A new star is born — traditional recurve bow " jackalope smoked amber" by bodnik bows

A new star is born — traditional recurve bow " jackalope smoked amber" by bodnik bows

hello guys this is a little introduction about the bow that I reasonably purchased it's called the brands called Jackalope archery it's pre new in the market and the bow is called smoked amber because of the black assassin like this Isle and what is Jackalope archery Jackalope archery is basically a corporation between botnik bows and Germany's biggest archery equipment seller called the bomb squad bed the bow is as you can read 60 inches long drawers 35 pounds at 28 inch draw the riser could remind a little bit of the also known Bearpaw Redmond but this bow is I think 62 inches long and also 64 you get two options it's 62 inches and 64 inches long the limbs are made out of bamboo covered on both sides with black glass fiberglass or power glass however you want to call it the tips are made out of my cotta so you can actually shoot any kind of string that you want in this case I have a bear call whisper string I think it's 12 strands if I came with the bow the special thing about this bow is the riser and it's not made by these typical tropical woods that many bow builders or boyss use for example bubinga or Van Gogh I have another bow one of my favorite bows by the way it's the wild mountain Dolomites made in Hungary and it's riser is made out of woven gold so it's a little bit heavier than this one and what we have here is a European wood its heat treated oak wood so really nice sometimes you think oak is pretty a heavy wood but then I don't think so in this pouch really light but you get really nice groupings with it no problem at all the funky shiny middle section here or the Lions is once again my kata and I don't know actually the wood on top and under it I would say it's maple or something like that it's it's definitely not bamboo because you see of course the color difference I don't think it's bamboo I guess it's maple or ash or something like that just to give it a little more shiny look I think it's a really nice bow and then the following I'm gonna do some test shooting testing it's draw because bear proclaims it that you can draw it up to 30 inches safe I think you can draw it up to 31 inches so I'm gonna find that out and I'm also trying to do some trick shots with it okay now I'm doing some shooting with the Jackalope oh test its draw its speed again and it's grouping I also forgot to say that you get a 30 year warranty on these bows including broken limbs or the elimination so it's also the same like all Botnick those they give 30 year warranties to all of their bows they made so here we go okay this was 28 inches so it works pretty good now stacking it all of course as you all expect then I'm gonna go for it they claim you can draw it up to 30 inches which is safe but I say you can also try to up to 31 inches but I think it's not safe than anymore but also there it's very light very smooth without any problems okay now we go for 30 inches again no problem 30 inch see there gets a little more speed of course because then the draw curve goes like this of course you don't have 35 pounds anymore you got probably 38 or 37 so the arrow gets a little bit faster which is cool you can also use this for for example 3d parcours or something like that you get a distance of 30 40 yards or something like that and you can play with your draw you can just say okay I don't want to draw 28 inches I want to draw 30 inches so I get a little more pounds on my fingers so really nice really good boat again I'm doing two errors again 30 inches really fast though this time I try the zucchini leaf cutter took one of the Leafs of our zucchini plants put it on this little stick here and now I'm gonna try one shot one kill trust a Jackalope oh let's see what we can do oh yeah nice nailed it really good shot I gotta say this though is really really accurate you get really nice groupings with it and I'm really getting used to the I would say unusual handler or riser because I'm used different risers for example with bows from White Mountains or what mountain they have so little you could say carvings for the fingers so I'm used to that a little more and what can I say about the bow I forgot to say in the review that you can also get this bow in the clear laminate so you have of course the core is still bamboo and you have on top of that of both sides you have a little olive veneer so and then on top you don't have like this here black glass or power glass you have then clear glass so it gives a little more natural look than this one I think it's this one is suits I could say to more assassin like but I really like it so I would say really nice bow really accurate and although I've haven't crowning it really fast

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  1. Nice review and great shoting, thanks a lot! Here you can find the Smoked Amber: https://www.bogensportwelt.de/navi.php?suchausdruck=smoked+amber&JTLSHOP=ohrii3460q5gnve1jn1akc4ud0

  2. Sehr schรถner Bogen
    Ich werde ihn als Hebryd in 50# mit klar laminierten Wurfarmen mit Olivenfounier bestellen.

  3. Your are realy skilled whit a bow , And close combat weapons ! ..this is a very nice shot at 6:56 , is candy for the eye's ๐Ÿ™‚ …have fun shooting Brother !

    sorry for my poor english !

  4. Thanks for explaining. I learned a few things. Nice shooting as usual. Enjoyed the shooting/cutting combos.

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