A cardboard Deagle?!?! Why??? Hot-dogs, horseshoes, and hand grenades

A cardboard Deagle?!?! Why??? Hot-dogs, horseshoes, and hand grenades

hey guys what's up quiet echo back here today now I haven't posted a video in a while that's because I've happened to be I've been doing other things but I'm back with some hot dogs horseshoes and hand-grenades now I did purchase this game a while ago and I think is absolutely fantastic if you have a VR headset of your own you should definitely just put some money in and get this game it's so realistic it's perfect now I'm just gonna be doing some of the indoor range and well shooting some guns just make sure you don't overload your speaker so here's a quick sound check for you sorry if it's a little bit glitchy though we're just waiting for this to load up and once you get in be ready now if you already have this game and you're like me you can't wait for the meet fortress update to come that's gonna be coming in on Friday and it's gonna include the original weapons from Team Fortress 2 which I'm a big fan of and it's just gonna be a whole tons of fun now it did come in today looking for them and then I finally looked it up and I was like oh wait right okay area and you don't draw a range no a secondary soundcheck okay so if you just want to skip the actual intro I am sure and alright alright let's see let's check this out yes alright more lara croft style just get two pistols even though she'd never use golden guns kind of look like a fake James Bond here alright how does she do that I don't understand that uh uh come on dude you just make it fun to take oh I'm sorry but this is just ridiculous alright let's see if I can actually hit something with this one and it doesn't even make a bullets out it it's a compressed air this is beautiful it's even hitting oh great oh it's a great start to everything alright what else we got here oh my three no basically be James Bond now except with no golden Webley or anything no golden gun names bond James Bond that bad all right should I want to click reload scene all right here let's see there was we thought what about revolvers mmm yes this very nice I did let my brother buy this game one day and he was extremely confused on how to use a revolver genius wait sorry about my boundary bit small my meters and be like what's his name I don't know wait it was like Anthony wonderful well it's not just fun that is no no shopkins now that one I actually have this gun in real life I use a frisky trap there we go you can actually do that in real life I aim and I'm not that bad here there's nothing I'm really getting rescued with that flare cuz I last about all of 10 seconds so uh off you're on my luck what is this you can even that's breaking when I pick it up right there got harsh no but oh it worked huh I'm never in all did that right now kids this is why we have longer barrels on guns and that's don't believe a single word I say you're most likely ending up getting an F on a math test because I said the square root of 62 was one it Stephanie she don't ever listen to me listening to me is like trusting the devil most of times I can work oh so cool I will try to be doing more videos as it is now the summer but not promising anything but I have gone to a better editor software that doesn't have as bad as a watermark as Windows Movie Maker so hey single man oh alright whatever I want – so you got here I'm just gonna sip on the better guys who magazine hate well please ever I just want to ask why would you want to invent something like this is it an automatic shotgun sharpens are aren't accurate at all as they are so how do you want me something that does that why who are you shredding with that why why would you want to sit there and just shred your enemy into like tiny pieces while you're just saying they're like what that's just ruthless I guess in that kind of warfare it don't really matter anyways all right top chamber I can do four videos I can do all kinds of other videos I'm just using fall for as a reference and my cables getting tight great thank you material ah yes um this gun is almost as tall as I am even real life so yeah that's a a bit like of a struggle mm-hmm all right sorry for my might be terrible aim today I am NOT a rifle user at all all right so where do I even there there I did that's not bad but no thank you I also get alright good stay and we teach you how to do Russian roulette with a gun that fires a 50 caliber bullets right you spend the chamber clock it and know it's president let's see what happens when I shoot that now kids remember always be safe when using 50 caliber magnums because what's gonna happen when I say Magnum is you're gonna blow your hand off all right let's just bring this back to a nice comfortable 5 meters come on in here don't got all day I got people waiting to watch their you know most likely not though and well frankly yeah now this took me a long time to figure this thing out but figure it out take something like a revolver shell stick it in there and now you basically have a toy with what looks like a fake bullet and this thing and then you just aim it and you go why why would anyone ever want to use something this alright oh what's that this is okay Anton please tell me he just please why would someone ever want to use this I mean maybe against tanks but like just someone really gonna be so like laying down with this beast of a gun in their hand saying looking at something right I don't have alright 30 meters now may I warn you this gun is very loud got money here right and hmm I mean I'm pretty sure that's all I know right now all right all right we're gonna do this all right hey hit it actually that's a woman my book I mean might not be in other people's books but it does mine mmm wait if they don't make sure if that one gun no no no yes any of you have ever played