Adventures from the Book of Virtues For Want of a Horseshoe Nail

Adventures from the Book of Virtues For Want of a Horseshoe Nail

tell me I'll stop me read me up on Ruffin Amanda be sing me the song and let me hold it deep in my pocket where we can speak to me all day long the adventure of virtue the adventure of true love knowing that it's up to you building a new thing shining in the Sun it says my story the adventure ah step right up folks get your weathervanes while you still can each one hand made by my friend Annie red feather sure is mighty different looking I'll take one Sun dance here you go look please okay nifty better finish up that next batch pronto Annie these weather vanes of yours are selling up a storm I'm doing the best I can Jack well keep it up at this rate you'll raise the most money for our new playground no contest Thanks you must be very proud of Annie her weather vanes are so unique so original they're the head of the school crafts fair in fact I'd better get in line good job Annie and the money goes to a good cause look at that Annie put us on her weather vanes wait till the others here and they were selling like night crawlers at the crack of dawn for a me well what did you expect she selling weather vanes with my picture on them don't you mean ah just right but in my case she's got so much to work with Mirror Mirror what I can't walk craftsmanship you would have been proud play-doh customers were lined up to buy an ease weather vanes that's already come on Annie I've got customers waiting out here Oh at this rate I'll run out of screws unless I guess four screws will hold these together just as well as eight great keep up the good work and get me more as soon as you can two more Zack and that's it almost out of wire I'll have to double reinforce these two but one strand should be sturdy enough sorry folks this is the last one yes you lucked out principal Mathers I feel very lucky perhaps next year you'll make more Annie oh I think I'll need a year to recover but you're sure make plenty of money for the school good job Annie I'm really proud of you thanks mom how about some cookies kid you've earned them mmm thanks I think I could eat two dozen oh my this is not good I just hope the others Andy made are holding up better than mine this is all for a dress we bought two of your weather vanes as gifts for our parents now what are we gonna give them these weather vanes of yours are poorly made young lady my little girl was so disappointed and so am I you should have made these things better we should get our money back hey are you talking about I was doing the best I could for a good cause that doesn't mean you should sell bad product that's right that's right yeah well hoo-hoo I heard you put me on a weathervane kid but how about let me live to fit hmm Eddie wait up kids a bird hey if they're a road rally going on around here yeah I don't know what's going on sock she came tearing up the peak like a swarm of bees were on her tail hi Annie hi thanks for putting me on you either main we're very flattered you used our images for your weather thing any glory told is all about it yeah next year how about making a bobcat weather vane with me on all the points oh I'm not sure I'll even be making weather vanes some of my customers aren't too happy I don't get it what's the problem the problem is that if you haven't sold them so fast I would never have to make them so fast me it's not my fault you other veins were so popular boom and from what I saw they looked great yeah but a couple of them broke and now some of my customers want their money back did you cut a few corners when you made some of those weather vanes well maybe a few but I was trying to do something good I raised the most money for my school didn't I yes and that is admirable Annie but cutting corners on those with the veins was like cutting corners on your own character now I know you have more integrity than that integrity when we have integrity Annie it means that the things we say and do are reliable in other words that our work is good dependable and sound if we lack integrity our work may not hold together and may fall apart hmm like not enough wire and some loose screws make my weather vanes fall apart exactly and would you believe a loose nail could cause the king his throne how whoa yeah story time uh-huh hey big guy tell him the tale of for want of a horseshoe now it's old about a king of England named Richard the third Shakespeare even wrote a play about him way back in 1485 King Richard was preparing for battle against an army led by Henry Earl of Richmond a rival for the throne one big battle and a place called Bosworth would determine who would rule England Richard or Henry as the Sun rose over Bosworth Richard prepared for combat I can finish this myself you make sure my horse is ready as you command your highness put some horseshoes on King Richard's mount and be quick about it lad ah I've already put horseshoes on all the mounts in the king's army there's not much iron ore left but I think it should do so the young blacksmith may do with what he had he took an old bar of scrap iron and made horseshoes for the King's favorite horse then one by one the blacksmith began to nail on the horseshoes but after the third horse he discovered he did not have enough nails to finish the job Oh ah what is it man why do you hesitate I have run out of nails I usually put one or two more on to fasten the shoe properly huh shoe but these will do huh I know what you won't matter Oh that'll do it then for dr henry fast we shall ding this day back don't desert your king I command you I command Joe in widget galloped toward the fleeing soldiers afraid that if the rest of his troops saw them they might also retreat and that's when it happened Cambridge's horse threw a shoe blasted Holmes I command you stand and fight you paws but with a king on foot Richard scared soldiers paid him no heed everywhere he looked they were flew in total disarray my horse my horse my kingdom for a horse yeah but Richard's horse was long gone his army had fallen apart and they were too busy trying to save themselves to find a horse for their king in a moment the battle was over Richard had lost his kingdom and his life a wonderful show a horse was lost for want of a horse a battle was lost a wonderful battle a team that was lost and all for the want of a horseshoe nail wow if that blacksmith had only cared more about his work he would have put those horseshoes on better and the King would have kept his crown Jess integrity is important hmm maybe I gave up some of my integrity by trying to sell too many weather vanes is there any way to