18 Replies to “A to Z of Archery: The recurve sight”

  1. I've made an apature and am attempting to fit and an wisket bisket, on to my home made pvc bow.

  2. on my compound bow i have a peep sight on the string. Is there not some form of rear sight or something to line up with the front on a recurve?

  3. Wish you had talked about how you line the bowstring up with the aperture housing and how lighting can affect how your brain perceives its alignment.

  4. Can anybody tell me how to avoid tilting the bow the upper limb of my bow tilts to the right side but I feel that its straight

  5. How do you aim? just point and click jeez how hard can it be…
    starts drawing, doesn't anchor, thinks sight on yellow = aiming, shoots GODAMIT

  6. My recurve bow's sights are a single pin and from my position the pin's off to the right and moves its way to the left barely my field of view so this video to me was about as useful as a bow without it's string and arrows.

  7. yeah – but how do you set the sight up?  where is the sight in relation to the string; how far out does it stick?

  8. this is great stuff. I'd love to know what people think about what to focus, the sight or the target. I've always kept the target in focus but some people defend we should keep the sight in focus while leaving the target blurred. Any thoughts on this?

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