A trip to the indoor gun range (first time shooting handguns)

A trip to the indoor gun range (first time shooting handguns)

like when you'd like good bite good here we go alright guys so yeah I'm here with camera and Chris today and we're we're at the East elegan Gun Club range we're gonna shoot some handguns with our buddy Rob he's your cousin isn't he great Greg's cousin yeah so you guys don't know Greg he's a goof anyways um just kidding Greg no you are anyways um so yeah we're going to shoot some handguns and some 22 is at the indoor range your destock Gun Club should be a lot of fun and awfully nobody to get shots so friggin rights here we go okay so we're here with my buddy Rob we're down at that like I said the east dog & Gun Club we're gonna fire some rounds off I'll give you guys a little look at the the premises here how long is this again Rob 25 30 30 meters 30 yards so yeah and there's no wind in here that's the most important part so uh yeah we'll get set up here and then we'll do some shooting oh this guy he brought like friggin m16s and he's got like all kinds of stuff man my goodness my goodness whenever you're anybody just one shot and then it'll stay open so then when I'm done firing the guns first thing I'm the first thing you're gonna do is you know put your safety on some cover akin rights when you can so then you're gonna fit this is a finger rule sometimes there's a mag release like my Glock this one's a fisheye you might not I should be able to see where you hit okay I'm here with cameraman Chris he's gonna shoot a Glock 40 for the first time he's doing good so far don't make me nervous don't do that anyways yeah so yeah so then you get to do that hand if you want to just getting some instruction here from Rob with your put down away we were good and safe yeah it's all about safety afraid intimidating well my hands are screaming and it happens hang on door cowboy so let's get a good grip with both hands get a good sight take a breath and pop wait slow it out make sure your your hand is tight in your beaver tail if you leave a gap there it's gonna go like that they're able hop up it'll hop up if you leave a gap just make sure your hands at the butt cuz I don't want you to be afraid of the slide yeah that's perfect because you're seen a little gap and you lift it up just keep your tight and it'll jump less and then when you like your foot stance is up to you I think because it's comfortability but a little bend here and a little bit here I mean it's going to go boom and you're right back on target boom right back my target but with some guy would go like this you're going to go up or to the side but we have a little bin you're gonna stay right on target for your next shot so just a little bend and you're fine BAM that's why that's why you don't right here yep Oh buddy could I get an interview how is that put just push it right in yep I don't feels a little awkward Oh and then yep just so that's the ejection so I'll keep that up buddy buddy do you like it that's fucking crazy it's good yeah a little more powerful oh no right on man oh yeah make sure your hands tight up in the beaver tail so they kick especially when you have multiple rounds in the mag because if you have room next shot up here yes big one yes you're pushing a follow straight up and down on a superior he's pushing off yeah I know it's a little nervous when you couldn't do it okay it the way it goes perfectly this way so sometimes people want to push it forward we're going to turn to the other edge people agree injury that wasn't that bad I thought it was going to kick a lot worse no less straight-arm if you have a little bit of King like I said you'll shoot me on target shoot and be on target shooting be on sorry you'll have you don't have as long as a reset just a little rest like I said the best idea is a little kicking your arm you'll lean a little forward to take compensation and you bend your knees a little everything's just a little Ben and a little forward and then your next shot you should be right where you were the next time listening for a big kick gun a little lean for on center yeah it'll stay open when you're done okay now you got one left I think that's it yeah man that's awesome all right guys so yeah that's a little bit of fun at the range they're at a good time dummy I got my gun sighted him pretty good here I'll show you a couple couple song adventures here I hope you can see that's a little low so i justed it you know you know it's not bad not bad should be able to shoot squirrels in the head with that so yeah freaking boys you're just going to sweep up some cart this year while I do a little minor vlog and it's a lot of fun hopefully come back here membership fees seen be pretty good so might even come up and get a membership here something like that we would do more shooting so yeah friggin rights guys hope you enjoyed the son of a bitch it's the motherfucker and yeah you guys have a good one joon-ha Kluge one out son of a Beck

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  1. funny thing I notice about new timers is that they stand there for about a minute adjusting their hands and looking down range over and over again then finally shoot followed by a smile or laughter.

