Active Shooter (a short film)

Active Shooter (a short film)

(phone ringing) (voicemail tone) – [Phone Operator] The mailbox is full and cannot accept any
messages at this time. Good bye. (dramatic music) – We’re here first on the scene. Live where a shooter has just gone on a rampage at Lincoln High. (gun shots)
That was gun fire. (gun shots)
That was gun fire. (people screaming)
We just heard gun shots, live at Lincoln High. We are now behind the news van. I believe the shooter has opened fired. – [Phone Operator] The mailbox is full and cannot accept any
messages at this time. Good bye. – We’ll keep you updated on
this story as it progresses. But those were gun shots. This is live, right now, on
the air from Lincoln High, and shots have been fired by the gunman. (phone rings) – [Emergency Dispatcher] 9-1-1 emergency? – This is Carl Ford. My son is Andrew Ford. I’m afraid he may be
involved in the shooting. – [Emergency Dispatch] Involved how? – I think he’s the shooter. – [Emergency Dispatch] Have you spoken to your son today, sir? – No. No, I keep trying to call
him, but he won’t pick up. – [Emergency Dispatch] Where are you now? – Home. – [Emergency Dispatch] Do
you own any firearms, Carl? – Yes. – [Emergency Dispatch] Are any missing? – I can’t find the key,
and I need the key to get into the gun cabinet, and it’s gone. He’s broken into it before. I thought I hid it somewhere safe. He must have found it. – [Emergency Dispatch] Stay where you are, and look for something, anything that can help. Let us know what you find. Carl, every minute counts. – [News Reporter] Firefighters
are currently on the scene. They are headed toward
the school right now. In addition, there are several ambulances and police officers here on their way. As you can see, the firefighters
are approaching the school slowly. Possibly as to not alert the shooter or shooters of their presence. (phone rings) (voicemail tone) (dramatic music) – [News Reporter] They are here right now, they are hoping that they will be able to help the students to get them out of the school if at all possible. They are on their way. Thank you very much. Alright, I’ve just been
given the go ahead, I believe they are going in to the school. Rescue teams are on their way as we speak. The county fire department is down here, we aren’t exactly sure, it could mean that a student has been
injured, or a teacher. There are several ambulances. We’ve heard sirens. Firemen are getting out right now. We aren’t exactly sure what is going on. If they are going to be heading inside or going to be attending
to wounded outside. It looks like their intention is to get inside the
school if at all possible. They’re starting over here
close to the gymnasium, where we did hear shots fired earlier. (man yelling) (gun shots) – [Video Game Character] It hurts. (video game plays) – Coach Kryder called. He said you quit the team. Is that true? I’m talking to you! This is what’s going to happen. You’re going to go to Coach Kryder, and you’re going to ask him,
no, you’re going to beg him to let you back on that team. And no more games until you do! (laptop slams closed) (sighs) (Andrew yells) – [News Reporter] We can
now confirm at this time it is one active shooter, male. Police have exchanged fire with the gunman from a school window, and
one officer is wounded. Police are maneuvering toward
the building right now, but have not yet entered. The question on everyone’s mind is what would motivate someone to do this? People are currently unaware
of the continuing situation. Unsure as to whether it
is possibly two students, or a parent of someone in the school. The identity of the shooter
as yet remains unknown. Police have informed me that they are working as hard as possible to find the identity of the shooter. But the question on
everyone’s mind remains, what would motivate someone
to do this, and why? Lincoln High, you see behind me, is one of the largest schools in the area, home to over at least a thousand students. Right now we have been talking to several of the students here. Parents are extremely concerned about the welfare of their children. Are they still in the building, or are they out of the building? Police have not yet confirmed whether or not they have any students out. But we do know that there are several here that were at the school. We’re still live from Lincoln High, where close to a thousand at
least of the area’s children… Sir, sir are you a parent? Are you a family member
of someone in the school? – Oh Andy… – [News Reporter] We have
reports of an active shooter. As you can hear right now, right above us, there is a police
helicopter heading overhead, heading in the direction of the school. Hopefully they will be able to give us some more information
about what is going on. (dramatic music) (sighs) – Well, you heard it right here. Concerned parents attempting
to reach their children. Police have informed
us of the sheer volume of calls from parents. Police are asking that parents
of children in the school, and other concerned citizens
to stay in their homes. – [Andrew] Am I insane. Thinking life is a game. Thinking life is a curse. ‘Cause I’m feeling the worst. Am I insane? Katie, you know I exist. So why must you always resist? For me, you are my bliss. If there is a god, grant me this: Kiss me, Katie. Kiss me, Katie. Kiss me, Katie. (dramatic music) – [News Reporter] Firefighters
are on the ground right now attempting to get students
out of the school, and off the building,
as far away as possible. As you can see, our news chopper overhead is trying to get a better
picture of the students currently on top of the
school attempting to escape. Whether or not the shooter
is still in the school, or has left and is on the roof with those students there remains unknown. – What a bunch of crap. (suspenseful music) (girls crying) – [Female Student] The
shooter in the library. – [News Reporter] Did you get a good look at him by any chance? – No. I just know it was a man. (phone rings) – [Katie’s Mom] Hello? Hello? – [Carl] Mrs. Brown? – [Katie’s Mom] Yes? Who is this? (girls crying) – This is Carl Ford. My son… My son is Andrew. I believe he’s friends
with your daughter, Katie. Have you been watching the news? – [Katie’s Mom] I’m at the
school, I’m trying to find Katie. But the police won’t let me in. They’re keeping me out, and
she’s not picking up her phone. – Mrs. Brown, the reason
I’m calling is I believe Katie and Andrew were
talking the other day. Did she say anything to you? – [Katie’s Mom] Say anything about what? What would Katie tell me? – They had a fight. And I believe this may have triggered… – [Student] Then he shot Jesse,
and then he shot Taylor Washington, then he shot Katie Brown. My best friend, Katie Brown, he shot her. – [New’s Reporter] I’m so sorry. Do you know if she’s
still inside the library, or was she able to get out? You heard it here folks, there is massive gunfire going on… – I’m sorry. – [Katie’s Mom] I can’t hear you. What are you saying, Carl? Carl? – I’m sorry. – [Katie’s Mom] You’re sorry? – I’m sorry. (helicopter swooshes) (phone rings) (voicemail tone) – [Phone Operator] The mailbox is full and cannot accept any– (phone rings) – [News Reporter] We
understand from a source with knowledge of the investigation that the (voicemail tone) suspected shooter is dead on
the scene with a weapon on him. Whether he took his own life, or police took him down remains uncertain. But it would appear that
the worst is now over. Back to you. – Oh Andrew. (dramatic music) Why? Why? – [News Reporter] Several
people I have spoken with today are speculating as to how
something like this could happen. Gun control advocates are saying when is another school
shooting going to be enough? People who advocate for a
better healthcare system are arguing, conversely, that
the broken healthcare system is responsible for active
shooters such as this. – [Carl’s Voice] I need the key
to get into the gun cabinet, and it’s gone. I thought I hid it somewhere safe. – [News Reporter]
Regardless of the motive, and however this did
occur, people are saying that they hope nothing like
this will ever happen again. Back to you. (dramatic music) (phone rings) (sirens) – [Andrew] Dad? (slow music)

