Acoustic Fences – Fencescape Fencing Caloundra

Acoustic Fences – Fencescape Fencing Caloundra

so going to Andrew here from Penn State Flandre the medicine keeping them in the room and Andrew this is a foot interesting one because we would build a new house can be Honda sensing noises a bit of initial lit room that's right it's busy right here on albatross trade and they whi just cut it out animals like cut out people looking into their backyard okay so the left and cats is such a really really nice in each other's world should stop all that car noise coming down into the pool area in the house yeah definitely cut out a lot of noise and they're looking at in the bottom is sleeper sleep is the final offense to illegal missiles just a test pilot fastest allowed the lands pretty up and down and now so yeah just put that in there there was no other way around it really yeah yeah like it's such a lid to keep the super which influences the a Capon top of the fence at the same height the whole way through and that's what the owner wanted yes then with the actual construction of the Saints here I can see the young man overall and a launch straight line over to your installer here they have got a very good installer he does a lot of MoMA lectures very good she's really nice and very particularly which is really important my tank what's all good thanks Andrew my wife

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  1. Good work 👍👍

    Can you have a brief response to our video and let me know what you first thought as I think you have got an eye for it

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