  2. Why would you want to shoot handguns? They're expensive and there's targets for that… stupid American gun nuts ๐Ÿ˜ช

  3. Pistols are too much fun. I've bought 3 since I turned 21 last year and love them. Bought a m&p 9c as my carry gun the day I turned 21 and have since bought the full size m&p 9 and 40.

  4. That's exactly what I need. I need someone to show me the "ropes" when I go for the first time. Just got my gun a few weeks ago and will be going this weekend. Thanks for uploading this.

  5. I'm a member there as well. Great place with so many awesome people that will let you shoot there guns too!. Glad I joined, indoor and outdoor ranges for every shooting experience.

  6. Already at the range, especially one which is busy (loud), is not the time for basic instruction. New shooters need to be oriented to safety, manual of arms and basics of stance and grip before setting foot in there. Obviously some corrective communication has to happen at the range. I make a rookie watch a range safety video and one on grip the day before. Start with a 22 if possible.

  7. Does this range allow you to uncase BEHIND the firing line? We are not allowed to walk around with any weapons unless still cased or holstered. Major range safety rule fail.

  8. who needs a 10 round magazine to shoot a deer?-ban all guns says the sheep aka the pacifist liberal soccer mom.

  9. i went to the us on holiday once and on my first ever trip to the shooting range i was shooting targets and the instructor started giving advice i turned around to listen and he looked at me in horror and started to reach for his gun and i realized i was pointing my gun at him, i freaked out put it down and was like omg sorry sorry and he started shouting at me lol was the most scared i ever was, but he was cool he realized it was an accident and let me carry on, but i'll never do that again! xD

  10. So glad i live in Pennsylvania and shoot what ever i want off my back porch. But i will say i have never been to a indoor range ever

  11. got a glock 26, I plan on taking it to the range today or tomorrow.. I'll let ya know what i think about it… never been to a real range before.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. @NwChapt1 pal = boring normal rifles Rpal= handguns and less boring riffles prohibited= short barreled handguns under 4.25 or is it 4.75 and cool rifles.
    so basicaly you want a gun you got to take a course. you want a handgun you gota take another course pertaining to handguns and restricted rifles and unless you already owned prohibited guns before this legislation came in in like the 90's your fucked for anything truely cool. and ccw is imposible unless the mafia is afterya

  13. @zomgz932 im assuming your in canada?? i just assume because of the rpal. Is it just for a handguns, or for long guns too?

  14. I'm a dead ringer with most firearms at 15yards or so, but the Glock .40 is a PITA to shoot straight, I hate it totally. My buddy bought one for is US Customs wife for her birthday, and both of us couldn't get that gun to hit anything, he traded it in for a 9mm, and that pistol none of us had a problem with, it was great. Just some food for thought.

  15. @dave11686 yea basicaly but you cant have sub compacts since they are under the 3.75'' barrel length and those are prohibited. and in order to get those you whould of had to own prohibited weapons before all this stuff came in.

  16. @zomgz932 Illinois is only one of two US states that has no form of CCW whatsoever. I went shooting a couple weeks ago and it was awesome. I'm in the process of getting my FOID. So a PAL means no handguns but an RPAL means handguns?

  17. @dave11686 restricted possession acquisition licence. lets you acquire and own restricted firearms in canada (handguns over 3.75''-4'' and rifles under 36'') a normal PAL lets you buy longuns over 36'' in length.
    and also there's almost no posible way to get a ATC (authorization to carry) basically the us's CCW the only way you can even hope to legally carry is if you got some serious shit after you and police are not enough.

  18. @zomgz932 What's an RPAL? Is it a license to own guns and/or ammo? In Illinois, USA we have the FOID card, required to buy or own guns and ammo here.

  19. If you get a glock just make sure you get a 3rd gen, 4th gens are turds right now. Theres all kinds of threads on glocktalk about it, there's been like 4 revisions of the recoil spring to try to fix it.

  20. logie you need a AA-12 Automatic Shotgun The 12 gauge gun will spit out 300 rounds per minute and can survive below zero temperatures or a dunk in salt water to its stainless steel construction. It uses a Tommy-Gun like cylinder to feed in the cartrides and is designed to operate with almost no recoil.

  21. your first group with the 22 looked good, scope was most likely set for 100yrds, at 30 there is not enough distance to make up for hight difference between barrel and scope if its sighted in for 100, with a group like that you should not have moved it, anyways shoot more YEA CHOOCH IT!!!!

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