A GATTLE A DAY | Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades | HTC VIVE | EARLY ACCESS |#34

A GATTLE A DAY | Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades | HTC VIVE | EARLY ACCESS |#34

hello people welcome to Vinny video in this is hot dogs all season honking it and just saw that he did a little update for and 4th of July and I mean these are pretty cool anyway but it has it these little tanks they ought to do a little firecracker tank and nobody's do so more importantly though shouldn't use added a gallon gun so let's go check that out back in burst world is that even how you pronounce it and Wow well we really as added it as I look at this look so much to think that they could actually make something like this so long ago Wow look at this beast looks amazing but the see did she take ammo we gotta find ammo Farah how does it even work oh no we don't need no ammo get it look at this one so cool and it just seems to be plenty of things around here yes it would destroy this cactuses here we can't get in Oh for whore so this judge said Wow I want to try and see what it looks like let me see you from me from the front now I'm not going to see it from for an hour it's too long way and it's too long that's pretty cool never gets old I think we reach maximum rpm there god nobody would have messed with you back in the day see I had one of these they're the interest in the sea I think that's maybe where it would have lauded if he did after Lord it just maybe where the shells might have come out or his this way it's lords in these is where it comes out possibly that is a magnificent machine that looks so cool but we do have a few other little tasks to do as well I really only have about half an hour in here today so really rushed off my feet today but we will try and get a few more tasks than because really I think you'd have to take a full week off work that actually be able to do everything that's in here at the moment but this is the one I didn't understand I might actually I assure you guys helps on this one because they're pretty confused at what you have to do here boom grab a good Y let's go on off so big shout out to California bill as well who said this might actually be a speed Lord therefore it was the volcano gonna something like that or must be a good that you get as a treat for doing something in here because I haven't come across a airport big shout out at California bill thanks for that one so at least when that gun does come around I know that I can pop it in there unless I've been using the volcano gun somewhere here no because that's not the same size bullet is it not just definitely would not go in there like that boom yes I think it's good I haven't got yet so I'll just keep it here just in case we do pop across it I wonder if we just shoot this hmm oh and if we shoot them all I don't know I just don't know that I try that then I'm on tier one – you and your games where's the next one nice purple pill that you did something this'll all be for nothing throw any left in there yeah testing at silence in the ballpark now and he said wonderful maybe – sure yeah anything where's the other key that's what I want to know and not big enough to have keys in them though you try this one all right dude all right yeah yeah yeah we fine I think you're just worrying over nothing [Laughter] maybe we collect all the dynamite my brain directed over drive here put it next to here I don't know see if we can pick it up oh I thought I the my crew time to pick it up a corpse Oh a little Gatley it is getting good we get a goodly good prize serious business here let's collect all that a empty small then whoopsie gotta be careful with TNT it's a dangerous but doing that lift that last orb into some TNT nope I mean I'm not sure this is what I'm meant to be doing both with dry yes that's going to be the key hopefully that's the final key because I couldn't see any other boxes could give us a bit of sauce as well though couldn't you Oh happen there that's what you think video Lee is gonna be in here oh really another dough so just looking for more disks to see sits over here it's a mystery to many combinations but I think there's gotta be some number somewhere for that I so much stuff unbelievable hmm and if that opens a case get all the ringers that'll probably give you a key or does enough Hey like cool concentration Oh only ten more to go yeah I still you know about me tange maybe if I take some TNT over that will make us feel better ah wonder if me tens is now destroyed so let's have a crack at this one and look what was easy and more key all those loads of pieces rather was load the pieces and up remember sure there's a piece of here oh there's a horseshoe up here though she's pretty cool thank you think I can get that one easily yeah no no no one of them eat henge big fat juicy mystery ah there it is nice I don't need the other bit of a little bit like do you know any other bit so we need laughs oh you see that ricochet you run our bullets already gonna say think it's a yeah I have four this is a wheel II some resource for that thank you very much and maybe one step closer to getting to the getting to the bottom that world I give up all that 100 ah ha ha so guys that's all I got time for today thank you so much for watching I really really appreciate you down in the comments there and liking and subscribing and telling all your friends about me and sticking in your playlist I really really didn't have as well that much time to play that they have so rushed for time and loads and loads of things happened so thank you so so much for your support as always guys and if you did like the video don't forget to leave a like and if you really liked it why not subscribe and I'll see you soon

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  1. Okok. Without explaining the entire history, gatle is not a verb. The reason itโ€™s called a Gatling Gun is because the man who made it had the last name Gatling.

  2. Loving the content more and more. You're not one of those fake youtubers that's overly excited and you can tell they're faking it. You are actually excited and for good reason. Being in VR is truely mesmerizing. Thank you so much for getting me into VR my Vive just got here and I set it up!

  3. ร€ gattle ร  day keeps who away? you might not recognize me but im the one who complained about your intros, gave you tips about thumbnails.

  4. Can you go on the breaching map and breach as various overwatch/tf2 characters? Reaper would be an amazing spectacle!

  5. Just got my vive so naturally this was the first game i got and you unlock the gun by doing all the horseshoes

  6. Keep up the good videos vinny. You also might be able to find another key on top of the large butter churn.

  7. hey Vinny awesome vid n I got a question would I be able to play VR with glasses but anyway nice vid ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Man, i remember last year's 4th of July update, and just look how pretty the game Is! The shaders look nicer mostly, but also the effects. update on my HTC Vive funds, i have no money, im getting into airsoft. (I spent it all on that whoops) I might post some airsoft if I get some sort of camera for it. anyway, hopefully I'll become more relevant in the comments again.

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