A conversation with Bill Gates and Tara Westover

A conversation with Bill Gates and Tara Westover

Well, Tara, I loved your book. It’s an amazing story. And even though you’d had almost no formal
schooling, you managed to get into BYU. You have to learn algebra. How did that come together? I had no idea what education was. I had never set foot in a classroom before. But I really loved to sing, and I became obsessed with this idea of going
to college so that I could learn how to sing. And algebra became a thing I had to do in
order to do that thing. For me it took me to Brigham Young University, and then I discovered history there and that took me to Cambridge, and then at Cambridge I discovered language, and then I wrote a book. And, you know, it goes from one thing to the
other. And if you look at your family, you and your two brothers who chose to go
out and go to college, have done very, very well. And there definitely is a rural versus urban
element in it. Three of you that got very educated and others
that kept the same values. Do you see this polarization as a problem? I do feel like this division is a problem, but I think probably you’ve hit on the most
disturbing part of it, which is that the fault lines are increasingly
along educational lines. So, people with the degree think one thing and people without think another. And then there’s quite a lot of hostility
between the two groups. People who used to disagree about things suddenly now think the other side is somehow
in bad faith, and they don’t even recognize the other side
as particularly human. And I find that really disturbing. I find it disturbing that education has become
a part of it. We say that education is a universal right and everyone should have it, but in practice it isn’t really. Certain people get access to a lot and other people don’t get access to very
much. No, it’s true, I think education is really just a process
of self-discovery, of developing a sense of yourself and what
you think. But the more that we self-segregate, and schools become reflections of people’s
homogeneity, then I think schools themselves become instruments
of division. I think of education as this great mechanism of connecting and equalizing, and it can be a little bit frightening when it becomes an instrument of that division. You know, one unfortunate trend seems to be that the highly educated, politically thinking
one set of thoughts and the rest of the country are thinking other
thoughts, and they don’t even communicate very well. It’s like two Americas. And people have no idea what the other side, how they live, what they think, what their lives are like. It’s just completely divided. And so, what I really want to do is tell stories. I kind of have to believe that if we had more ways that we can understand and communicate with
each other, that I believe that that would do a lot to help us communicate and work on what I
think is the central problem with our democracy
right now. Which is that the two sides no longer feel like they’re even part of the
same country. I kind of want to make the Idaho’s and the
Ohio’s and the Alabama’s a little bit more accessible to the places
like New York, to the places where that way of life is so foreign and almost unimaginable. And the book’s done fantastically. It’s really resonated with people. Yeah, no one’s more surprised than me.

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  1. Bill gates your are very hardworking person I waana meet you and I like to startup business I need lots of investment plz help me with that and I have an idea about business

  2. It's this way with gun control too. Works best in an Urban environment to prevent crime, yet in rural worrld less is better for protection, sustenance, maintenance. Bridging the Gap is great when it comes to education. Gates prior mission to bring the Internet to Libraries has certainly helped, and Common Core, truly the world needs more open to any one coffee shop school library amalgams.. walk in with computers..books.. Web, setup for education. You see, there are these battle lines which have been drawn.. three avenues of education.. by Government .. (sign up, you're a schlep) get a library card… Higher Learning Institutions which cost ( Hey who do you think I am? @BillGates ? ) and self taught toes in each, and hands on. It would be nice to have the middle of the road option.. we've every type of storefront imaginable.. why not a Free Education Store? It's right next to Advance, Publix and Starbucks and Walgreens,, walk in, it's free, empowered by the giving pledge.. great philanthropy, possibly utilizes The Great Courses Plus and Rosetta Stone. Start in the poorest areas of the world, poor countries, poor states, truly help build a bridge to lift people out of poverty and a lack of education. The polarization exists.. Government, Private, Self taught. The first two are represented by storefronts, the latter not and truly the problem.. I'M HOPEFUL.IMHO LLAP DjL

  3. Mr.Bill Gates
    School bored me since I was much younger, my dream was and still is to be an inventor then studying became a habit also questioning everything,I also quit evenings with friend to dedicate 100 % on getting new knowledge. Thanks had the opportunity to enter at the university of my country of biomedical engineering the question became: How this phenomenon happen? , Why is that?
    And I saw a video of your opinion about reading and questioning it definitely changed my life
    Thank you very much!!

  4. I just wonder how many Tara Westover around the world. In South Sudan I help over 850 pupils to receive the education that will transform not only their lives but also their offspring. Please visit @FSMJuba on twitter ro find out more.

  5. Listened to the Blink about this book. Possibly the most standout one for me, her personal story is absolutely staggering. It only amplifies the academic achievements she's managed to accomplish. Looking forward to picking up her book and really giving it a thorough read at some point, hopefully soon!

  6. Your extremely wealth i am poor. Can I please have a million dollars? A billion would be even better, but a million would still change my life. Thank you. Have a great day.

  7. I heard about her on NPR and read her book. Wow what an amazing person. Was excited to see this. I could have listen to Bill and Tara for hours.

  8. The university has been corporatised for profit. Truth is no longer a sacred pursuit. Everything is subordinated to the ridiculous greed of billionaires and that is how you destroy education. People don't want to be tools of profit.

  9. Mostly my interaction with smart people is they think they are better than others,,, for that quality,,,I HAVE NO TIME… eye love people who,,,LOVE


  11. Mr. Bill you are one of the Geniune Humen, could you please have a look on quraan.
    Its a book who can give you a big view on live and humenty.

  12. Tara , US trump card politician ? Uniting a divided America . Showing we are all human . Beliefs should NOT be bigotry . “Tomorrow is another day.”

