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  1. When i see you , i wish i am @ the ttclub , practicing again and again till Success ! Backhand Topspin is such a powerfull / inattendu rushing ball for the opponent . Thanks for sharing.

  2. They should have made another video on backhand topspin against backspin. The only reason why he managed to get that across was because the backspin is weak. Heavy backspin requires much more strength then that. Also, they also don't teach the more useable version of backhand techniques. Most of the times it is better for you to use your forehand for power attacks so such a big move is unlikely to be used, unless the opponent is giving is a particularly easy ball to receive.

  3. which racket should I buy
    1.donic coppa gold
    2.yasaka antipower
    3.dhs hurricane 3 neo
    4.any other racket under rupees 2500 if I am an aggressive player

  4. There are variations of backhand technique. As far as i can tell, this shot can be played easily if ball comes to u slowly as if you are simply wating for the ball to come and just rip it off with this whip kind of stroke similar to backhand smash where you get enough time. Now when in topspin rally there seems to be a variation of it, which is like an extention of backhand block, quick wrist movement and adding more spin or hitting it through the ball and this action is small and quick and obviously not as strong as the one shown in video.
    Watched Ma Long playing backhand its different to what shown in video.
    Please enlighten me 🙂

  5. Thanks for traduce to spanish, is better understand the topics/Gracias por traducirlo al español, es mejor para entendelo

  6. Thanks for these excellent videos , I try and take away the lesson to the the table , easier said than done sometimes 🙂 , I'm unclear where the topspin delivery is coming from at 4:15 , it looks like the ball being delivered is being pushed under the ball hence it's a mild backspin , am I seeing this wrong , confused but ambitious pomme !

  7. This is awesome. You don't have to fully rotate your hips to generate power. Look how hard Jeff is hitting the ball, just using technique. I will definitely try to work on this. I am mainly a forehand player and have a weak backhand.

  8. hello…i still could not get the backspin, topspin serve and backspin, topspin ball. Both seems same can you please explain me

  9. He said, when your close to the table, you haven't got time to turn your feet????????
    Well that's odd, because whenever I watch players play a game, they're constantly turning their feet, whether their close or far from the table.

  10. Me watching this : Hmm doesn't seem difficult with those step by step instructions.
    Me trying this out : Screw it I give up

  11. Hello
    When I train with my robot there is no problem I can reproduce the perfect gesture but, when I get to the table with an opponent I can't play I more the gesture it is 4 years I try watching videos and always 500 pts only given when did put the ball on my backhand, it's almost dead or when I get to put it it is up so suddenly I'm someone dead can he help me thanks

  12. i dont know what i do wrong 80% of the time when i try this the ball is gonna hit the net or just go past the table help?

  13. hi, i have a question that hopefully you don't think i'm too dumb b/c i'm pretty new to TT (super new to the principles other than physics class). i don't really see any sort of information of what spot on the racket face creates the most top spin so i'm assuming you'd suggest the sweet spot, correct?

    i know it sounds dumb but i started playing a few months ago and since then have played for about 2-3 months before ever watching videos for TT. so i know it's unorthodox, but i FEEL that sometimes using the dead spots of the paddle for certain spin types helps the ball to spin more (maybe due to leverage? idk; that's why i'm asking haha).

    like say you're doing the backhand topspin. would hitting the ball w/ the lower third of the racket face possibly cause more rotation on the ball since you could potentially hit it faster without having so much speed on the ball causing it to land off the back of the table?


  14. Laughed looking at the ones further from the table, looks like they are getting hit way off the table! 🙂

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