19 Replies to “Adding Brick Border Under Fence”

  1. If I dig in my yard Id hit rock and jump up & down all day on it. That area must have been a farmers field. Beautiful soil.

  2. I need some Bricks under my fence could ether one of you or Both come and show me how it is done I am all willing to Learn new things. I just bought a new Mower but i have never used one soooooooooooooooo could you show me your work close look just fine to me a Bekini would be better because I have a Big Swimming Pool so you can take a Dip now and then to Sash off.

  3. What’s up with Shelby? Lord god girl don’t be so dependent! It’s 2018… girls can work with their hands too!

  4. Also might consider Small drainage system as well. Often times erosion occurs under the fence. I had this problem and used drainage system and large random rocks dug up from excavation for a paver patio on the property.

  5. Looks really nice! I'm going to try it. I hate weed-wacking along the fence line because the string keeps breaking and it beats up the fence. Your idea is much better. I was wondering if the bricks may eventually sink and become uneven, but no biggie; if they do, you can always go back and add gravel underneath.

  6. My questions is why leave a quarter of an inch between the bottom of the fence and the bricks??? Wouldn't you or anyone, would want to either add some more dirt or  raise the level of bricks close to the bottom of the fence and then add a minimal level of dirt between the fence and brick to avoid wear and tear? I feel like I answered my own question but it was your idea first so feel free to respond. thnx

  7. I would have dug it out before putting the string down.  A lot easier than digging under the bloody string!

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