range buddy🤔🤔

  7. Hunt if u need food , not for pleasure they animal was lovely , totally understand for survival needs don’t understand the pleasures of it . Not trying to be self righteous but not for me

  8. I dunno guys, I'm not totally against hunting, but I don't like the idea of using bugles to bring them to you. It just seems to run at right angles to the ethos of hunting.
    Aren't you supposed to develop skills to track your quarry, pit your wits against the animal in terms of stealth and camo, and chase it down before dropping it before the animal ever knew you were even there?
    Call me naive, but when we hunt with dogs in england, this is what we're always told by the older purists.

  9. Asking myself the same question. " How do you miss a 4 yard shot?" It was so close you could have stabbed it with a sharp branch.

    Bow: $2500 Arrows: $300 All the other hunting gear: $1500….Missed 4 yard shot: Priceless

  10. That sucks elk balls. Guy shot and lost him. Im sure he’ll be an easy take down for the wolves. Good thing is though, nothing goes to waste out there. That elk became dinner for something thats for sure. I’d love to go on an elk hunt. I live in Tennessee so its just whitetails and turkeys for me

  11. I bowfish on a paddleboard in a river full of current rocks trees.. refraction something u have no idea of.. sad display of a lack of discipline and skill..total fail

  12. You’ve got to be a genuinely heartless scoundrel to see a beautiful animal like that and then try to kill it.

  13. When I would shoot an animal and not sure of the shot I would wait. If you go out after them too soon you might end up rousing them out of their death bed.  I have been known to hunt for animals, mine and others, through the night and the next day. I do not give up. There is always some kind of evidence where the animal is. If you can read tracks and look for the unobvious you have a good chance at getting your animal. Look behind the leaves on the trees, and when going into a brushy area look at your pants and shirt…you'd be surprised to see blood that you would have passed up. I've found animals in pouring down rain. The main thing is to not let everyone trample over the evidence. I've been out in the woods all my life and my father was one of the best trackers I ever knew. I have received awards from Larry D. Jones at bow hunter banquets and I am 62-years-old…so I know what I am talking about…I've been around for some time. I'm a woman and have had a bow in my hand since I was old enough to stand. Bow hunting isn't the easiest sport, but it is the most rewarding. Just do not give up on tracking that animal. Oh, one more thing, I do not use releases, and this video shows you why I do not.

  14. LOL wow, you guys need to practice your bugles, you'll get these young dumb ones but when a big old bull comes along he's going to know.

  15. That would seriously upset me, if my release just went off. You did a great job of letting it go and taking a second shot. I commend you, much Respect.

  16. Devastating to you when you fail to make a clean kill. I at least had the relief of tracking a wounded whitetail to it's laydown…she stood broadside, wobbly and allowed me to finish the job. I quit deer hunting for several years after experiencing that. I had never not had my quarry drop in their tracks before. I think my round struck a twing and it took her front leg off from the knee down. Needless to say, she would likely have lived but would have suffered significantly. I am thankful that after 3 hours of tracking….with very little blood trail….I was able to find her and put her down. If something like that has no effect on you…..you need to quit hunting because you have no respect for your quarry.

  17. Man , I'm feeling you guys . THAT CLOSE stuff is tuff . Most men have no idea . I heard the misfires . Only thing it could be is your release was clamped on the string . My experience in tight country w/o blood flow is wait 1/2hr and one man/woman move up real SLOW . Wait , listen and move a little more .
    You guys are there , I'm not .
    Y'all are definitely wise and in it.
    Now , Im going to watch the rest. Hope it turns out.

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