Aaron Watson — Fence Post [REACTION]

Aaron Watson — Fence Post [REACTION]

[Applause] hey everybody welcome to rock in the country hope you're having a good day I'm dawn and today I'm doing a subscriber request as I do and I am doing Aaron Watson song fencepost and an interesting comment about this well first off he's a Texan he's from Amarillo Texas right and this was recommended or requested by Bryan Dyer and this is what you said in the comment you said this is like the anthem of Texas so I don't know what I'm getting here because I don't know this song but I'm looking forward to hearing the quasi pseudo anthem of Texas maybe it's the de-facto one I don't know I don't think there was a vote but who knows and this let me say the song or the artist I think the artist Aaron Watson was also requested by Golden Littlefield Joshua Tran –them Elliott Benson and Jared Jones so I'm guessing this is a good song because if that many folks if you all recommend it on some of you guys really know your stuff that is gonna be a good song so well let's just get into it orange isn't that a car yeah that's the Longhorns color right that's one of them anyway man I'm tracking with the song all right here we go we have a song all these years later and I'll never tell you who his name is because it's really not about him this song's about just chasing your dreams it's not about not about the knee back down even it pissed me off somebody says you can't do something just let it feel what your fire get out there [Applause] see where this goes but I wore a smile on my face I said thank you for your time sir put this old guitar back in its case our little conversations like a revelation redirect my dreams God knows I'd never sell my soul to rock and roll or rap or windows tight-fitted city [Applause] and the lyrics all I need is my faith my plans my friends of mine me besides I'd rather be an oaf it's posted Texas and the king of Tennessee well of my mouth pickup truck I drove back home damn Marilla got this gig off of route 66 this ballroom called the armadillo and for the first thousand shows are so not so showed up thought about quit every other day but I just kept on kicking that I got a pretty wild for ranch of bad the bus a bow I'd say I'm doing all right [Applause] those how I miss my fans my friends of my family besides I read below its post in Texas and the king of Tennessee [Applause] where would you know that all recognition of whatnot this honky tonky Barney said son I believe the next made country star like how you're keeping a rail and we think you may have what we all like to call is something [Applause] is my family besides I could be – no it's hosting Texas in the king of Tennessee god bless Tennessee just enough it's I texted skinny [Applause] promote this record keep on doing it cuz it's working beautifully hey he threw some love it to add Tennessee toward the very end there and you know he made sure not to disrespect cuz you know I'm sure he's got a lot of fans in Tennessee too so but you know you gotta wonder what his options were to when you're gonna write a song like this where you're like look I'd rather be a something than something in Tennessee alright so he figured out king of Tennessee so I mean that might have been an easy one but you could have been a rock you could have been a spare tire I'd rather be something in Texas I mean there's a whole clothesline there's a whole bunch of things you could have been an old scraggly dog I don't know but he went with fence post and that's quite an image cuz we all have an image in our head when we think of a fence post Seldon or metal most of them are wood some of them are old some of them are new some of them are six feet tall some of them just keep the cattle in so they're like you know not monstrous anyway I'm not gonna rate that I mean that's just and you know I mean it's like that annoying light that was going from the guys camera who was videoing this and maybe he's bouncing off one of the other lights cuz it looks like he's got a one of the lights coming right at him so maybe it was creating that but I like seeing some of these I like the feel of being in the crowd I love that I'm going to see Jamie Johnson in November I already got my tickets up here in New Jersey and a club that I love called the Starland Ballroom I love this place and holds maybe 1,500 people and I'm imagine he's gonna sell it out I love that feel of just being in the crowd even if you have to wait on the long line to get in which we usually do but that's a fun song that was just a fun song so I'll let you guys leave your comments on that well because I know you're gonna have I love it when somebody said of course it came back full circle where the guys like we think you might have some commercial appeal he's like uh I'm doing fine without you my friend all right so Bryan Dyer there you go there's your anthem of Texas but also golden littlefield joshua Tran Thome Eliot Ben Elliott Benson and Jared Jones that goes out to you and I know some other folks from Texas and I specifically have some in mind right now who I know I'll be hearing from so in a good ways my guess so there you go all right guys I hope you enjoyed that have a great day see on another video keep rockin the country

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  1. Can't go wrong with A.W. even though I'm an Okie, the "red dirt" genre unites us all, artist from all over singing about real things. Still want to here you do some Casey Donahew. Good stuff as always

  2. “London Homesick Blues” by Gary P. Nunn is the anthem of Texas. Also the theme song of Austin City Limits. Try that one. It’s awesome.

  3. I see any artist wearing a black cowboy hat anymore and it's like lame AF country. At least it's better than Old Town Road. This rips off Long Haired County boy way too much. Lame AF

  4. Aaron Watson has an amazing catalog of songs. You should do "Barbed-Wire Halo". Its about a man he knew at his church when he was a kid. Beautiful tribute to a man he obviously looked up to a lot.

  5. This put a huge smile on my face! 😃 He could've talked about any state and I still would've loved the song, but of course I'm partial to TX! 😍

  6. Great song and yeah everybody down here knows the words by heart! Keep that Red Dirt coming! You know, with your burnt orange shirt and camo cap, you'd be nearly impossible to find in our local Walmart! Like I commented on KVOK's channel a few days ago, Aaron Watson is still today independent with no major label in sight and he wrote all 20 tracks off his latest album. Yeah, he's real country.

  7. Don please forgive me but you want the masters of old country Fried Weller Games People play and FORGOTTEN singers Bob Luman Lonely Women Makes Good Lovers , Nat Stuckey Take time To Love Her. Don I 'am old school country. Don I know pain in arsis but sort of know old country because my brother was and Simi pro country singer. To be honest Don he was damn good at it.

  8. Thanks Don. Aaron actually drove me home from one of his concerts in Lubbock back when I was in college. I've known him since grade school. What you see is what you get with him. He's a real good dude.

  9. Ohhhhh, I'm sad for Tennessee. I'm a Ky born Tennessean. I am also an honorary Texan cause my oldest 2 daughters were born there 😊

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