ABSOLUTE Best Way to Improve Archery Skills!

ABSOLUTE Best Way to Improve Archery Skills!

hello YouTube it's Chris here and we have a special guest this is Morgan from rogue preparedness we are here at my buddy's popular day we're here – that perk of the old white tree six challenges await you in your bow rusev archery targets Rocky's got all five knots like I thought trying to take it down I can't see nothing my glasses fogged up go dead center there's turkey I'm hungry no fat jokes I'm trying I'm trying got it she gets max points if she hits it in the white technically the white dot but yeah spina bifida you hit it anywhere in the body though it's it's kaput those broad heads nowadays are nuts it has no functionality it has no hands what if you wanted to oh so you're telling me in your book out location with your recurve bow you're going to take laminate swims to perfection to identically match the grain the draw weight everything the length everything in the woods which you're freakin more of mechanical precision it's a mess I saw the next target if you can't see it it's a deer got a big old buck right there 40 yards it's a well most it's 40 pointers yes 40 at least 40 it's a whitetail though so it's not in season yet so you know this is illegal that was so close to the vitals oh I'm all making fun of her for hitting the throat I legitimately did we turn compound compound I don't know what I'm doing look over yonder I got ourselves a genuine buyer oh I got him dad oh that is dead since your baby at 30 yards is better the little native girl goes faces the bear down head-to-head ruthless yes you're so ruthless stab him in the heart yes she is joyous in the occasion when everything in there about Jonny coming but first we have one final trial its luck target oh gods of the math you boys I think she's ready have you heard that there's like a black panther in this area I've heard it's like a Texas black panther fight those taxes you might like like the Marvel movie were like like literally like an animal you know I wasn't clear on that that'd be cool that I don't know I don't know if I Matthew just shoot that vibranium though that's that's kind of tough pooping exactly I'm bad excited I would be scared as turd if I see if at all if it surprised me I'm gonna go move I'm um my skeeters you're gonna get filled I'm gonna try to get it I'm trying to get it but wait that's black panther scat be very very quiet I'm hunting wabbits mmm what's up dad you go pet it I'll know if y'all see it over there I'll try to get it 65-pound raw or on another degrade air I heard it that Chris just anger down oh I heard it Oh teamwork see what a lot of people don't know is they always go for the lung in the heart shots but the best place right there sometimes in the leg honestly the leg literally some of the best shots come on we'll show you what a real kill shot looks like you bring it down you get it in the leg and through the neck no mercy no mercy for that all right so we are done we had it so much fun compound still better but if you guys do not are not subscribe to Morgan's Channel it's broke preparedness we're gonna have a link down in the video description we're gonna pretend you guys are doing this go go down there and subscribe she makes a lot of content and I think you have a thing where you said she vowed and she's gonna make 365 episodes this year which is absolutely insane I make three and makes one of my head spins to the fact that she's doing it she's really dedicated to the prepping world and for the ladies the moms just everyday people honestly she's awesome tables so difficult go check her out and maybe we'll do a collab and team up in a couple months again and we'll actually hold a giveaway for you guys so put you at subscribe your channel we turn compound what are you doing we're trying to make a video here just around this bed hi mom hi is he recording

41 Replies to “ABSOLUTE Best Way to Improve Archery Skills!”

  1. Are you kidding me. What dumbass set these guys up. DL is like 3" too long and form is horrible. You need to delete this video so people won't think this is Archery. It isn't. It's a joke by any standards.

  2. great vid sir. Im new to your channel. Love archery. How about sling shot, crossbows and blow guns. Great once again keep it up

  3. I almost forgot have the boys do push-ups and pull-ups to help build their arm strength up it does help

  4. I just got a crossbow and trying to learn it.

    I love the triggered moment. Love both yalls channels and this colab!

  5. Recurve, as i said in the last one, eazy limb repair, you dont need oil for a recurve. A recurve wont get damaged if you accidently drop it in the sand or water, bearings on the other hand tend to seize and malfunction when introduced to certain elements.

  6. This isn’t survival!! You should be able to take your grandad’s Case knife into the field and build your own bow! Kidding. Someone had to say it. I don’t own a bow but have been thinking about getting one. I am probably gonna look at some next weekend on a trip I am taking to see friends.

  7. Chris, glad to see you in a video. It made it that much more enjoyable and adds a personal touch. Aside from all that, very entertaining, thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. TRIGGERED!!!!!
    The music during our high five was literally the best part.
    I probably shouldn’t have let Kid Rogue watch that bugs bunny clip. Haha! But she sure loves watching this video, as did I! I am literally rolling on the floor laughing. 😂😁😎

  9. Chris, your bow form needs work, 1st: bowhand/left hand should be tilted at 45°to bow riser & in video you shot three(3) different anchor points, need to fix that……
    And who ever taught you guys all three of you in video, to shoot with bent elbow on bow arm is COMPLETELY WRONG, BOW ARM shoulder should be level with constant push, BOW hand turned 45° away from riser, with constant pull against backwall @ full draw – with the very same anchor point EVERYTIME, just pointing out the obvious in video, try these tips, for better accuracy & more consistent arrow placement…… Good luck…

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