A few comments on stance and movement in rapier fencing

A few comments on stance and movement in rapier fencing

so if I do this kind of stuff it's no longer going by so if he says in this dance here like that and he tows how much I move around yet if I start circling to the side here boom there it is and then show that to the show the hand trap the blade not the side when he's fighting me he is not going in a back way it's chance than ever so again now telephone give me your opinion jig Annie seems evacuated so gigantea News's I'd say a longer thinner blade that's it can cut because there's a whole section on cutting but it's primarily a trusting tool seems to be back weighted knocked you see you guys do this not like I can't do that video you know they'll go way back uh-huh all right but then then you got nothing but Janice is going to be there still weight on the foot it's not nothing you hear like this because you got ideon if you have all the way back here and he closes with me I so this flicks straight guys get from here that the whole reason why I need a little bit light I don't haven't even had a little bit like is so that when I do the launch either sort of point is my due to launch and even put them as fast more power off that back foot and make sure I gain it I'll make sure I go I need it all together that needs to be all together there you go these two go together like that I can be done with toka backward right so this is and I'll go to pictures and like I looks mostly back wait a minute if T 50 I'm proximately 5050 I shift weight so I could shift back and forth very lightly but right well apartment it to give you such a move around so I'm here like that now for me just for me to get that in lunge position I'll do is pivot the back and pivot the back foot this way and there it is so once I pivoted that pivot is what powers my knees a roster so it's a much more subtle motion if I see this coming for me it's a big motion I see it is coming for me he comes forward I'm back up this is not where he wants to be its – I can see look what back way I'm now back waited this is here what I think my next parts gonna be oh shit that's what leaning stands for up so my opinion on the back way it's actually a lean it leans to gain just a bit more measure so I can lean forward again and thrust how do you have to step at that point I usually must answer a sizing can see the book and so I think this right and this is most my wakes here but it's not all because some guys go I can't do it most guys wait wait is that there that his is supposed to do this other dude which one wears like if I had to go all without to cook but most likely and just like that more and usually come after step so I push back and you just before room might leave then but we were Fabrice we're being weird we don't do Fabrice that's me I don't think that's the way to stop that so what about those really odd hospices kneecap affair when you say Oh way leaned or exactly who you're talking about I think sounds are total yeah okay okay so I would fake him up I mean I could actually be listed so from here I would push forward and try to get him to move his guard up if I throw this way here this I want him to bring his sword up let's fire this way and this disengages and from here I come underneath course kandace oh okay alright now you're like but you can hit the head yeah yeah no I think I'm not you're not full/queen see now I'm being nice to him so I'm not all I'll show you where it would be in a Marshall contacts that now I'll show you just with my friend I'm going to actually intentionally missing something here this comes underneath here and down and this thing is not a lightsaber so as the sword goes through my throat right so like a saw so as long as I call stop maneuvers are really really cool hard to do in Carla pencil like also you better do it right as we're covering from it's not the coolest but it don't recover him not from a guy like this skill oh yeah because a little do stuff to you and this one here it's another like kind of cool maneuver is engaged on this side like this right I want my chest to face and normally don't you want to be with profile because what I want is I want to go for here I want that what I do is watch my back that does so yeah it looks really cool when you pull it off right and so you put out wrong you get game so you're okay like that so what you're doing is you've created this this target you're not you're not going to fight it I wanted to come in my sword stays and we'll talk for right there's a couple ways to do it cordage again back foot rotates hands out here lean in just as I thrust and it looks cool when you do it right when you do it wrong it looks like which is which is not good because if you miss your backs to them or whatever or you're too slow there's lots of variants to it there's actually one that's showing with the back door a gridline thank written like this is now grip is an older guy huh yeah which is funny is later later people commented on it they're like hey I don't know what they called out of my neighbor like when you do it make sure you face it huh I see chef does he like hands with it we're all super arrogant yeah I have them in one term okay it's a didn't make my poem very happy prettiest whole thing but you know happens and I done it because I worked work yeah because what I want to do is I wanted to come in right pretty everybody applaud especially when he has a change yes everything flies blah blah blah but I it's fast I was panicking yeah it'll come in that's less applause but still because one of these is like you know we practice and training drill and be frank but like when you fight a point that's really trying to stop you things don't always go according to plan so you just kind of apply the best that you can this is part of the game

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  1. Right now my guild isn’t big on competing…I found it through the HEMA club finder but they don’t host or compete in tournaments. The most there is is showcase sparring. So we’re just learning straight from Fabris Treatis but using Capofero guards (weight on back leg)….I do have to say if I were competing I think I’d be more effective going 50/50. Holding that guard can be really uncomfortable and really tires out that quad. By the time you’d be ready to execute a lunge or really any attack, your bag leg would be so fatigued that it would be a weak execution…inviting sloppiness, predictability, and inaccuracy, versus having fresher legs allowing there to be more force, spring, and more accuracy. Great video.

  2. I thought I was watching a blood and iron video at first…didnt look at the post bc I assumed it would give me another blood and iron vid after watching a few and then I heard Skall's voice and I was like….WAIIITTT A SEC THEY GOT SKALL THERE?!?!?! but then I realized he posted it lolz. fun moments being by yourself on youtube

  3. The Spanish ropera or badly translated rapier and it's art, the 'verdadera destreza' is the highest swordsman martial art ever existed in Europe and probably the world. All european styles fall short when compared to 'destreza', all of them have copied, none of them have ever admitted ( obviously being the spaniard swordsmen their fiercest enemy to control the new world ). The time has come to put back 'destreza' and the spanish ropera to where it belongs, as the only true art-science of the sword. More info: www.spanishsword.org ( now you can read the Spanish treatises in english )

  4. This HD is awesome. Thanks for that care, Skall, it's not necessaryn but it gives an effect in swords moves quite satisfaying for the eyes.

  5. There's so many times I'll be watching a video not even realising that it's Skallagrim until I hear him or see him. It's nice that he lets the subjects be the stars.

  6. You guys seens diferent from usual asian martial arts, some of them at least, who have a really restrict, rules to show videos and instructions on videos or even books sometimes, what are you restricted to show and not show on your channel?

  7. I wonder what these instructors have against Fabris? What I've seen of Fabris from Martin Fabian's channel seems excellent

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