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  1. I thought the ringing in the beginning was the starting of the Seinfeld theme song

    Edit: went back and realized it doesn’t :/

  2. I wonder why the US has school shootings but the uk doesn’t? Oh I know why because they sell guns to civilians just because a stupid old piece of paper says to

  3. i thought it was funny that the dad typed in “password” and “andrew” in his laptop password thing and got mad that they weren’t it

  4. Wait freedom titties, Uncle Sam, freedom titties with guns…. are they trying to make this political? I’ve never seen an emo kid like America

  5. What I dont get is if most shooters were in fact bullied in school why dont they just go after their bully instead of innocent people who had nothing to do with it?

  6. It seems the Father jumped to conclusions about his son, before actually looking for the key in the first place. Apparently to call the police, tell them his son is the shooter, rife through his things, hack into his computer, call the girls mama, admit fault, pick up a bat, and only then think to look for the key?? If he had any faith in his son he would got that gun cabinet open first, so I think the father was just acting out of guilt of not always being there, and projected that on the son. Now here is were I speculate on why the shooting happened. Katie was obviously a Bitch, as you can tell by her words "I Would Never Date You!!", and when you talk to people in such a heartless way, you will eventually say something out of wack to the wrong person and they might kill yo ass and others. Obviously Andrew was hurt, but he never broke mentaly, I believe she had a habit of putting people down, and somebody decided to fight back. Let me be clear she has freedom of speech and a right to love or hate somebody, but when you make a decision to act in a hateful way, you invite hatefull circumstances your way. You never know peoples mindset, they will snap.

  7. im sorry this is a serious video but like WHAT KID would make their password their OWN GODDAMN NAME like you gotta try a little harder than that

    also did this kid legit see this sex scam bot thing and THINK THAT SHIT WAS REAL like bruhhhh

  8. 8:40 looks like the scene in a horror movie where the murderer pops up outta nowhere and stabs the character in the neck a bunch. 🤡🔪

    ( am i crazy to think this? pls let me know)

  9. Idk why but I would love to play that game.. Belford someone says "you young people can't play those games because it can get to your head" stfu the people that do acho ok shootings and ah ir like that are mentally weak and can't understand what reality and a video game is

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