A Crazy Man Challenges a Taekwondo Master and Knocks Out

A Crazy Man Challenges a Taekwondo Master and Knocks Out

43 Replies to “A Crazy Man Challenges a Taekwondo Master and Knocks Out”

  1. That's just one of many kicks that taekwando master has in his arsenal. There are many more that are deadly that could crack that guy's cranium clean open. That's a fact.

  2. That was a pretty controlled axe kick. It could have arced higher and come down faster with the heel instead of the instep as the point of contact. Checkmate!!! Next installment: He walks into a sweaty Muay Thai gym and shouts, "Thai Boxing sucks and Buakaw wears panties"!!! That will be the last episode….

  3. They probably could have done this in a safer way, nonetheless glad to see the concern and good nature of the video ! Tawkwondo is a bs sport here in michigan usa there are children and obese people with black belts glad to see high levels of athleticism and flexibility that exists in the commercial sport.

  4. It’s not a dojo it’s a Dujhang because it’s Korean or in simple English dojang pronounced:(do-jshang) if it’s mixed martial arts (mma) its a studio. But if it’s Japanese it’s a dojo. I’m a 3rd degree black belt I go to a Aregis taekwondo.

  5. he is not crazy he is an idiot it would be like saying its easy to be an F1 raceing driver and getting behind the wheel and going for it but at least in this case only his pride and face got hurt.

  6. Taekwondo is for pussies I've only got five kicks five punches and that's the basis of their martial arts pussies

  7. and the master was being fancy.
    if he wanted to be effective, he would have swung the other way, and buckled his nose in.

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