31 Replies to “ADAM BOBROW THE VOICE OF TABLE TENNIS | TableTennisDaily Podcast #4”

  1. Throw us a comment guys, me and Adam will get back to you. Hope you enjoyed the podcast! Let us know in the comments which stars and ambassadors you would like to see on our future episodes! Drop us a LIKE and Subscribe! Thanks guys!

  2. Thanks Adam for your lovely efforts on table tennis matches,XuXin is like my Son and you are always screaming and shouting while commenting XuXin Matches with your lovely interesting voice on them!But let me call it a good lucky day for Simon beating XuXin!Like what Ito Mima did just once as an upset and beat all Chinese top players in 2018!!That will not happen again!

  3. Hi Adam, so funny to hear you and see you here. I used to live in LA and played with you. A small world… You've worked so hard to be where you are. Take care. Dominique M.

  4. It's always nice to hear from ADAM BOBROW, the best feature shITTF ever presented to us, as he's the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and overall thrilling in his interventions – as it should be – of both a fabulous TT narrator & his own color-commentator! Kudos to both of you for the podcast!

  5. You two should do another Podcast after the games are over. Too much stuff has already happened. Its already hard to watch 1 day late 🙁

  6. i really like that ADAM BOBROW is the face of commentating and partly for the ITTF with all his antics, breath of fresh air and seems fun and approachable – someone i feel would be good for those early in there development as well as i really sense a passion that he loves the sport.

  7. Hi, Yesterday I saw the match of Ma Long against Hugo Calderano. I thought in set 3 and 4 he really was 10 times better than Hugo, certainly from a tactical point. Do you think he is approaching his level of 2015-2016?

  8. Adam makes the matches so much better! (if it was even possible) I'm always looking forward to his comments when following the opens

  9. Yes you there will be a sound but for noone to hear it is like a crime done without any witnesses its always still a crime in law

  10. Nice podcast guys! For the next episodes some suggestions are Timo Boll, Waldner and of course this year's champ (I'd like it to be Koki but anyways :p)

  11. Dan – please keep those topic boxes on the vid – they're SUPER SUPER useful! Adam is perfect compliment to the podcast.

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