  13. when I think of men like him … I inevitably think of all those millions of dollars that they have, but … I also think that just a million would be all for me! Bill Gates has marked the past, the present and the future. His millions are deserved from the first to the last! Will I ever get the million I want?!

  14. Thank you so much Bill for bringing this video to the general public. You could have just interviewed and kept it with you to show it off to your friends later on, instead you did the opposite. I don't know how long you remain wealthy in life but i so wish you remain alive, healthy for long so that you can continue imparting the real treasure (knowledge) to us. Being rich is not the answer to our purpose but making the difference is. You just did that.

  15. It is wonderful to hear different views on Education. Why some think they are superior to others just because they have a degree.

  16. Bill is in error when he suggests that the highly educated are of one political persuasion, and those who aren't are of another. That is not true in my experience nor in my observation.

  17. I like the concept where Bill is the interviewer! Interviewing the people who's work he wants to hilight. Brilliant! Do more of these please.

  18. The irony. A man that dropped out of college, that was from a stable family, and now is a billionaire, to a woman that had a horrible family, that was indoctrinated by the left, and now believes the right somehow is not educated, when many hold degrees. The book is interesting, but as with all Memoirs, it is written from the perspective of the author, which is always skewed.

  19. She sounds like she’s trying to sound smart. We know she’s smart, no need to try. Lol just my thoughts. Bill Gates is intimidating so maybe that’s where its coming from.

  20. Hello Mr William Henry Gates,
    I know that in next three to four steps you will demand me money for the registration and I am clearing it know that I am a poor person and I don't have money.
    I have listened that your foundation is doing charitable work for the welfare of children especially.
    And I have two children that are intelligent, brilliant and innocent and are studying in a local school here in my country PakistanI
    I don't have sufficient money for the expenses of thier study.
    And I am heartly requesting you that please help my children.
    God bless you and your family especially your children.
    Best regards,

  21. Love the video interview! Growing up with many privileges,  I definitely took for granted my education and how lucky I was to be given all the knowledge and equipped with all the necessary tools for the real world. Oh yeah, the real world; even when at times I feel that I haven't figured that out yet. I am soo happy I picked this audiobook, Educated by Tara Westover. In my opinion so far, the best heartbreaking and heartwarming book! Yana

  22. Imagine if she had attended elementary and secondary school like most kids: She could be completely mediocre and hollow-souled today.

  23. I know many many self-educated people who did not attend university. Sadly, these days, getting a college education does not necessarily translate into a becoming a wiser and more self-actualized individual.

  24. This morning I finished reading Educated and now I see the little girl’s face who moved a lot of feelings inside me. My respects to you Mr. Gates and to Tara Westover.

  25. I just read the book 'Educated' and watching her in this interview is so weird. I knew it was a true story of a real woman but after learning so much about her struggle it was hard to picture her as this woman seated across bill gates. Like her story was so extraordinary and nothing like I've read or heard before it was amazing.

  26. While i do agree that in general the ones with degrees and the ones without have different school of thoughts, degrees, or a formal education does not necessarily translate to smarter individuals.
    Learning is all about self interest, the want to know more and satisfy curiosity. Studying, especially in our current system where heavy emphasis is placed on grades, is for swallowing facts so that you can ace a paper. Those facts may not mean much to some. An intelligent mind is one that understands the facts in hand.
    That understanding or knowing based on proper facts is what sets a brilliant mind apart from a mediocre one in which both could have obtained degrees.
    Tara Westover to me has a brilliant mind. Without any proper guidance, she maneuvered her way through and had sought fantastic understanding in areas she is strong at.

  27. What an inspiring story, and it's beautiful how Westover got to share it with the world and eventually meet Gates: it was his scholarship that enabled her to go to Cambridge.

  28. Our education system today is measuring our students not by how well they gain knowledge and are able to express the knowledge they have gained, but by how well they read and write. Our current education model is not inclusive. But today technology can create a pathway to be inclusive…Recently featured in Forbes-

  29. bill gates is a shill from a eugenicist family. he is not to be trusted. this woman is smart and cool but is being used by big powers to most likely do more dividing… just saying…

  30. I read the book. There are many things i didn't understand. Maybe i will never understand. The vocabulary is hard. On every page im searching the web for meanings.She described about her life but she didn't clearly describe how she was successful with her education. We can think like she figured it out but it's not easy. Maybe a little more on that would make it much meaningful.

  31. I think it's a serious disservice to say Ms. Westover's family is representative of rural America. I agree there are differences between many of the values of those from rural and urban areas, but this family is in a category all it's own.

  32. I read this book and I am as shocked as I am touched. Tara has a way with words, she was able to describe a very brutal family surrounding her but somehow made them feel human.

  33. The fact that she sat down in front of one of the richest/smartest perople on Earth and acted so calmly is just MIND BLOWING

  34. I was speechless when I finished the book just a couple of days ago. It must have taken a lot of strength (besides excellent writing) to write this memoir. This definitely is the story that needed to be told and read and processed.


  36. Yes but educated people come in different forms, some educated people are very 1 sided as much as an uneducated person can see both sides… More about family values then what is learned in a school.

  37. Another remarkable life story for you, Bill: https://www.amazon.com/Power-Pen-Rico-Lamoureux-ebook/dp/B01M3NQ90O/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3C230KQ1A4TIG&keywords=rico+lamoureux&qid=1570937066&sprefix=rico+lam%2Caps%2C433&sr=8-1

  38. I watched this once before and there is a point Bill makes that Tara came from a Mormon survivalist family background. Seems to be missing from this video; I wonder why?

  39. The extremities of Tara's experience on both sides of the "line" really makes a different kind of understanding towards education. Dont take everything for granted kids

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