get it back yes your integrity can be regained Annie even a thief found that out a thief follow me in the story of Charlemagne and the robber night way back in the Middle Ages during the reign of Charles the first King of France Emperor of Germany and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire who now the Great King Charlemagne built a magnificent castle on the river rhine but the first time he slept there he didn't get a very good night's sleep huh what who are you arise Good King Charlemagne and heed this Angels words go forth secretly into your kingdom tonight and steal steal impossible stealing is wrong no angel would order an emperor to become a robber I must be having a bad dream arise Emperor go steal from your own people huh this cannot be real did must have in the wild boar I consumed for dinner huh do not tarry go into your forest and steal or do not blame me for the consequences but perhaps it is unwise to disregard the words of an angel however puzzling they may seem all the castle was asleep so it was easy for Charlemagne to reach the stable saddle his horse and ride into the dark forest of the night I must discover with the angel strange message mint but no matter what I will do no wrong suddenly the emperor heard someone approaching hey Holt Oh what mission brings you to the starkwood at such a late hour oh my gasps answers to no man I have committed many bold deeds but you are the first to vanquish this robber night I Elba gasps I'm at your mercy huh perhaps the Angelman for me to follow this guy I'll play along arise Elbe gassed for I mean you no harm in fact I'm a robber like yourself yeah why don't we join forces why not cut out two thieves robbed more than one and I have just the mansion ripe for robbing I recognise this house it belongs to our know warned of Emperor Charlemagne's most trusted ministers yes and it is full of plunder for two clever thieves like ourselves come there should be plenty of jewels in the minister's bedroom for I hear that the Emperor rewards as loyal followers well well enough I suppose stop pacing Arno and come to bed your plan is foolproof by tomorrow night you shall be Emperor oh you're right of course my dear Charlemagne will never suspect me of scheming to murder him my men will take him by surprise and it will all be over quickly still you cannot blame me for being a trifle nervous where are you going there must be plenty of valuables in the rest of this mansion to steal did you not hear man that treacherous Minister plans to murder him for Charlemagne on the morrow you must go and warn him what was that could be robbers Oh No is everything all right just a wind air just the wind you're quite nimble a thief has to be my friend come we dare not tarry any longer what kind of thief are you Elva guest we still had plenty of time to rob the rest of that house not while the Emperor's life hangs in the balance you must ride at once the Emperor Charlemagne's castle and warn him of the murder plot me why not windy Emperor yourself I would do it gladly but who would listen to a notorious thief like me a man who has committed so many crimes I would risk imprisonment to warn the Emperor a man who has always ruled wisely and kindly and worked for his people's good but no one would listen to a man of my reputation no my friend a small-time robber like yourself with no price on your head you would be able to warn Charlemagne good luck so Elba gasps galloped off towards his mountain stronghold while Charlemagne rode slowly back to his palace deep in thought the next morning as Arnaud and his fellow conspirators arrived at the palace they had a little surprise waiting for them is this any way to greet a loyal Minister here to pay respect to his Emperor is this how you pay your respects Minister my lord but how could he have known one of them must have betrayed me please please forgive me for plotting against you maybe these men they forced me into it they filled my head with thoughts of usurping yourselves the truce as well as that shall die you'll have plenty of time to dwell on your thoughts while you dwell in my dungeon guards take them away captain take his message into the mountains to a man called Elbe gassed the notorious robber but my lord yes sir at once hi Charlamagne emperor of the Holy Roman Empire request a private meeting with Elba gasps the robber night I promise safe conduct to and from my palace the Emperor wants to see me yes sir is that every Gaston stand aside see anything worth stealing Elba guests so the Emperor invited you to a reward for saving his life my life Emperor but why were you pretending to be a robber to catch me I suppose well congratulations you have caught the robber night at last put yourself at ease up a guest I know you have done wrong in the past but that night at Arnaud's you cared not about stealing but about saving the Emperor's dove my life you could have run away or spent hours robbing our nose house but you cared more about making sure an endangered Emperor was warned about a plot against his life and I will not forget the faithful duty you have done me I am offering you a new start Elba guests a chance to begin again with a clean slate all misdeeds forgotten I should be honored to have a man with your courage and loyalty at my side you you honor me – I always knew you were a kind and wise ruler but arise Elba guests let us find you a less menacing suit of armor and Elba gasps the robber night was so disarmed by Charlemagne's goodness of character that he gave up his evil life in the forest and became Charlemagne's devoted friend until the end of his days and to honor the angel whose midnight visit had caused him to find his loyal Knight Emperor Charlemagne named his new palace Ango Heim which means angels home so the robber did a good deed and save the Emperor's life I guess selling those second-rate weather vanes wasn't exactly putting my best foot forward and if a robber can repair his integrity then so can i thanks guys know if that wasn't a look of integrity I don't know what was well I thoroughly hope she doesn't take me off the weathervane after all I look pretty good up there well suck now I know just what I have to do hey want some help no thanks this is something I can do myself good for you Annie we're here if you need us thank you the best again Oh let me see Macie you your work is our oh you are people we'll see everything the best it can be take

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  1. funny that this episode is about quality and integrity when it has an inferior grade of animation compared to the first season

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