black ops one but you probably have this gun was so much fun but it was so unnecessary because everyone remembers her from zombies and double-tap where basically if you put DoubleTap on this gun well you wouldn't have ammo anymore Emma wasn't a thing with this gun it was something that you just thought existed but it really didn't boom I don't know all right all right so no wait very good shot wait wait wait okay I'll say that folds in support it's you know I watch the video Henson saying that you tried to make this game is realistic as possible I mean if anyone knows if this thing is real please tell me because I honestly want to know all right let me just there we go you actually have to like strike it alright fire in the hole kids never do this also got cybernated what sister anything it sounds like I'm from advanced warfare or like all starts beeping like a cyborg and a seizure and explodes yep that's a that's how these things work tie my cables all getting tangled up I'm gonna end up with a messy cable at the end of this and it's a 25 jingler grab it good to pull pin well I mean all right let's see what this does that's all Christmas except it's and then this philosopher made it looks it sounds like cyanide and alcohol now I don't think I should be smoking this alright alright yeah most destructive yes this thing thank you thank you all right um I guess America maybe not really sure but right there might be a bit loud for you guys yeah maybe it's their luck he's sorry about that for the right once that was a fun I'm gonna save the minigun blast our PD my first Silas thing I didn't know how I have a clue on how to load it it's just thank you yeah this was a commie stuck was that part alright alright in some prayers I guess sorry but it's a bit loud I mean honestly it's else we got chowder grab the mg42 that's basically I'm gonna get copyright clean now oh yeah yeah man isn't YouTube fine now where every company has people hired to go in search for some new some random youtuber on the Internet so I make nobody talkin to you SMD I had two seconds of song lyrics in my video and they were remixed – alright what's this thing is that this is supposed to be new or somewhat newer so I'm 60 I think correct oh that's probably right there yep right there yeah there we go why why okay all right let's see if this does mommy alice is a pretty effective gun and if you're wondering I cannot actually hear my own oculus audio I'm hearing it from my computer so it might be an echo in the background when I actually upload this video alright no I won't move on some minigun now No just yeah like ten thousand dollars of equipment going down even more than that where the hell is the handle thank you oh my god dude God thank you I guess good riddance know that he's dead I think he's dead yeah my hands on the cut on fire hey yeah don't worry it's just minor third-degree burns all are the entire or in my hand yeah I mean what jerem what's called this rocket launcher mm-hmm and that if I be honest that thing sucks much but it's also because don't hate the player no don't hate the game hate the player so it should be in this case with I'm blaming it on my sucky game all right um it's called the coal Berry Halle Berry so I'm assuming it's supposed to be like a Russian pistol or something like that so um I mean you can do this and slap squats yeah let's do that all right this is how Slavs do it jeez I'm gonna fall over all right all right I'm done with that thing there's something I can yeah yes don't touch that thing again whirring this is the same thing hey China Lake thank you finally I yeah and I still suck with this just in my chair I punch my TV one day yeah not to well it's it's it was alright but I'm afraid I kind of got a little hefty there okay how did German soldiers they reload this what is that you call that a trigger oh wait I say okay oh it's not this what's the trigger um in thievius wait is that that this looks like something but that is extremely confusing I shot it I hit something I'm happy hey this thing yeah this was create a zit so see an all-purpose military weapon for everyone but um from what I see it's just a German revolver that's someone glued together with like some sticky glue someone now and then just said take a tank anti-tank grenade and stick on the end don't mind me I'm a sake my sake aim my sake aim alright this is why I don't play tf2 anymore everyone all right there renew one more weapon would be 90 yes yes yes oh now when I saw a nerd cube do this one that was one like I didn't have any of this you get so confused on how to load this thing and I came onto it and I was like well um just simple and new newark you'd I honestly like the old version better um but you know I'm gonna get a lot of disagreements with that yeah that's worried thought it one I thought most people I'd say think about that too it honestly does look like it work it workers art it was a very effective in my book I'm like a kid in a candy store I know my kids in the shell store yeah it's gone right well um let's um next time I'm gonna do a few other ranges may the meat grinder which I'm most likely not gonna do cuz I'm not a Whore person but thank you guys so much for watching remember to Like comment and subscribe what's a vault I don't know all right but thank you guys so much remember to Like comment and subscribe every advice is welcome and I hope y'all have a great day a great life and I see and we'll see y'all later bye

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  1. seeing small channels is always nice and I´ll definetly try and keep up with your vids I recomend doing something on "take and hold" next (honestly not sure if it was a timed thing or not)
    (and yes the revolver with 50 cal is real it´s lt´s nicknamed the "wristbreaker")

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