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  1. My fellow Americans….. It's so sad how slowly our right to own firearms is being taken away. In New York City even with stringent gun laws New York has had since 1911, the crimes with guns continue. Just recently a person on 166th Street in the Bronx I heard was shot. New York's Sullivan Act of 1911 is an ill-conceived law created by political motivation nothing more. And since 1911 did ZERO to stop crime…… Only makes is easier for criminals to do their criminal trade. Prevents law-abiding citizens from carrying concealed for personal protection.

    The NY Safe Act is another piece of so called feel good law, That also makes zero sense. Turning law-abiding New Yorkers into criminals overnight. Both the Sullivan Act & NY Safe Act MUST BE REPEALED. Restore SHALL ISSUE in the ENTIRE STATE OF NEW YORK including New York City.

    Support the 2nd Amendment fight to continue your rights to bear arms in self defense.

  2. southernprepper1: "A private range that could be used to fire weapons that one day might be illegal."

    Nope! That would encroach far beyond tolerable/acceptable levels. New York State gun owners would be wise to (and in fact will) resist any such state over-reach when if it reaches this point. The people will have had enough. Underground gun ranges are discreet and suppress noise better than above ground indoor ranges. Neighbors don't even have to know it exists.

  3. When you free staters get around to liberating us here in CA, know that there are hundreds of thousands of partisans ready and waiting.

  4. I like the range. I watched this because I'd like to shoot in my basement.

    Are all you patriots who believe in the constitution willing to accept the constitutional way of law making? The legislature or executive draft laws and jointly approve them or, in the case of a veto, override the executive's approval; if the laws are unconstitutional citizens have a right to challenge those laws in state or fedearl court. If the law is unconstitutional the court will over turn the law, and if constitutional let the law stand. If neither side likes the result they can appeal further until the USSC rules or refuses to review the relevant appellate court's decision. Remember that it's unpatriotic to not respect the result just because YOU think you know better than everyone else. You don't get to pick and choose what part of the rule of law you get to follow to be patriotic…either you're for all of it or you're something else.

  5. Al lthe white guys love this range, but all the racist veterans are shitting all over the ghetto underground range? Cucks.

  6. Idiot libs in western Washington (the State) want to try and ban guns as well. I say if you do not want guns give them to me!!!

  7. awesome but one silly question. why a spotting scope at such a short distance? lol

  8. Im from New Jersey…..it's bad here when it comes to gun laws. You Southerners come up here with your CCW permit, and you will do serious time. Fact is, you can support ISIS here in NJ, no problem that is your 1st amendment right, fly their flag, distribute their hatred, no issues. But you cross into our state with any of the 49 – out of state gun permits, and Trenton will wipe their ass with the 2nd amendment – youre going to do serious time. So man, yes dont forget your brothers up North, we need you guys to help us put an end to this Liberal elitist gun fascist nightmare.

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